It had a wow factor to it, yes and that’s just being real a new design. So slim, starting at 12.99 m1, has already crushed the universe as far as laptops are concerned. As far as macbook air, i mean moe’s over there he’s working on a macbook air pro air, not pro there is no pro, they call it the pro the 13. it’s, not a real pro anyway you’ve been using an m1 as well. They do call it a third. I believe it was this one 13’s, not a real bro, get out of my face with that. I know they call it that it’s fast, though anyway, 999 1299 and fast, and then they go. They come with the almost 5k display on the new imac interesting it’s. Only a 24 inch display, but okay at 5k or 4 and a half k is what the actual resolution is. I’M saying, that’s a tight, some tight pixels, i know you’re a tight pixel guy. Well sure there you go four and a half k, 24 inches many colors to choose from m1 power, starting at 12.99. Of course, there’s an upgraded model. I guess it’s, like 1500 bucks. I don’t know that they need so many colors here. But again i don’t know it’s choices, the orange and red or orange and pink they’re. So close i’m like wow right a lot of selection right there and then it is stupid. Crazy, slim i’m talking stupid, crazy.

Look at that it’s like an ipad on a stick. Well, of course, it can be an ipad on a stick, because the ipad’s got the m1 in it now which we’re gon na get to in a moment yeah i had two coffees today i might have a third, i might have a third. I might have a third, i might have a third, because it seems to be working out so far. Well, you’re you’re, just pumped up about this imac. You know i kind of i kind of like i kind of like streaming right after the event, because it’s fresh sure yeah i kind of like coming on here, live i don’t know. If the people i mean, i see people in the chat over here, there’s a few people here, i i presume they’re the same way. You want to kind of talk about it right away as soon as you’ve seen it. So the imac was desperately in need of an update, desperately one area i’m. A little concerned is on sound. You have something that slim. Can it really sound as good as the previous model? That said, if somebody can do it, they can probably do it because they somehow made those ipads sound good. Yes, so that’s one thing books, even a macbook. This is super slim. They find a way to make it sound good uh. They put a an unusual connector for power. It is a magnetic power cable. For some reason, i guess, if you kick it that’s kind of cool we’re gon na pull the whole 11.

5 millimeter imac off the table, so there’s a magnetic connector there as far as ports. On the unit it looks like there’s, a headphone jack there there’s up to four type c connectors, two of which are thunderbolt capable, which is important, obviously for us for throughput. If we were ever to purchase and use one of these things, i guess we will pick one up at least for the purpose of a video they added touch id into the keyboard as one of the options for logging in and that’s just up in the top Right corner of one of the new keyboard options, of course, the keyboards all color matched to the wide variety of colors available on the imacs themselves. The camera also got a lot of attention: 1080p, facetime, hd camera. Look the cameras needed work. They still need work on a number of these uh macbooks. This looks like hey, we’re paid they’re, paying attention which is nice and we’re living in a webcam world. Now, yes, are we not 2020 2021 living in a webcam well, and so they put a lot of work into it. This reminds me of some of the nvidia stuff that they were doing it’s like layers with uh for both audio and video, trying to make people’s streams, look better well, apple’s doing it too tone mapping highlight detail noise reduction image, fusion, face detection, auto exposure, auto white Balance and then merging it all together to try to create the optimal video conference, which is uh ideal to them and to the world right now having to log in and work in, such a fashion, doing a lot through their webcams.

Now they did the same kind of process on the microphones which they’ve been claiming studio. Quality mics for a while now depends what how you perceive studio quality. I wouldn’t use it for this show. However, some of the technology they’ve shown off in the past with the macbook studio quality mics, or was it the ipad? No macbook which i’ve heard it’s pretty good for what it is. So they have focused on the audio performance and the camera performance, and i think it makes sense on an imac to do such a thing. Yeah. Is there anything else to mention uh, with this m1 stuff, there’s greater uniformity across all their products? You start to think man it’s, like the macbook, is an ipad laying flat with a screen ipad pro, i should say the ipad pro is the ipad pro, which is the slimmest smallest m1 product you can have the the imac is an ipad on a stand like You see how it’s all just mer, i don’t, know what they’re going to do with the pro stuff if they don’t even bother eventually but there’s a real convergence happening now that apple’s in control of the silicon, so let’s just do a quick spec over here. Uh. Just to round it out 24 inch, 4.5 k, 8 core apple m1 chip up to 16 gigs of unified memory up to 2 terabytes of storage keyboard with touch id, as i mentioned, and the new facetime hd camera 256 ssd model is going to be 14.

99 128. I guess is what you’re going to get for 12. Oh 12.99, for the. What are you going to get and 16.99 for the 512 gig virgin version uh? As far as colors are concerned, let’s just make sure we got all of them: blue, green, pink, silver, yellow orange and purple. Now you tell me willy dude, if you got ta pick one of these colors and i want you to be honest: don’t just try to be the cool guy and pick like i don’t know uh. I don’t know purple vibrant orange or yellow. What are you actually gon na put? What are you actually gon na put on display in your life? If you had to pick one of these up, the blue looks pretty nice. Are you telling the truth if you pull the trigger and you order, are you gon na buy the blue yeah all right, ladies and gentlemen, willie do you heard it here goes with my later case and and to be fair, they put it at the front. So i think they think they’re going to sell a lot of blue as well yeah.