Taking a look at this very interesting co, op focused shooter, where the story is really all that remains because the multiplayer elements have been uh, well, delisted and or removed and yeah. This is kind of what we’re stuck with at this current point in time, which is actually kind of an interesting story, and i i like the dynamics of the army of two series, it’s been quite a while, since we’ve had a new one and yeah it’s. Definitely an interesting franchise where co op is the main focus. You know, working together, doing distractions, firing back and forth, it’s quite cool, so on series x, we’re, getting 720p 30 fps and also no auto hdr. So yeah it’s kind of the experience that we’re enjoying here it’s, smooth uh in regards to you, know perfectly hitting that fluidity but uh. It also is uh quite a bit to jagged around the edges like it’s decently smooth, but you can definitely. You know tell that. It’S a little bit rougher around some areas and stuff, and this is just the tutorial we’re doing more of a casual game play type thing to show this one off: um yeah and there were some follow. Ups it’s, almost a bit uh it’s a bit weird that i don’t believe the other ones are really available. Uh from my knowledge, wow for rubber bullets, though sure do a lot of damage on those guys and then there’s. An element of like the whole masks thing in this series and you’ve got like a focus on.

You know these interesting kind of characters and they both have their own dynamics to them slide into cover. Okay, it’s, not really sliding. Oh, it wants me to slide into this piece grenade. Oh no. I don’t, like the sound of that, but yeah like i was saying. It’S kind of a neat dynamic because you got to work together, you got to be a team. It really focuses on that it’s actually i’d say maybe one of the earlier definite coop type experiences where you really need to rely on one another. In order to you know, really do damage and survive in this one uh doing the various missions and stuff that are available. I do wish that the online components were still present, it’s a little disappointing that they uh kind of. Let them go, but i mean, as games get older, i guess some stuff just gets uh left behind and there’s there’s, not much. You can do about it and you just kind of enjoy what’s still available, gameplay wise for many titles it just this one was so you know kind of focused on that cooperative element, that’s it’s, quite a bit of a shame. Oh, he needs enthusiasm to trade weapons. There’S, an old red bumper with the directional pad and then how yo let’s trade weapons. Thank you for the weapon remember. So that means we’ve got to aggro, good good teamwork. All right, we finished. Where do we go next? I guess the ai partner is not too bad dummies, synchronize, snipe, that’s, weird okay, where am i looking whoa? Look at that teamwork back to back diamond formation back to back to back it’s a lot of blood for just uh non lethal bullets in here.

I feel like doing this. Wouldn’T really be that effective when we get killed pretty easily, but it looks really cool who’s gon na get down where you can get them. First drag me out here: man i’ve fallen and i can’t get up. This tutorial is so intense. Don’T worry, they’re, just they’re. Just tired: well, this thing is turning into a real storm. They hired some hotshot, mercenary named philip clyde to take down lower lean instead of us, this guy’s the best of the best but he’s a little unstable. So i want you two to meet him at the old continental hotel and make sure he actually takes out moeleen like he’s supposed to do it yourself if you have to fast load. Oh look at those old that slow texture loading in eh, we’re, sort of also mercenaries. If you didn’t pick up on that a step, jock step jump me up, man go go. Let me help you out. This is cutting edge next gen teamwork. Oh use that aggro. This looks the same to me. Definitely need the aggro system. I didn’t know that guy was still alive. I thought they were both dead Music right through the wall. Jeez don’t worry his eyes are still in there. It’S totally fine i’m corporal tyson rios, and this is elliot, salem chalk. Four u.s army raiders. Are you full of clock? What the do you think bro we’re supposed to help you take out colonel mo ali? First of all, i ain’t you bro bro.

Second of all, you don’t tell me to wait. I tell you what to do and last. If you think i need your help with this or anything else, you are a now that we got that cleared up. Why don’t you just shut the up and watch a real professional in action, he’s right here inside the continental hotel? Why do you think i had you meet me here? It raises a good point. We should grab this and use it as cover. Look at this cutting edge teamwork. What are you shooting at? Oh he’s, back there, the russian in there with the shield, slow motion diamond formation. This seems like a really dumb highway, dumb idea and way to get a ton of bullets sponged into you, jeez, okay, salem uh. You know this enemies pull this chain. What oh it’s been years? Okay, so we got ta get here. Okay, there we go it’s, just an a prompt seems less effective than using uh season stairs. Oh that’s, the bad guy right there isn’t it mission accomplished nice job i’ve completed the mission transfer. The second half of my fee into my account yeah they’re, both here i’ll, take them with me to extraction you two better run. Are you okay, man, this ain’t funny? We could have been chilling. We need to secure the marketplace so dalton can land the chopper for extraction, anyways, that’s, uh, basically, army too kind of fun kind of neat. Definitely a interesting experience.

If you have a pal for the co op, but keep in mind that the online element of it is no longer present, which is again quite a bit of a shame – and i wish they would have kept that going so that we could still experience it today.