I remember these being really popular back in like 2005 to 2010. Digital cameras were a big deal when everyone wanted to show off their photos. Digitally the idea of a digital photo frame, fell off the market after the hype died down, but some do still exist and i’m wondering. Is it worth getting in 2021? Well, this is the dragon touch classic 8 digital photo frame and let’s check it out. It includes an 8 inch ips touchscreen display with a resolution of 1024×768 it’s got 16 gigabyte of internal storage, which can be upgraded via an sd card or usb stick. It connects to your home network and comes with a free app, allowing you to easily upload content from your smartphone to the frame. As for content, it shows photos plays videos with audio plus. It plays music as well, the frame comes in black and only black. It looks like a five by seven inch photo frame with quite large black bezels, all the way around it, which goes against everything. Anyone wants right now from the latest tech, which is bezel less, but the bezels do make it look more like a traditional frame, so it works to the rear of the controls and ports. There is a power on button menu for options and then play pulls and select photo buttons. There is also a plastic leg provided which you screw in and it allows the frame to free stand either landscape or portrait.

There is also a pre made nook allowing you to hang this on the wall in landscape. If you wanted to, but don’t forget about that power, cable inputs include sd card, headphone, port standard, usb micro, usb and power. In in the box, you get the power cable, which is usb to 5 volt, i believe, plus a power brick and a standard usb cable. Now you don’t need to use the power brick, provided you can insert it directly into a power socket if you have usb built in or a pc or similar upon initial setup. It looks and feels like an android tablet and in its simplest form, i guess it is input your location time zone and connect it to your network. If you want to you’re, then prompted to download the free our photo app on ios or android, you need to create an account if you want to use the app once in. You need to get the reference code from the device info on the frame and pair. Your app with the frame you can then browse through the photos and videos on your smart device and send them directly to the frame from the home screen. You can browse photos, videos set an alarm check, the weather date and change of various settings. You can have multiple users if you wanted different photos on display and you can adjust view in settings. Select slideshow, set duration intervals, effects to personalize your experience, it’s touch screen, but there are buttons on the rear.

I personally never use the buttons on the rear. You can control everything on screen by touching it, but i guess using the buttons does help reduce those fingerprint marks that can easily be seen on the glossy screen. I stuck a bunch of photos. We took from ces 2020 on there taken from either a smartphone or one of our mirrorless cameras. If the frame option full screen is turned on, all the images will fit the four to three display ratio which effectively crops the image considerably. If you want to see the entire photo turn that option off, but then you are left with blurred lines top and bottom of the frame which doesn’t look that good. It will show png files and cr3 files, which is canon’s form of raw mp4. Video files shot on my phone will play without an issue but 4k footage from my camera via sd card wouldn’t. The screen quality of the frame is pretty good, it’s quite sharp, and the colors are good when not in full screen mode, full screen mode and the image becomes a little blurred as the frame is zooming in on the image to fill the screen from afar. I don’t think you’d notice the drop in quality too much some of the animations for the slideshow when scrolling through the images are sluggish, though, and could be better. I watched a couple of videos and again black bars top and bottom due to the four to three ratio and me never shooting in that format.

The videos run fine. They play audio as well and it’s a nice feature. If you want to occasionally watch some content. 16 gigabyte of on board storage, which ends up being just over 12 gigabyte upon setup and that will hold thousands of images even at high quality circus, six to eight megabyte an image. If connected to your home network, you can use an ftp client to manage your content from your pc or laptop to the frame. So there we have it. That was the dragon touch: classic 8 digital photo frame and it’s available now and retails for 89 pounds or 89. If you like, the idea of a digital photo frame, this does offer a fair amount of flexibility and control with a nice display and plenty of options. That is a wrap on this video. Thank you for sticking around and watching till the end.