The short answer is yes, they are still the best at the time of this video. The long answer is in terms of value for money. Let’S just say that there are a lot of competing companies out there nowadays that make pen displays with really good run performance at way more affordable prices. So the long answer is, it really depends on the type of work you do and the budget you have now. This video is for those who are thinking of buying a pen display either from wacom or from other companies right first of all, disclaimer i have reviewed pen displays from many companies we on xp, pan, pablo addison gaomon and other companies, including walk home. So this video is biased to all the companies. So let me just start by saying that for the welcome high end products like the welcome syntax pros, there are no companies out there that have competing products with similar specifications. So the main selling point for the welcome high end products, the wacom synthetic pros are the mac glass, surface, adobe, rgb, support and 4k resolution. So right now there are no companies out there that make pen displays with this specifications, except for welcome. So if you want the best pen displays, you have to go for the welcome high end products, but for the low or the beginner range or the mid range pen displays in terms of value for money. You get like way more value for money with other companies.

So, for example, this pen display that i have here behind me – this is from huion. This is the huion canvas 16.. This is a 15.6 inch pen display priced at us ‘9, the competing model from wacom, which is the welcome cintiq non pro. That is us 649 that is 250 more expensive compared to this i’m sure. The drawing experience on that, while compound display is excellent. The drawing experience and performance on this free on pen display is also excellent. So there is a difference of 250 dollars. Whenever i review products there will always be people who will say hey. Why not just save a bit more money. Why not just top up your budget a bit more and get like the better product, but the thing is some people have to work within a specific budget. So if you are limited by your budget in terms of value for money, you can just go with 10 displays from other companies, because they are really worth the money. I mean these companies, especially for huion and xp pen. They have been releasing pen displays every year like multiple models every year and each time they release new pen displays they always improve on the features they always improve on the driver, performance and also the drawing performance and drawing experience. So the quality of the pen displays they get better and better each year. I still remember the days when all these companies they will sell pen displays and the design of the pen display look exactly the same as other companies it’s just that the brand that’s pasted or printed on the pen display is different, but the physical design of the Pen display they look the same across all the different companies, but nowadays those same companies like huion axipen.

They are now making their own designs for their own pen display. So pen displays nowadays from those companies they look like really good, so this particular one this model you can see it’s so thin and the design looks really stylish and it has matte surface for drawing as well it’s, not matte glass. This is actually a matte screen protector, so it’s still going to wear off. It may get scratches in the future, but this is us ‘9 versus welcomes 649. So not everyone needs to buy the best pen display and best is quite subjective, because best really depends on the type of work that you do so, for example, usually for me i’m just doing quick sketches, my artwork is usually very stylized. I don’t need to buy 4k displays so in terms of the drawing performance that i get that i have experienced with pen displays from other companies out there. I have been pretty satisfied with their performance, especially for the pen displays released in 2020 and this year 2021. The uh, the performance is like really good, even for the pen, for example, with this huion pen, this is the pw517 the pens from competing companies. Usually they will have a pen name that will move quite a bit. There is movement with the pen, name, usually the in out movement, but now, with this new pen, the only movement is the lateral type movement. There is no longer the inhale movement, and this pen tip is what i would consider to be quite firm.

It feels like you’re, drawing with a pencil the nip it’s not going to move that much so it’s a really fantastic drawing performance for us ‘9 dollars. If you are looking at welcome products, they have this wacom. One fan display, which is for beginners, is the entry level pen display that is u.s ‘9 dollars it’s a 13.3 inch pen display, which is smaller than this for other companies that make 13.3 inch pen displays again i’m going to use huion as an example, there are 13 inch pen display is 2’ versus ‘9 again there is this significant difference in the price and the drawing performance again excellent versus excellent, so you’re going to save like a lot more money just by going with we on and if you think reliability is a problem. Many of these third sorry, i cannot say that they are third party companies, many of these products from competing companies. They do offer you extended warranty so for huion, if you want to buy extended, warranty that’s 50 extra for 6 months 100 extra for an additional year. Xp pen also sells additional warranty as well, so in terms of reliability. Unfortunately, for most of the reviews i have made, i wasn’t able to test them for long periods of time, because i don’t keep this review units that long to be able to test for reliability. For durability, so you do have to check out reviews on amazon or on reddit to find out if there are any issues with durability or reliability.

In terms of warranty and customer support that i actually have no experience as well, because i’ve never needed any service from those companies. So again you have to check the reviews on amazon and reddit for a more accurate representation of how good their customer support is. Now, with pen displays from competing companies the specifications that you get nowadays it’s, usually 1080p resolution. There are two pen displays with 1440p resolutions: um that’s, the xp pen, artist, 24 pro and huion canvas pro 24. Those are the only two pen displays with higher resolution. There are no 4k pen displays from competing companies yet, but, as mentioned earlier, these companies are releasing new products. New pen displays every year with better features, so it’s just a matter of time before they release higher resolution pen displays at again more affordable prices. Having said all that, if you need like the best, if you need like the highest resolution pen displays right now, you still have to go with wacom, so that means you’re going to be spending a bit more money, the qualcomm syntax pro 24. If i remember correctly, it’s priced at u.s two thousand dollars, that is more than two times the price of the most expensive pen display from competing companies. If you want the best value for your money, definitely check pen displays from computing companies. I have reviewed many pen displays on my youtube channel and on my blog i will give you the links to those reviews in the video description below and on my text reviews.

I usually have this list of pros and cons, so you can use that list to compare against pen displays of various brands. I’M, not going to be able to give you specific recommendations on specific models, because i’ve reviewed just way too many models to remember the specifics. So you have to compare the list of pros and cons yourself and if you guys have any questions regarding pen displays and pen tablets that i have not covered in this video do, let me know in the comment section below all right.