What were going to do in this video were going to talk about the features, the feel the fit, the all the stuff thats going on with the headset, and then we also have the base station. This thing works with Xbox. It works with PC. I do believe itll actually also work with PS4. I havent tried that whatever the case may be links for all the stuff Im talking about down in the description lets start off with talking about the headset itself. This is probably one of the most expensive gaming headsets. Regular retail price 349 dollars you can find it for cheaper at different times elsewhere. So what is it that might make this thing worth? That kind of money? Well lets talk about. First, the features on the headset itself buttons wise around the headset weve got a power button, weve got a mute button, weve got a volume up and down knob, and then we have here and uh. The nice thing about this microphone is that it will work stuck into the headset like this or it will work pulled out, theres a microphone pick up here on this side as well as on this side. Here we have a 3.5 millimeter Jack, which is good, because steel series used to use a proprietary uh connector here and they dont do that anymore, thats. All that there is on that ear cup. Besides the surprise and over here on this ear cup youll see they both have.

This actually youll see that there is a little microphone right there. That microphone is for active noise cancellation. Active noise cancellation is the the new flavor for the the hot expensive headphones of the day. So steel Series has got active noise cancellation on here. There is a program that you can use on your PC that can dial all these things in. I will give you a preview of that program here in a little bit. If you want to know more about how to use that program. Let me know down in the comments, and I will definitely let you know, but here on the ear cup is the final. Very very cool aspect of this headphone, and this is a Bluetooth button and what this means is not only can you connect through the base station to your PC or to your Xbox, but you can also connect to your smartphone. Your tablet, your computer, whatever it is that you want to connect to that connects through Bluetooth. You can listen to music, while youre playing without interrupting anything. You can listen to Discord chat through your phone. If you dont want to have Discord up on your computer, you can do anything that you can do with Bluetooth and still listen to what youre playing at the same time. But thats. Not all there is to talk about with the headphone okay theres, a secret compartment on this side, a USBC Jack. This USBC Jack can be used to charge the headphone if you want to, but also its whats used to update the firmware and then over.

On this side, this, ladies and gentlemen, is where the magic happens. This is a removable battery. Whats even cooler is in the base station. Here you have another battery and it just slides right in here. It goes like that and then its charging the whole time that youre using the headset. If you run out of battery youre in the session, you got ta and then you got ta and then you, oh huh Music, and thank you. The the battery thing is is a big deal. If you ask me, I love the fact that theres an extra battery they had that in the last iteration of this headphone Im glad they brought it over to this iteration of the headphone lets talk a little bit about comfort. Steelseries has always had this kind of ski goggle band here that is uh actually very comfortable. Ive never had a problem with it, but some people have said that the sort of adjustments werent quite enough they needed more, so steelseries has gone from making it kind of a velcro thing here on the outside to making it adjustable by pulling this off, and there Are two pins right here with those pins you can adjust your sizing. The pins exist on both sides. You have a nice aluminum matte, finish band here. That goes nicely with the matte finish of these. These covers the um vegan leather, the vegan leather ear. Cups are very plushy, theyre, very nice, theyre, very Supple, theyre, very soft theyre, very uh, comfortable, very comfortable plenty of ear hole space in there put them on like a cloud just like a cloud I mean they are very comfortable.

I I should you not. They are very comfortable and I am a big fan on the old man. Comfort scale. They get a 9 out of ten. I dont know why I took one away because Im a crotchety old man lets take a few minutes to talk about the base station. Before I walk you through some of the uh features the software and then finally, I will tell you what I think about them. Overall, so the base station just plugs in with USB it has Xbox or USB here so Im here at my PC. I will plug them in and you can see it. Pops up. Youve got your volume control. It shows you how much charge is in the charging battery. So right now were doing 48 kilohertz 24 bit through USB, and then it gives you left and right. Of course you can control your volume with the volume knob here. So this is very simple, very easy to use. I wanted to take a quick stop here at the steelseries website to take a look at what theyve got. It says here that theyve got 360 spatial audio sonar software fully compatible with Microsoft. Spatial sound Tempest 3D for audio for PS5, active noise cancellation uh with the transparency mode, Hot swappable, two batteries, uh simultaneous 2.4 gigahertz Bluetooth, allows you to mix game and Mobile Audio as we discussed multi system to connect with dual USB ports works with Xbox PC Mac, Playstation switch and more theyre saying that itll work with anything it doesnt matter what it says on the back, but then again, theyre also selling PlayStation and PC PlayStation and PC Xbox, but Ive got Xbox and PC.

So I didnt – I I dont know I dont know now lets take a couple of uh minutes to run through the microphone test and then Ill. Give you my final conclusion: heres a test of the microphone for the steelseries arctis Nova, Pro Wireless with the mic retracted and now Im going to mute the mic and and extend it and well see. What that sounds like here is the microphone sound of the arctis Nova Pro Wireless with the microphone extended. It does have side tone, so I am hearing myself back in my headphones, which is my preferred way of playing games. I like to hear a little bit of myself just to balance things out, not too much huffing it. It comes right out here, so it shouldnt get too much extra breath going through and giving you the pause uh. So you should be good uh it. It angles. Pretty well and and uh yeah, it seems to sit right at the right spot. So you let me know down in the comments. What do you think about this microphone quality? Do you think that this uh clear cast Gen 2 noise cancellation is doing any good lets? Lets test with the with the uh I heard I still could hear the typing so lets lets, put it back in its hole and see how it sounds okay, so this is what it sounds like with uh fully retracted back into the headset. I dont hear myself as well.

I dont know exactly what it sounds like, so you tell me if the retracted mic is worth using or if you always want to have it pulled out uh, because this is you know sometimes having it retracted might be a benefit. You know not having the microphone right in your face. Here. We have the steel series, GG software uh its a little bit more than just a uh, a software. For your Hardware I mean you can see here. Ive got uh my arctis Pro Wireless Ive got my Apex Pro tkl Ive got my arctis Nova 7.. I also have a steel series Mouse going here, so it shows you all the products that you have then moments uh. I guess this is where you capture your awesome gaming, then your engine so airox Wireless. I need to update uh critical updates, some things and Ill do that pretty soon, but heres where you get in and you and you get into your audio, you can power options. You can turn off after its been sitting here for a few minutes. 30 minutes is the default. That seems enough. You can turn Bluetooth on when the headset powers on so you can just it can. Just Bluetooth can just automatically come on. You can adjust the OLED screen brightness, so yeah uh very dim all the way to its, never too bright its, not that bad uh. You can time it out with 10 minutes and then youve got your detailed and simple and then your 2G, your 2.

4 G Bluetooth mode, and it shows you you can just do your own EQ it. It does everything from uh 31 Hertz up to 16 kilohertz, and then you can also select custom presets, uh smiley, face curve, thats like a music thing, uh that and then Focus thatll, give you more more footsteps and then bass boost will give you more boom and Again, if you want to update your firmware, you have to connect your headphones to the PC with that USB port that I showed you before. So what is the verdict on the steelseries arctis Nova Pro Wireless well Ill. Tell you this! The build quality is really really good. Theyve got nice aluminum and a nice party plastic in here so theres not going to be too much breakage theyre, very flexible Comfort. Very good audio quality is absolutely fantastic. I will say that these are the only headphones that I would use to also listen to music as well as play games uh the fact that you can control your bit rate and all of that different stuff. I mean this is a very professional style. Headphones now. 349 dollars is a lot of money to spend on a headset and especially when you can get an Xbox series s for 300. But I believe that this is worth it. Having the extra battery having the base station having all of the different compatibilities and the fact that it sounds fantastic makes it worth every penny, if youre in the market, for this gaming, headset and youre kind of on the fence about spending the money, let me assure You its worth it links down in the description, otherwise, thank you so much for being here.

Once again, my name is Jason, sometimes known as the JTL. This is painfully honest textual honest.