This means you can whip out your phone and tablet take control of your computer over the internet and mail yourself. That presentation you forgot to put into dropbox before you left here are some of the best free options: chrome, remote, desktop free on ios and android. This is possibly the easiest remote desktop application. We’Ve ever had the pleasure of using with chrome, remote desktop. You can remotely access a windows, mac, linux or chromebook computer. All you have to do is download the chrome, remote desktop app for the computer platform of your choice, run it and follow the instructions to set it up, then run the application from your mobile device. This app has proven quite reliable and google has some smart solutions to operating something like windows, 10 from a tablet or smartphone screen. Chrome remote desktop is so slick, you’ll find yourself using it without a second thought. The microsoft remote desktop app free on ios and android. With windows being the most popular operating system in the world, you can’t go wrong with the remote desktop app created by the very same people that brought us the omnipresent software backbone of the pc world. Microsoft’S mobile app is available on both android and ios and there’s plenty of documentation to help you get it all running. That’S. Also its main weakness as well. Getting your computer and remote access apps set up can be a bit of a chore compared to the setup. You get with something like google’s app, however: windows, power, users and tech.

Savvy users will appreciate the app’s, reliability and power best of all from windows, 8 and up you can use a direct native touch mode. This will turn your ios or android tablet into a windows tablet: machine teamviewer for personal use, free on windows, mobile blackberry, ios and android. Teamviewer is pretty much a household name in the remote desktop world and the company provides enterprise grade remote services for a license fee. The good news is that people who want to use the software for personal non commercial purposes can do so for free. The downside is that the software has code that detects commercial use and then blocks you. This is fine, given the license terms, but when you’re hit with a false positive detection, you need to contact them to get things unblocked, it’s, rare, but annoying in terms of the technology and features. However, teamviewer is hard to beat it’s backed by premium infrastructure, and you can do way more than just remotely controlled desktop computers, there’s a long list of devices you can remotely access using the ios or android apps. If you own a windows, mobile or blackberry device. This may, in fact, be your only option. Everyone should try teamviewer at least once if they’re looking for a killer, remote desktop experience, vnc viewer, free on ios and android vnc viewer and its companion, vnc server provides one of the most versatile, remote desktop solutions. You can get today. All you need to do is install the server application on the device you want to control remotely then install the viewer app on the device you want to control it from the server application covers just about every major test of operating system.

In use, windows and mac os are obviously supported, but you also get linux and raspberry pi support. The viewer is available on all of the above and adds ios and android to the mix. The software uses end to end encryption and per computer password protection. You have to use the credentials of the remote machine to access it on mobile devices. The touchscreen acts as a touchpad, but bluetooth keyboards are supported as well. No machine free on ios and android. No machines. Tagline is no machine for everybody which holds true for their basic non enterprise, product it’s, free secure and pretty easy to set up, while it’s relatively unknown in remote, desktop software. No machine has more than a few feathers in its cap that might sell you on their products. Their main goal is performance, while most remote desktop software that you do basic things on the remote machine. The amount of lag and poor quality streaming makes it no substitute for actually being there. No machine claims to be the fastest low, latency remote desktop software out there. At the same time, they also claim the best quality streaming good enough, so that you can watch hd. Video or play video games on the remote machine. Clearly, this is dependent on your bandwidth on both ends of the connection, but if your main gripe with other remote desktop software is that it’s too laggy and ugly, no machine is surely worth a try. With the help of these apps.