Now that i have the new uh apple m1 macbook air. This is the uh baseline model. This is the 8 gig 256 and i’ve been using this for almost about a week. Now give it take a few days, and i got ta tell you, i absolutely love this thing. This thing is literally lives up to the hype as uh. Almost the perfect laptop i mean it’s fast it’s, quick it’s got the new apple m1 processor. In it i mean the screen is gorgeous the keyboards. I mean just just listen to that. Like i’m typing on this thing and i feel like i’m actually typing on something like apple’s keyboards in the past, especially the one that came with my baseline 2017 imac. They felt good, they felt fine, they got the job done, but this just listen to that there’s, a nice sense of travel, nice clickiness to it i mean it’s, wonderful, it’s, really, a wonderful experience. The track pad, as you can see here, is nice it’s, big i’m. Not touching it accidentally when i type like i did on the uh, the ipad agent, when i had the logitech keyboard case i’d be typing and i’d, be accidentally hitting let’s, see how well you can see here, i’d be accidentally hitting the trackpad. As i type this. I haven’t done it once yet: uh the brightness and the screen is fantastic. I do wish they would have went hdr 4k at this resolution would have been.

Nice would have been nice on a on a text sheet, but you’re really not going to see that much of a difference. This is not a hdr screen which i can live with. Hdr i find is very hit or miss. Sometimes it looks absolutely brilliant other times it. It looks weird case in point check out jurassic park and hdr and the remaster blu ray. It looks weird um. The screen goes up to 400 uh nits of brightness it’s enough to get work done outside. As you can see, though, there is a reflectivity issues, especially in a bright room. I mean uh. You know i wish this had the option of having a match screen instead of a glossy one, but i mean it’s not a deal breaker in any way shape or form uh the battery life i’ve been using this thing, pretty much non. Stop and uh like all day yesterday and i’m at 71 percent, like on and off all day what i’ve maybe charged this thing once in in the four or five days, i’ve had it and it’s never gotten anywhere near zero, but i’m. Also one of these guys to be fair, i’m. Also one of these guys that when it’s at the desk it’s charging when it’s, you know when i’m out on the go, i have no, you know obviously it’s it’s, not charging uh, the webcam and everything i got. Ta be real with you, it sucks all right, so this is a webcam test and prob, probably the harshest conditions you can imagine.

I got a single source of light in the background. It’S grainy it’s fuzzy. If i move a little bit and block the light, it’s a little bit better but it’s still dark uh sets in bright. As you can see, when you throw a lot of light at it, it improves it gets the job done, but it needs it needs a good source of light to really make it usable. So keep that in mind that’s my one major complaint about this thing. It has the uh the touch id fingerprint sensor right here, which is actually i didn’t know this. This is actually the on and off button too uh. I just thought this was a sensor id and it actually is clickable. So i didn’t know that was your accessibility. Shortcuts i’m good. Thank you uh. It has siri functionality to it, which works pretty well um yeah i mean it. It lasts all day. It feels uh, very quick. With the m1 processor everything i’ve had thrown at it, it’s handled in spades it’s, like it’s, almost laughing at me, it’s like that’s, the best you can handle that’s the best you can throw at me. I mean uh, another nitpick again the web camera. I i don’t get why they don’t just use face id it’s, it’s even more convenient. I mean you just open it up scans your face, you’re in like the ipads uh. This is in the same price range. I got this for actually 900, so the thousand it was on sale uh.

I wish they would use face id. I wish they would uh put hdr in it. You always got the next model. I, like the color gold i’ve, seen renders of the new ones uh allegedly supposed to come out at the end of this year. There might not be no longer the air, because the air’s profile is this tapering at the front. Uh, the new ones allegedly are just going to have the more industrial flat edge design. I don’t like the colors on the renders of them. They haven’t been officially announced. Yet i just don’t like the white bezels and the colors that just looks ugly to me. Uh, the one nitpick i have usbs usb cs now these are good ports. You got ta adapt to the dongle life if you’re using anything older like a webcam or whatever the case may be, you got ta adapt to the dongle life that’s, just how it is. Um i have adapters and all that’s not that big of a deal, but it is kind of a pain in the ass. I do wish you know they would just put at least one legacy, usb a port or something along those lines, but it’s apple for you. The other, the other issue i have with these ports. Why did you put two here? Why couldn’t it been symmetrical? I get i get. You have the headphone, jack and couldn’t. You move the headphone jack and just have uh one usb on one side and the other one on the other.

I just don’t understand their rationale with that uh. Who is this for i’m? Loving it i i i’m, not a pro user. I don’t use final cut or anything, but allegedly final cut will run no problem on this thing. Uh. However, if you do plan to use it for heavy video editing, like i’m talking all day running the processor at full length, i suggest just spending the extra 300 to get the pro version of this, which uh has the it’s. Essentially, the same exact thing same screen same camera same same everything. Let me just open it up here. Uh. The only difference is this does not have the touchpad, which apparently i like the idea of, but apparently a lot of people. Who’Ve used the the touch pad hate it. You know poor. You know good idea, poor implementation, this one does not have that. The pro has that and it has a fan system in it which uh, apparently everyone says it’s, not really worth the upgrade. For you know the extra 300 bucks, if you’re a professional out in the field and doing heavy video editing and you think, you’re gon na – need the fan, get it uh. But for me i mean i’m just doing off the the iphone here. It works more than good enough for me, uh things i wish it would had like my dream, my absolute dream version of this. It already exists, it’s called the ipad pro and it actually with the keyboard and pencil cost more than this, and you have ios.

Instead of um big sur uh, the ipad pro, the new one, uh starts at 7.99 for the 11 inch uh, the one i would get would be the 12.5, which is 10.99 plus 350 for the keyboard plus another 120 for the um for the pencil to get Pencil functionality you’re looking at 1577 plus tax 900 plus tax – i paid 9.77 for this thing, and actually i paid a lot less because i traded in my old uh imac to a local store. I got 500 for that, so i knocked off 500 for that. So i paid 9.77, i paid 4.77 if the jump cut, as you can see. I’M editing the video on the background noise was just distracting uh, so the point i’m trying to make is for uh, even at full price. At 9.99 this thing’s a bargain it’s fast, it’s, quick. It handles video editing, no problem uh. I highly recommend it, especially if you’re looking for a portable device and all in one and you can buy accessories later on, like an external monitor, keyboard mouse i’m using uh. The m1 magic mouse here to edit uh and turn this thing into a lot. Excuse me a desktop when you need it and then simply unplug it via usbc and on the go. You have yourself a perfectly functional uh, pretty good, damn near perfect laptop. I would even argue so yeah. I think this is one of apple’s best values here again, if you want to the touchpad and the fan, you could pay the 300.

I don’t see much value in that. I know there’s some mods around here with this thing, where you just put don’t you take off the back and you put on uh thermal pads and you get even more power. I don’t know about that. I don’t know if that’s a good idea um, you know you could do it. Do it at your own risk i’m, pretty sure you’re, avoiding your warranty doing that, though so uh anyway. Yes, this machine, i am thoroughly impressed. I i i get more functionality more stability out of this than the uh, the mac mini uh, the m1 mac mini. I was replacing this with uh simply because i think there were issues with multiple monitors and all that. That is something to be brought up, though this will handle one external monitor: yes, there’s docs and there’s workarounds, and all that i don’t know why apple’s limiting that uh, but natively. This will only support one external monitor i’m, debating whether i even want to get an external monitor, preferably an ultra wide. That has usb that i can just run one cable to and if i do decide to do that, i’ll be doing a follow up. Video on that uh, but anyway i am thoroughly happy. Happily, with this uh device, it’s it’s easily the best laptop i’ve ever owned, it’s definitely worth checking out anyway. This is al.