Today i seek to answer this question. Are us mac users over dramatic, like is switching to windows, really that life altering or are we just a bunch of drama, queens, let’s, argue Music. Two weeks ago, i got to unpack this beautiful hp spectre. 360.. This baby is powered by intel’s, new evo core i7 processor. Honestly it does things that us mac users could only dream of and listen. I am a proud macbook pro owner it’s fast. It gets the job done and i can remember like a year and a half ago i was hyped about my little touch bar thingy and you know i thought it was so cool like. Oh my god, look at these cute shortcuts. All my emojis are at the touch of a button, and that worked for me, i mean in retrospect you can’t miss what you’ve never really had fast forward to march 2021, and i get this hp spectre. 360, in my hand and i’m like wait, you’re saying the whole screen touches and there’s a pen and the screen flips around and turns into a tablet what no freaking tech dimension have. I just entered it’s like i’ve, been living under a freaking rock like i’m already envisioning, the hybrid work, slash, entertainment powerhouse, this little 13 inch laptop can be, and i don’t know about y’all, but as the world opens back up, i keep dreaming of working remotely like Off a beach somewhere with a really strong, wi fi access and with a continuous battery life of almost 10 hours.

This is literally perfect for me, but before i could figure out which beach i was going to work out of, i actually had to start using it and i’m going. To be honest, i have been struggling. I feel like a fish out of water it’s like being in the u.s. You know like i’m from the us and you go to the uk and you drive on the different side of the road and it’s, not that you can’t. Do it it’s that your brain kind of struggles to adapt like on day, one of using the spectra i didn’t, even know where things were like i’m struggling to cut and paste, because my fingers keep pressing alt c and instead of control c? And i can’t do partial screenshots and i message them to my friends or plop them into a document. I can’t airdrop my pictures from my phone to my desktop, so i keep having to figure out how to get the image from my phone and to my computer and then i had to download whatsapp to like whatsapp things to myself, because i needed the picture and I missed texting my friends straight from my computer and i keep getting all these random pop ups from things that make me feel, like i’m being spammed and it’s. A lot and i’ve wanted to quit every day since opening this computer and just go back to my macbook pro with the very now extremely unimpressive touch bar.

But no, i am going to do this. I have to retrain my brain to drive on a different side of the road because here’s what i learned the past two weeks and bear with me if this has been hella obvious to a lot of you, lifelong pc users in pc land. You judge hardware separate from software like it’s, not hp’s fault that i don’t know basic windows folder structure. But what i do appreciate about pcs is the endless user options. You want a computer with a touch screen, you can have it. You want no touchscreen, you could have that too. You want to tear it apart and build it from scratch. You could do that for us mac users we’re trained that less is more listen for some background. I’Ve been a mac user, since i, since the days of the ipod mini and that’s that’s a long time ago, i am used to a very specific ecosystem where the software and the hardware are symbiotic to each other. You know one upgrade so does the other and you never really have to leave the bubble. But i have decided, and the point of this video is to let you guys know i am going on a personal journey – slash challenge of leaving that bubble, because i want to be able to give you guys my honest opinion on new tech. That comes out, and i want to understand the differences and maybe some of the similarities in hopes of helping you figure out what works best for you right now, this very moment, if you ask me pc or mac, i am running with my mac, but i also Know that there’s a lot i don’t know, and i want to find out so i am making this official for the next few weeks.

I am committed to using and learning windows. I am looking forward to this new realm of laptops and pcs that only exist in window land or that’s. What i’m calling it window land and i’m going to be leaning on new pc users? To tell me what the hell to do and here’s the first question for you: how the hell do i screenshot things and get them straight onto my desktop, so i really have to use the little clipping tool thing and like is there like a keyboard shortcut for It so that i don’t have to keep going to the app and then whatever just put it. In my comments, i really need to have the answer, and i want to hear from you about this or any other questions you may have do, which team? Do you? Bat for tell me tell me: why have you ever switched ecosystems? Are there any tips and tricks for us newcomers make sure to follow me on ig and tick tock at board. Femme, remember that’s with a double o. I would like to know your thoughts on there as well and, if you’ve enjoyed this video, please make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe.