I play game consoles on the tv. What about a game? Console thats, a coffee table the infinity game table heres how it works. Music, cnets, bridget carey got an exclusive look at the infinity game table back at ces. At the beginning of this year and got a look at how the interaction works and what the games are like and it looked pretty interesting, i was super excited to try it for myself, but i really didnt know if it would live up to my board game Expectations, Music, so i didnt expect to fall in love with the infinity game table. This is made by arcade one up now, if youve seen any of those arcade cabinets that have been on sale for years, that you build uh by yourself, miss pac man. That type of stuff same company, but the infinity game table is a different concept. It is a kind of a game console that has a whole bunch of board games that you can download onto this giant tablet thing with legs that sits in your living room. The infinity game cable starts at 650 dollars, which is expensive for most people, theres, also an 850 dollar version, depending on the screen size im. Looking at the 650 version, with a 24 inch display, the 851 has a 32 inch display, but similar dimensions. So what that means is that youre, basically seeing what all the game tables look like and theyre kind of short, so this is not a table that you would set up.

Lets say to have coffee on in your dining room. This is a coffee table for your sofa, its about sofa height, and we found that you know works best that way if youre furniture, shopping, thats important to know and the dimensions you can see right here are not that big, which is kind of nice, because it Can tuck away but its big enough that you could set drinks on it? In fact, it comes with little cardboard coasters and that bezel around the display means that the screen isnt filling the whole thing, but you could put things like remotes or drinks all around the edges. As long as youre, okay with possibilities of a spill, i mean its a whole glass cover here. Um that you could wipe up but id be pretty careful with stuff like that. Infinity game table is an idea that weve kind of seen before weve seen these gigantic tablet displays in the past that propose to be kind of a communal, family table or interactive board games, its also kind of like a giant ipad. The games that you download are coming from a game store thats provided by arcade 1up. Now i dont know where thats going in the future. Right now, a whole bunch of games are provided for free with purchase, and it writes about 38 games right now and growing. There are some extra games that might be popping up over time. I found a few pop ups since ive been playing it.

A lot of the games are either hasbro licenses. So games like trivial pursuit monopoly, scrabble uh sorry clue is coming those types of games or theyre, very classic games like backgammon chess, checkers, solitaire uh that little mahjong game where you match tiles. A lot of those can start feeling like the freeware games, that you might get on your phone or things you might find in, like a hotel lobby randomly somewhere with some interactive game table. So i dont know how exciting those will be for everyone. Things like dice rolls and other animations are nowhere near as smooth as some of the ones ive seen on ipad board games or even on the nintendo switchs clubhouse games, which is a great board game compilation. But this ended up winning my family over in a way that i did not expect. The ability to gather around this game table is very inviting and the fact you dont have to pull out other games and set them up makes it really simple to dive in. We have a ton of board games in our home like dozens and dozens of games, and we play a lot of video games too, and yet this still ended up getting my wife and my kids really interested, even without me talking about it where they would keep Coming back and playing the game, it kind of feels like we had a little micro vacation like we were on a cruise ship or playing somewhere else, but it was in our living room and the appeal of this type of a table might be more interesting than The arcade cabinets, if youre the sort of person thats not really into arcade games arcade one ups cabinets, can get really expensive, um easily 500 or more for some of their new models, and they come with about maybe four games.

If that the ability to play more games on this 38 games and that will grow could be really exciting. Oh i didnt even mention this thing is a gigantic rumble mechanism inside the table. So on some games this thing makes a giant buzzing rumble sound for games. Like battleship, when you make a hit or when you miss something in operation its a super, weird addition, i found that it was like kind of freaked us out and i didnt really need it, and i have no idea when its going to pop up in games. Now arcade 1up is offering these games for free, but some of these games will be paid for games like ticket to ride and pandemic, which i have not played and those are really cool board games sound, like theyll, be an extra fee. I dont know how that works if youre gon na have to enter your credit card number or do something like that, its a little bit weird, i did have to set up an account when i did this. It was one individual account and thats. One of my knocks on this is that for families there were no individual player profiles, so youd expect that youd be able to keep a record over time of how well you did in backgammon or how you did a monopoly and thats not there yet arcade one Up might be making those software adjustments over time. I already saw one software update to monopoly, but i cant tell how dedicated theyre going to be to improving the table.

You might be stuck with what youve got. What youve got right now are a bunch of pretty entertaining games, not perfect. You know there are some games that i feel like the alignment. The player turns the rolls even the way. The touchscreen interface works are not all my ideal but theyre theyre, generally playable and easy to learn even for a kid thats, eight years old in the house, and we found that we were diving into the games and loving them. Some of our favorites have been monopoly. Sorry definitely backgammon um and a fellow we picked up recently im telling you this table like yeah it likes you once music, i mean. Do you need something like this absolutely not obviously and thats. The weird part is its a luxury item, but ive seen people spend money on weirder things in their lives and the fact that this is an actual table plus the gaming makes the price a little more understandable. I dont know how durable this will be over time. I dont know how the software updates will handle over time. Those are concerns, but putting together the table was extremely easy. The metal legs snap into the base and thats it and you flip it up and there are rubbery bumpers around the edges, which i appreciate and the whole thing feels sturdy. There are some possibilities of updates to this. There are usb ports on the side. I dont know what those are for: maybe game controllers theres a micro sd card slot, although the onboard storage on this is enough, that i was able to download all 38 games and still have a bunch of room to spare and theres a slot for a battery.

You know you have to plug this into an ac outlet in order to use it. Keep that in mind, you have to snake that under a rug or tuck it to the side, its not ideal uh having a battery inside apparently will give it three to five hours of charge on its own. But i didnt get a battery with this and i dont know exactly how those are going to be available. So, if youre interested in classic games – and you like the idea of a conversation piece that youre going to sit around and play for anywhere from two players to even up to six players for some games, this is about as interesting an option as i can think Of there really arent interactive board game coffee tables that exist in the world at this price, except for this one, could there be others in the future? Might you want to prop your ipad up on a chair instead sure there might be, but i really like the proposition of the infinity game table. I just dont know if its gone far enough for everything that i would love and i dont know if its gon na have all the indie board games that id want on it. Oh, and did i mention that this is online playable? It is, but you need to have other people with the infinity game table, so good luck with that im, not sure how many of those exist in the world were going to keep playing board games on this, because we find it strangely appealing its the largest game.

Console ive ever used and its the only one thats going to probably stay in my living room and not annoy people anyway.