If you want to win a skin like this, please leave your like subscribe and hit that bell notification on and if you want to support me, please use code smgm in the item shop and if you use my code and comment down below, i used your code. I will give you a comment: a heart thanks for the support fans. Now before we continue with your video. I want to show you guys this super glitchy area on this particular part of the map. So if you go to stealthy stronghold, you will see this tree right here now from the distance. It looks like a normal tree, but as you get closer you can see, the tree starts. Looking a bit weird, just the animation of the tree seems a bit odd to be honest with you, as you can see, let me get a little bit closer as you can see right here right now. It does not seem that crazy, but the closer you get as you can see. The tree starts like bending like towards me, and this is not even like the crazy part, actually im going to show you in just a little bit. This things gets even more crazy and i cant really like break the tree as well, as you can see right here from this distance now im going to like chop the tree in just a little bit to see what happens, but i just want to show you Guys something like crazy, so so, basically, if you look down, as you can see right there, this thing goes even more.

Crazier like you cannot see anything around. It feels like youre kind of like a trapped in this little box. Okay. So, basically, if i stand right here and slowly walk away from the tree, as you can see right here, this goes completely crazy. Now this would be a terrible place to actually like fight with someone as well. Okay, lets see what happens if i actually like chop this tree. So im just go ahead and chop the tree, it seems like nothings happening, look kind of normal okay, oh my god, its still there. It is still there boys for a second. I thought it disappeared, but apparently so if i go away from the tree right here, it looks like a normal tree lets see if it still does that crazy animation. If i get like closer to it as well. So if i stand right here and start getting closer, it should like come right towards me, as you can see right there. Oh, my god, it looks like the tree is falling on top of me, bro all right now to prepare for the live event. Fortnite has added a new hologram in the middle of the map right here on top of this ufo abductor. I think they call this like a party abductor, so here you will find the new hologram that was just added so before we had like an icy feed. Hologram and this hologram is actually completely glitched out as well.

So basically, the purpose of this hologram is to make yourself like a prop, but fortnite messed up boys. Okay. So if you like, walk through this hologram right here, as you can see right there, rather than turning into a prop the prop, just like literally just hover over the hologram, and you can literally walk into it and then you prop will basically spawn now. I wonder what happens like if i just keep walking through this like? Is it just gon na pile up and have like a mountain of like different props on top of each other bro im stuck im stuck in between the props? Have i actually shrunk? I look so tiny compared to the props bro come on. Let me out of here fam jesus okay, finally made it out also like if you glide after you go through the rift youre, basically like holding the pickaxe as you glide as well as you can see right there and if you like, grab a weapon as well And then glide the weapon will still be in your hands. Unfortunately, you will not be able to shoot that would be really cool, though okay, so this is, as far as i could possibly go, just piling up different props. Also. I found out a new glitch, so basically, if you like, walk through this hologram right here and then, if you jump off, you basically will not glide youll straight a drop to the ground.

Just like this. Now that is so glitchy man fortnite needs to fix this real, quick, okay lets talk about free rewards. You can get right now, including that free, emote, theres, actually tons and tons of free rewards. You can get for this live event, so there are basically rewards. You can get right now before the live event take place and then weve got rewards. You can get during the live event just by attending and now its been just announced that you can get rewards after the event as well, and that reward is going to be this free, ariana grandes emote. So i fired monkey posted this ariana grande emotes will be free reward for completing three post event. Challenges related to the rift tour after the riftal event ends. So here are the challenges that you have to complete to get this free emote after the riff tool ends. So you have to play 10 games with a friend reach top 25 with a friend use an alien hologram pad at weeping, woods or green steel bridge open two cosmic chests, and if you complete this, you will get this free emote and also you will get 30 000 xp points per challenges as well. Again, you will get these rewards after the event ends. All right now lets talk about what rewards you can get during the live event. To be honest with you, just being the part of the concert for free watching artists like ariana grande the weekend, is in itself like a reward to be honest with you, but if you attend the event, you can actually get this umbrella for free.

This is one of the coolest umbrella ive, ever seen its basically based on cuddle team leader, if youve not noticed, and it makes sense because the cuddle team leader is basically like a theme of this event. Also, according to i fire monkey during the live event, you will be able to collect a llama rainbow which will grant you 200 xp. Now that might not seem a lot but im guessing theres, going to be a lot of llama rainbows that you can collect so yeah if youre thinking about leveling up really quick. This might be a good opportunity for you, also, if youre in a crew pack, member based on the files. As long as you attend the rooftop event and own summer sky, you should be able to get the crew rewards. So if your crew expired before the fifth, yet youve got the summer sky, you potentially will get these bonuses as well. But unfortunately, if you dont attend the event, you will not be able to get these rules because, according to ifire monkey, the reason for this is the hidden quest will grant rewards only tracks attending the live event and owning summer sky. It doesnt track being active. Member of the fortnite crew fortnite has been marketing this event in real life now as well, because i fire monkey posted this. The rift or posters has started to appear in real life as well. The posters has ar capabilities, and if you scanned it irl using this app right here, it shows some augmented reality stuff and at the end of the augmented reality is the ariana grande image, and here is the hd version of the poster im surprised they didnt use, Like ariana grandes image on the poster, i think that would grab more attention of like people that dont play fortnite.

Obviously slappy swamp has been abducted now soon. Coral castle and corny complex will slowly be abducted as well, and this will take place sometime this week as well. Now hypex tweeted, this abducting a whole poi isnt, something that happens overnight so keep checking back throughout the week to see how the abduction has progressed. So again, this is not going to be like a quick thing. I think this is going to take like a little bit of time as well for this to happen, but eventually we should see like coral castle and corny complex, be exactly like slurpee swamp, where we will see like floating islands over the poi. Now here are the images of how it will basically look like once its been abducted. Also soon were gon na get three new bosses on the map as well, so were gon na get beat boy, boss, batman, boss and then superman boss. Now here are the location of the new bosses, so the top one is superman. A right one is batman and the left is beast boy. Now i wonder if these bosses are going to have their own mythic weapons, because it would be pretty cool to see like superman, have its own mythic weapon, maybe a mythic weapon that will help you like fly or something like that or like shoot laser through your Eyes now, im not sure if this is actually related to these npcs fortnite are actually working on a new shockwave launcher similar to kids.

Now this was actually my favorite mythic weapon, so it would be really cool if this thing was in game right now. Let me know in the comments down below what mythic weapons. Do you guys want in game right now now i also have an update on the suicide squad skins that are coming to the game very soon. Sheena posted this each suicide squad. Member on the sprays also has a unique code name indicating that they will all receive their own skin. For example, blood sports name is cecil slipper harley quinns name is sea salt, cotton, candy, polka, dot, man, seesaw dots, pacemaker, seesaw wings and my favorite king shark is sea, salty im a huge fan of king shark. I think he really fits in with the fortnite theme. As well, im guessing theres gon na be like two different variants of king shark. Its gon na be like a human version and also theres gon na be like an emo that you can do, which will basically turn him into a shark. Think of all the memes that people are gon na do like pretending to like be a shark hit that like button, if you want to see king shark in fortnite, also im really excited to see the harley quinn skin. Now weve already had like two different versions of harley quinns but theyre like both like comic version of harley quinn. This one right here is actually a movie version of the harley quinn, basically margot robbie, and i think this one is going to be a really sick.

Skin because if you remember like the batman had like a comic version batman and then they released like a realistic version, batman as well, which was like so much better, but im really curious to know like do you guys want like a new harley quinn skin? Okay. Now, finally, im going to leave you guys with the trailer of the free emote that you can get off ariana grande Music. My name is im jam.