Reading books Im done today today was about me getting on my motorcycle. I hit those back roads Im going to Barrys place, you guys know, Barry Ive, already Ive already Ive done videos from his place, uh go out. There shoot crossbows have some fun, just just uh decompress Im halfway there and the only cloud in the sky in Texas that wants to dump rain dumps it right on the road Im on. So I come out that waterfall, a bald head, wet, mop Im irritated. I make it to berries, though, by the time I get there Im bone dry. I get there Im very excited total total change of plans. Hey man come here, come on to my office, so were going to office. He you know Barrys, always on top of things. Hes hes studying he studies uh he studies, basically how archaics is all over the place and what he had done is he went to my Amazon page, something I ignore, as you guys know, for sure how many videos I got I hardly ever plugged my I show My books every once a while. I never really do book reviews. I never really push my my books out there. I really should and Im told by by many people all the time that I need to do that, and I never do but its just to me. Its just you know when a matter becomes clear. It ceases to concern us Frederick, Nishi said that and Im guilty of that once I discover something its no longer magical to me and I forget how other people react to certain information.

So I put all these books out. I forget them and I go all about my business now. Im on videos now Im trying to put together movies, documentaries. Barry takes me in his office and I shows me the computer. I quit looking at my Amazon books a long time ago, Im disco Im as disgusted with Amazon, as I am Facebook, but things have been changing Im, not gon na lie. I was really really touched when I read some of those book reviews I Ill get into that later. Im uh Im not going to read any reviews Im not going to waste any video time doing that what Im going to do is show you what he showed me it opened up my eyes. I had no idea that my books were climbing in ranks like this. So uh, the only announcement I really have right now is that this is the last week were providing the Super PAC. The whole idea of the Super PAC was to spread my information all around the world. In the event, something happens to mirror archaics Im, not worried about that anymore way too. Many super packages have spread all around the world. People are already doing things with them, so anything happens to me or archaics its over with the information is already out there as much as as many people who are now researching all the archaics data data sets Im not worried about it anymore, so the logistical nightmare Of trying to provide two different packs is over were done.

This is the final week for the Super Pac and then were switching over this weekend. This is about six days from now were gon na switch over to the survival pack, its 10 times, bigger its got everything in it all the even all the future videos. All all these, I told you guys got a lot of videos left in me. A whole bunch of old books, Im gon na provide them to you guys. Even before I do. The videos yeah Im gon na make sure Im gon na make sure you guys are taken care of in the event of anything. So having said that, these the new survival pack will be will be available starting this weekend. It cannot be downloaded from podia. The Super PAC will still be available on podia as a download, you wont get it by mail Were Not Gon na mail. It out anymore were only going to mail out after uh after this week, the survival pack and it has to be mailed because it will never fit as an online download its just too much its way too much material. Its way too many pictures and images, and in galleries, uh, uh, PDF books, very old libraries, so lets get into this video Im going to show you exactly what Barry showed me today 17 years ago, my very first book was published. The Lost scriptures of Giza. Here it is on Amazon and Im going to blow this up for you to see its got 67 reviews.

I didnt even know this 4.5 4.8 Stars uh thats pretty good. What really surprised me was what Barry showed me that its number 51 in the world in Ancient Egyptian history in the Kindle Store 163 in ancient Egyptian history, that shocked me so 14 years ago, my second book was published. It was my first book on the Phoenix phenomenon when the sun darkens its got 52 reviews and a really good. I guess its four and a half four point something stars and again, Barry showed me this rating system. They have Ive, never really paid attention to. It. Number 19 in New Age, divination and prophecy, Kindle Store 69 in prophecies number 95 in the world in Christian prophecy. Now I looked at other books and I see 14. Their ratings are 14 500 and such so this meant a lot. I sat there a long time today. Reading the reviews and Im shoot Im not gon na lie guys I got. I got choked up Im uh kind of got emotional over that um Im on cloud nine, knowing that so many people have found a lot of value in these works. It was 12 years ago when my my third book was published. Annunaki Homeworld all about the Nemesis X object, and here it is on Amazon right here uh. It only has 19 19 reviews, pretty good, pretty good star rating, but uh hasnt been read near as much so its a number 278 in astronomy in books and 303.

In Christian prophecies, like I said, Ive seen some very, very high numbers Im really surprised. My books are under 1 000.. My fourth book was published 10 years ago Nostradamus and the planets of Apocalypse, because I had acquired so much new data on the Phoenix phenomenon I had to release another book here. It is on Amazon, its all its because its got 20 ratings, 20 reviews again. Four. Four five four point: five, I dont know how to read that I guess its 4.5 and heres. What Barry showed me too man, this rating right here – Number 96 in prophecies, number 600, exactly in history of civilization and culture. My fifth published book Giants on Ancient Earth. It was a its got, a lot of good reviews on Goodreads, but it seems like theres, not very many on Amazon I had, I believe I saw it was a 18. 18 reviews on Amazon uh lets see here it is blow it up. Yes, 18. 18 reviews. I mean it still has four points of the Stars, but uh he was showing me a lot of stuff on Goodreads. I dont know why they dont talk about my other books, but here it is number 142 in Expeditions and discoveries, world history and number 485 in another category and number 691 in ancient history in the Kindle Store in my sixth published book. I am breaking down calendars. I am showing Im giving up the business on the pre flood world and why all these other authors are wrong in their following of sitchin and other other authors.

These hyper inflated dates. They have derived from the academic Sumerian text Return of the Fallen ones right here on Amazon, its got a 23 23 reviews 4.5, whatever uh Stars, and look at this number 30 in a Syria Babylonian, Sumer history, hey I made the top 100. number 250 an ancient And controversial knowledge and 299 in history and civilizations and culture in the Kindle storm. My seventh published book was shocking secrets of antiquity: racial Wars of the Bronze Age, unusual, artifacts, technolithic engineering and the two cataclysms that buried history. I I put a lot more new new Phoenix discoveries, new Nemesis exit object, discoveries, new new discoveries on Giants, new discoveries on Nephilim studies, its on eschatology. The book is huge 200 and its 400 pages. So on Amazon this book I said – I never pushed this book. I hardly ever advertise this book anywhere and he got 43 ratings it should. It should be more but thats, okay, uh under under 4.5 Stars. I think or exactly that, something with the ratings. It shows its 143 in Expeditions and discoveries in world history in 486 and Expeditions and discovery of world history books. So its doing pretty good. I guess, but I believe all my Boost could do better. I just need to release. I need. I need to start doing. Videos out of them is what I need to do my eight published book. This is the Awakening Immortal within many of you have already read this in PDF form its now a paperback and its on Amazon.

The links are below these. Are these are these are my discoveries? These are the tenants by which I live my life. This is the reason I am who I am today. The very things that I teach in this book are basically the rhythm of my ways: the architecture of my personality and the Very things that I have done in my own life to achieve the things that I have, I have achieved, theyre all outlined in this book. Uh, like I said many of you have already read: it Ive also written several unpublished books. These are just unpublished because I havent had time to edit them, put them together and send them to my publisher in San Diego Im just Ill get around to it. But King of the Giants, the mighty Hunter of world mythology – this is about the 300 years after the flood and uh on the origin of demons Earth before Adam. This is all my research I conducted showing that there was many traditions and Archeology of firms that there was races before Adam forgotten Earth, cities, prophecies and Giants Before the Flood is archeology and tradition, showing more information about the pre flood world. The uh the Earth in from the beginning counterfeit apocalypse uh. This is basically just about the Book of Revelation from a totally different perspective, UFOs identified, archeology and evidence of angelic Evolution. This this is a. This is from a very Christian perspective on on UFOs and then theres Chrono texture, its the Lost science of prophetic engineering, its an unfinished manuscript, but its packed with information showing the history of the world recorded in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

For those of you, whove jumped on the archaic ship kind of late and dont know. Listen, I have over 370 charts now. One of my chore packs is 300 and 337 charts. Chronological charts, chronot textual charts help. You understand the archaics concepts understand the chronology of world history. These are these are help. You understand the presentations, all my published books. The chronology has not changed since it was first put together in 2003. It has not changed. It is same thats. Why? All these charts can be provided thats why all these mathematical patterns can be found so perfectly because its a the history of the world is fixed, its fixed in beautiful, a beautiful patterning of mathematics and its demonstrated in these charts over and over and over so theres Chart packs available all the links are below uh youre. Looking at some of some of them right here, uh theres, different color charts, charts on the entire Phoenix phenomenon. Every 138 years, charts on the Nemesis X object uh every 792 years, um the Mayan Long Count, uh chronicon timelines of historical events, its all here, its all here guys and Im. Just going to close this video out wanted to share with Barry share with me today.