This is my second video forget to include box 20 itu. Previously we see the temperature of CPU Rich about xtx Degrees celsius and the performance of cinebench adventure is very low. So in this video I will show you how to disassemble this joint ebooks and reducing the CPU temperature Hai Start by opening the bottom case. Musik after Open debate. In case You will need to open the heat. Sink. Subscrew is hidden under tips and factory Seal hai. Hai Musik Musik hai hai wuihhh Musik on the cover pet is attached in the heat sink because previously I already applied to Test before recording this video hai hai Musik on the cover, PT yushaa, Zero point: five MM thickness, hai hai, Hai, banget Musik, the jt hai Hai Musik di Indonesia, hai magazine clean the other movies applied in CPO hai hai di Thailand, tercoreng Musik, noob, Lite, Marvels, inboard Of Kepepet, surface Hai, but the thermopatch on heat sink Force dan Place. The cover PT Hai Denpoo thermal face on CPO and install the heat sink. I hai hai Musik Musik Musik. I now Lets test Agan install Estes kompetitif, Stop. The temperature now is about wedding shoes, cooler and the score is almost five types and better than snorkeling Hai. Itu We Put this cover part from factory. The product review out of the box will be much better than mp3is yukensi after eight, the Prophet The Temple to reduce signifikan the gap between the heat sink in the set.

You is quite so, I dont think the CPU has a proper contact with the heat sink overnight. Apple.Co pervert node, sipil contact with the heat sink is very good and you can see the Temple to reduce signifikan more than 20 Degrees celsius, not only dead. Now, in Destiny, bends, MP3, The Score also write about fifty percent, Which is what the intel Celeron gforce one to five Suppose to be a Oh, no depan, auto very silent. Even when I run this laptop at doulot, the noise is less than the idol before apply. The cover feat well dari, one konser applying this cover part at decu, ini books. You need to break the Seal to open this laptop and also Open the heat sink. I dont know it will break the warrior, not bad. The CPU running, really cool right now.