Are we at the ipad pro moment all right? Ipad pro gets m1 previously. Had these upgraded mobile names they’re, like let’s, just call it m1. We want people to view this thing as a computer. It is as capable as the macbooks, obviously different operating system, but it is as capable from a hardware perspective. Let’S just call it what it is: let’s just slap an m1 in there, so the ipad pro is now sets itself apart from the rest of the ipad lineup, far more significantly, they added thunderbolt to it big deal for myself big, i mean i’m, a thunderbolt fan Mega throughput and if they really truly want people to use this as an editing tool as a production tool that throughput was key to get that thunderbolt on there for the transferring of large file sizes, maybe it’s raw images, um, maybe it’s video video files. The display also went into mini led. This is a huge improvement, all right, this technology with local dimming it’s, going to give us a far better contrast ratio, something more similar to like an oled style experience all right, that’s a bonus and it’s a huge improvement when they actually said the number of um Leds compared to the previous model, and you actually saw the demonstration of what that’s going to mean for the content that you’re watching. We know it’s going to be faster. We know it’s going to have faster graphics, they have people on there from lumafusion.

They have people on there from from adobe talking about photoshop, showing all the extra capabilities. Now that you got this horsepower uh liquid retina xdr display best and brightest they’re, saying one thousand nits of full screen brightness and 1600 nits of peak brightness that’s. It 12.9 inch model. They will still do an 11 inch model as well. They talked about their very own cameras and actually demonstrated a front facing camera feature similar to a little robot ai camera that we featured recently, which will actually, i think they called it center stage. It will actually track you in a video conference around a particular space by zooming into a certain section, of course, that’s going to be using a a crop in order to achieve that, 5g is now on board. You kind of saw this coming, i mean the phones have it, and this is one advantage. I suppose that those ipads are gon na have over the macbook types now, when you’re doing that macbook air to ipad pro comparison that so many people ask me about you’re gon na say well, do you need always do you need to be always connected? Do you hate having to tether or create a hot spot of sorts? If so, maybe you want to gravitate now towards the ipad pro because it has the 5g built in, and we all know the capabilities and the and the bandwidth that exists over there um. Of course, wi fi six is on board the cameras that i mentioned previously.

They said huge improvements, particularly on the ultra wide here’s, the center stage, functionality that i had mentioned it will track you around the room through a crop still fun for people i mean this is one of those things that i mean as far as the modern world Is concerned, this is the future we’re living in yes, everyone’s got to upgrade their streams because they’re stepping out of frame yeah and they’re in the kitchen and they’re very happy and good. Looking like those people up there, just like you just just like uh us really do that could have been us and people wouldn’t notice, the difference it’s a great time. We we we can chop uh, cauliflower sure yeah i mean it’s orange. I mean i got a shirt that’s that color i can pull it off right, no come on, go for it, uh 120 hertz promotion, maybe click the tech specs, so we can round it out for the ipad. Pro m1 is the biggest news by far so 11 inch. 12.9. Oh yes, available with storage, now up to two terabytes big time: local storage. The target here is the pro photographer they’re now moving huge raw information off of a camera onto an ipad. They have thunderbolt to work with so it’s fast and now it’s like well. How many images can i store and have at my disposal immediately up to two terabytes? If you want to pay for it, how do you want to look at that price i’m sure you’re going to click it in a moment here, 11 inch is 1.

03 pounds for the wi fi model 1.5 pounds for the 12 point inch, and then it goes up Ever so slightly 0.1 pound, if you want to add the cellular 5g capable buttons and connectors it’s a similar layout, you have three microphones, the speaker setup i’ve already talked about in the past type c. Thank god. Thunderbolt 4 20 watt usb type c charging uh let’s, see pixel density 264, ppi on the big model and 264 ppi on a small model. Of course, you have more pixels on the big model, however, and 600 nits of max brightness on both. Although the uh you get a get slightly more specific on the 12.9 inch suggesting 1600 in its peak brightness hdr, so not a one to one display and a million to one contrast ratio not in the same display technology in both of these devices. The 12.9 is has gotten some extra attention. The m1 chip has an eight core cpu and a core gpu. Obviously this is well known at this point. Can we view the pricing? Do we dare look at the pricing here? Oh, my goodness, what are they they’re? They want us to pay monthly that should scare you on its own finance it from 7.99 for the 11 inch and from 10.99, oh yeah, okay. So the xdr aspect is only for the 12.9 and it’s from 10.99. Now let’s see the max price 12.9 inch that we can rig up for ourselves.

Yeah put a 2tb on this is no big deal uh with the cellular, because we want to find 2 400 ipad. Don’T don’t lose that you better put a you better, put an air tag on that one yeah i just slapped it on the back. You don’t need it because you had to find my stuff you’re in the ecosystem if you’re dropping 2400, if you’re dropping 2400 on an ipad pro you’re deep in the ecosystem. I’Ll tell you what now this one is the same thing for availability end of the month. Right and then when do they say you can expect it midway through may same thing, i don’t know, i presume i. If i recall correctly, it was around that i think you probably got to go back to the top to get that info uh there we go order 430, so order on the 30th of april and available in the second half of may. So what can we say? A lot happened, we were, there, tim was there and we got to uh both enjoy the production aspect, the hollywood aspect of apple’s event on april 20th, the tomfoolery, the tomfoolery and the tom cruisery sure, as far as coming through the roof and all the rest of It looking for an m1 apple knows his customer at this point: they’re becoming content geniuses, what they’re, putting together at these events they’re making these these events, like, must watch stuff for the tech community and everybody else must be sitting around saying, dear god.

What do we got to do? Who do we got to hire kind of crew? We got to put we keep these people on staff all the time we got paid for a hollywood production crew. What do they do they just chill or when we’re? Not? We all have an event, and you know they’re going to be able to take all this content chop it up and throw it into commercials and let everybody know yeah and everybody’s gon na know about these new imac. What are you most excited for to just play around with the new remote for you? No, i think, to pull, i think, to pull that new imac out of the box, because i’ve had imacs over the years. Yes and just full experience just to see the house that slim little thing on a stand: it’s just gon na be a bit different, so i would definitely put that at the top. I put the ipad next and then the apple tv before that um, but either way it’s kind of what we expected. As far as the event was concerned, like it’s, we we got everything that we were expecting to see. No big surprises um, but what is it? I mean it’s a it’s, a it’s, a apple has found their groove. They know how to speak to their customer directly. They know how to put on an entertaining show. They know how to make a transition or two and they know how to make a product or two, and when you, when you put that entire package together, you know what you get to.