So this is really cool. Its got four AC Outlets. Three USB ports and a six foot cord and it looks like it can get splashed which something that kind of scares me a little bit but hey thats what it says it can do and Im so glad that they have this safety warning on the back. Ipx6 grade product cannot be immersed in water because it doesnt mean waterproof. Now I dont think that they should put waterproof on here. They should put water resistance, because this is not waterproof and they literally say that right here, but lets go ahead and crack it open and see what weve got inside. Thank you all right, so here it is nothing else in the Box. We can set that to the side here again warning you that uh, you should not immerse it in water, slight typo there for Watchers the features here again. They need to clarify that that is not waterproof. It is water, resistant theres, a big difference. There looks like 1875 watts is the max. Yes, it is right here. Uh the AC power rating is 18.75. So keep that in mind. Cable length is six feet, so lets go ahead and unbox. This thing Ive never used an outdoor power strip before, but it does seem like a good idea now. I did ask before I even accepted this product uh. What the jewel rating is because its a power strip, but also a surge protector – and they said 300 joules, with a maximum capacity of up to 900.

, not entirely sure what that means, usually its just one rating. Just keep that in mind. So Im going to go ahead and undo these and there we go so this is a very long cable and its nice and thick as well, which is great, and here are the ports. There are the USB ports, no USBC on this one, just USB a on the bottom thats. What it looks like it looks like its all sealed up pretty well, there is the button and it is covered by a piece of soft plastic. I guess, because that could be an Ingress point for water. Definitely dont want that. Another thing I just noticed look at this its on actually a ball swivel right there, so this is great its not going to break off Im sure thats, a pain point for many people, especially with outdoor stuff. If You Yank It, This has a little ball joint. So thats great lets go ahead and plug it in try it out all right, so Ive got it plugged in lets, go ahead and plug in a charger here, just see what it does Ill plug the Apple magsafe charger in. We will stick that right onto my phone lets, see if it charges up and, of course it doesnt, because I never turned it on so this does have this power switch, so Im going to go ahead and flip that you can see the little white light which Looks really good thats going to look really good at night as well like if you have this out on your porch or something lets go ahead and see if it works now lets stick this onto the back.

There we go and, of course there it goes working without an issue. 53 charge and youll see it up here as well. Boom 53 charge. We know the power switch works. We know the outlets work, lets go ahead and try one of the USB ports and just see if those work as well all right. So it is actually a struggle for me to find something with a USB. A port still Ive switched over to USBC on pretty much everything, but lets go ahead and try this. It has an adapter with it. So here it is its just a magsafe charger, but it does have the adapter. So this is going to be perfect test see if the USB port works wait for it there. It goes Its Working without issue lets make sure up in the top right there. It is charging up so yeah. This is working, every port seems to have power and its doing what its supposed to do. So this is about how big it is. If I put my iPhone 14 pro next to it, you guys can get an idea of the size its pretty small um see. I can completely grip it like this, its a pretty small little device. You could just set this out on the back of your porch, or your deck. Having power outside can be tricky, so this is probably something just to have in case it gets splashed or you know a couple raindrops hit.

You dont want this out in a torrential downpour. Probably obviously should not be submerged Im not going to test on camera, how much water it can have without electrocuting me, or something like that, so Im going to take it at their words here you can see their picture here shows it getting a little bit of Splash with water, so Im assuming thats, probably about the most that it can do, it is only ip6 water resistant, so definitely use this at your own risk. But for me this is probably something that I would use on my porch without an issue, it should be safer than using something else on the market. Its not water resistant, just because seems like the developers of this product have really put in some thought and time into making this water resistant so yeah. If you want to check this out, I have it linked Down Below in the description uh. It actually does not break the bank right now, its pretty cheap and on their listing, it does say that it is water resistant to rain, water, splashes and even flowing water. This is any water that comes into it will drain through it. So take that for what you will this thing is pretty dang cool, so check it out, links to it down below.