I pay for it 900. So you can see the price by yourself. If someone do not believe me super expensive for this apple pencil, so yeah, let me just open it. Okay, let me put that back aside how i can open i don’t wan na okay. Oh, i don’t need a knife. Safety’S number one priority closing knife fast here. We go and then here’s the apple pencil. Okay. Here we go where’s the apple pencil. Oh, i was worried that they gave me the first generation one: okay, yeah! Is there any what what is this? What is this? What is this? What is this? Okay, there’s? Some kind of instruction, which is very important: okay, magnetically attached upper pencil to charge a store; okay, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Okay, let me put this because sometimes you have to send the pencil right. Finally, here is my apple. Pan so, okay, here we go. Okay, let me take out the apple pencil and let me just close this one, so, okay there’s a wrapper how i can take without destroying it, okay there’s a wrapper which again i’m going to keep it come on. What did i did wrong? Okay, okay, ah troublesome okay, yeah. Here we go okay. Finally, if you’re done, because if i don’t like maybe i will select that so i’m doing this thing – okay, here’s, my ipad with my stupid ipad, okay, okay, let me put in portrait mode this.

Can you see? Let me just open us is that working or not? Okay, because how how to attach i forgot okay, now it’s working continue, i’m using the case to attach you see i’m, not retouching, directly to the case. This is the best case. Okay, can i use now? Yes, okay, when i want to draw something, let me put on high brightness: can you see yeah now what to do wow your finger will be. This was calling wow. I love it. I love the apple i’m. Sorry where’s, the razor. Oh, i like this double tap. Okay wow, i like it it’s nice, it’s nice, i mean okay. Let me try something else like like a marker. For example. Let me just throw like not this one. Okay like this, let me what door this one here yeah like this, let me become an artist. Okay, not this one, okay, just guess what i’m drawing just guess, what i am drawing i’m doing the goku. So how? How are my drawing skill? I love the apple pencil. Okay, let me go somewhere here and use it here. Can i use the apple puzzle, for example, gsm marina? Can i use the apple pencil for scrolling yeah? I love it. I just love the apple pencil. For example, i wan na highlight like markup. Okay let’s do some markup, okay highlighter example. I wan na highlight this one good. I like it, okay, something like this one or like green yeah.

I mean it’s good for highlighting wow, something like, for example, something like this one wow i like it. I like it. I like it. Okay done delete, pdf, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, what are the apps? We can use pages garage bank where’s, imovie, okay, like, for example, we can edit the imovie yeah, i mean i’m liking. It i mean. The good thing is that it attached magnetically. I really like the tip. Sadly, only the one keep right: yeah there’s, only one tip yeah now it’s working again. Let me try something else, for example like with black and what’s this okay, i don’t like this one, something like this one. Let me try something i let me write, i you really like. Okay now. Let me write here with a real paper and see how well i can write. Let me try together thick lead one. Can i get okay yeah, something like similar travel person. Now you can see how! Well i right. Oh no is this fall enough? Oh, no! Oh! No! Oh no! Yeah! Okay! Now let’s start come. Okay like this is enough! Okay! I really like the apple. I mean. I know apple i’m just trying to make up an apple pencil, so yeah, as you can see, compared side by side is quite similar. What do you think it’s quite similar? I mean, i think so. The apple pencil is a must and it’s expensive, yeah. Nine 999 dollar.

Do you really need apple pencil? I don’t think so, unless you’re really into taking notes or something like that, like highlighting books highlighting magazine if i don’t need the apple pencil after using, i can put here like this, but and then i can easily remove. I think i should put like this right.