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Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets

Trusted for over 20 years to be used in emergency conditions
Hurricanes – Tornados – Earthquakes – Floods
Over three billion gallons of water handled yearly
Quick performing. Water is able to drink 30 minutes after mixing
No disagreeable style. Nice tasting water constantly

Emergencies occur, be ready. Aquatabs are utilized by all main assist businesses, NGO’s and peacekeeping protection forces worldwide for the therapy of human consuming water in emergency conditions. They’re utilized by NATO and lots of different navy organizations. Aquatabs are effervescent tablets which kill micro-organisms in water to forestall Cholera, Typhoid, Dysentery and different water borne illness. This 100 pack treats as much as 200 quarts of water. This product is advisable for disinfecting uncooked or pre-treated water. The supply of water to be handled could also be collected rain, rivers, lakes, wells, cisterns or comparable sources.