It is 27 inches, it is 5k and it is very nice now. I was actually going to start this video by using the new camera. As you can see, we have this 12 megapixel ultrawide camera at the top here which supports center stage, so it actually keeps you in the frame, but i have to say even with this decent lighting, it is actually quite noisy. So this has been recorded with the webcam up top. You can see its a little bit noisy. I think the reason for that is it doesnt have the m1 chip like we see in the imac and on the macbooks um, and so we havent got that ai noise reduction. Obviously, weve got the a13 chip in here which well come to in a second but its, not the best, webcam theyve ever made, and obviously with that center stage. If youve got a group of people, itll uh sort of widen it to get everyone in or if its just you billy, no mates itll keep you central now with that apple a13 chip, which is the same one used in the iphone 11 series. I reckon this makes this the worlds most powerful, monitor and that helps power. All the extra features like the center stage we get with webcam as well as spatial audio and even allows us to get future updates. That might add even more features, so the studio displays basically an imac, but without the mac part there is no computer here.

It is simply just a display, its just one, big glass panel, with a slim, symmetrical bezel underneath so actually, unlike most displays, theres no ugly, protruding plastic edge on the back. We have this single cable for the power which you cant actually remove alongside four usb c ports, although only one of these is thunderbolt 3. thats. The one youll want to use to connect to your mac or your macbook, and it does also support 96 watt power. Delivery, so you can charge your laptop, whereas the other three usb c ports are a bit slower, but really theyre meant for connecting storage drives or charging peripherals, and that is it. There are no buttons, no joysticks or on screen display options. Here everything is controlled by your mac and, as such, theres also no physical way of disabling this webcam, which i know some people do like to have now. If i spin this towards the windows, youll see that while it does have an anti reflective layer or coating, its not amazing, although actually its much better than some old macs and imax im not sort of staring at myself back all day as like a mirror. But this also doesnt have the optional nano texture coating, which i did have a play with on the more expensive apple pro display, xdr and its basically tiny micro etchings into the glass which helps scatter the light and therefore reducing reflections, giving it a more matte finish.

If you are using this in a bright room or with windows directly behind it, then yes, i would definitely recommend paying the extra 250 to get that nano texture. But for most people, assuming you can control the lighting a little bit around you, then its probably not worth it. But what i do have here is the height adjustable stand, which bizarrely costs 400 pounds more than just the standard tilt adjustable stand its kind of insane. I mean i appreciate that, unlike the flagship pro display xdr, where you have to pay like a thousand pounds to get any kind of stand at all, i do appreciate that we get at least a stand for no extra cost, but simply adding this functionality is 400 Pounds that is ridiculous, and you can also visa mount it as well, for free and apple showed off some fancy, two and even three monitor setups in videos from their recent apple event, which im definitely keen to try. But, however, you set this up. Bear in mind, you do only get a one meter, thunderbolt cable, with a studio display, but if you want a 1.8 meter, cable, which i do and comes with the more expensive pro display, xdr youll have to pay an extra 125 pounds now right now. I have this hooked up to the new mac studio via the thunderbolt cable, but it will play nice with any recent macbook air pro or mac mini, or anything like that.

So this studio display is the smaller, slightly cut down and significantly cheaper version of apples. Pro display xdr, so in some ways they are very similar, the sharpness, the refresh rates optional extras, but there are a couple of big differences and the main one, i think, is the fact. The new studio display uses a single zone backlight versus 576, full array, local dimming zones on the pro display, which gives us much higher contrast, whereas the studios, typical ips contrast, can look a bit washed out in dark scenes and also at night. I noticed some ips bleeding in the corners, but actually slightly more unforgivable. The studio display doesnt support any kind of hdr which, for a 1500 pound, monitor thats, aimed at creators and semi pros, is just baffling. The fancier xdr display gets dolby vision, hdr 10 hlg. The studio gets well nothing just 600 nits of sdr brightness. To his credit, though, i did measure closer to 700 nits around 686, so it is still impressively bright and actually brighter than the xdr for non hdr content. But the lack of any kind of dedicated hdr is disappointing. Most mid to high end monitors offer this now and you can see on my lg here, for example, how mac os actually smartly dims the ui around the hdr video. However, in its favor, we do have those nice to haves like the great built in camera, mics and speakers, plus its a lot cheaper than the pro but heres a question.

What, if you want to use this with a non apple laptop? I have my dell xps 13 hooked up here via thunderbolt 4 and it works, but there are a couple of issues so heres the setup and ive got the single cable, which is very nice and it does support power delivery. So it is charging my laptop, but as you can see, the brightnesses are a little bit different because, while of course i can change the brightness with the keyboard here for the dental display, i cant actually do anything to adjust the brightness on the studio display because There are no buttons, there is no on screen display or anything i can mess around with in typical apple form, over function fashion and in the settings here i can only control the brightness of the laptop screen, not the steer display so thats, one limitation. You are limited basically to the maximum brightness. The good news, though, is that the webcam does work, as you can see. If i move around it doesnt support center stage. That is a mac exclusive feature, but we still are getting that high quality webcam up there, including the microphones as well. We dont get spatial audio support for the speakers. They sound great but know that apple exclusive spatial audio but thats still a nice feature. So the studio monitor is fine as a second screen for a windows laptop, but it wouldnt be my first choice, especially at this price.

Really you do want to pair it with a mac and also the fact that you wont have access to any firmware updates that may come through mac os when youre using a windows device. Now, if you are a regular on the channel, you know that mainly i use this. A 38 inch lg ultra wide ive had this for about a year and so far ive not really been tempted to switch, except for a short period. When i used a 48 inch oled tv, i love this because well its massive, giving me plenty of room for two or three apps side by side, its also 21×10, not 21×9, which gives me that little bit extra vertical height and more screen space. Its also color accurate with specific color profiles, i can switch between and its 144 hertz and it supports g sync so its great for gaming as well. It also has terrific speakers thunderbolt support and it costs about the same. Around 1500 quid, however, in favor of the studio display, it is a lot sharper, 218 ppi versus just 108 on the ultra wide, even though it has a wqhd plus resolution and its also a more manageable size for a home or office. Monitor. Plus the speakers are incredible, the best on any display, ive tested, and we also have that camera, which these days is actually pretty important. So, yes, they are very different, but they cost about the same and actually ive been using them, both at the same time via thunderbolt, connected to the mac studio and its been working really well so final thoughts should you actually buy this? Well, honestly, i think for most people, no its too expensive.

It is a lot cheaper than the pro display, which most people dont really need, but that does also get you a significantly better display in terms of contrast and hdr honestly, i just think its worth looking outside of apples, shiny ecosystem for this one and buying a Regular 27 or 32 inch 4k monitor, plus a nice webcam as well, and this will fully work with both mac and windows. But if you do want the nice built in webcam, terrific speakers and a good 5k screen and money, maybe is less of a problem, then sure it is a lovely monitor. Just a lot of money come on also its worth. Considering that we may see a studio display pro or a updated pro display, xdr in just a couple of months, perhaps in june after wwdc, where we may finally see that sort of high refresh promotion and a mini led screen on a desktop display. No doubt that will be a lot more expensive, but if you are thinking about dropping 1500 quid or more, if you want now texture and a height adjustable stand, then maybe it is worth waiting a little bit longer and also paying a bit more to get a Super duper pro display xdr2 in a couple of months, but what do you think are you tempted to buy this? Let me know what you make of the studio display in the comments below, so i hope that was helpful and if you did enjoy the video a little like and subscribe would be very much appreciated and ill.