Now funny enough. This last year is probably the most amount of time Ive ever spent using my Apple pencils, and I will tell you the apple pencil. One is still a very interesting Apple. You know stylus thing. For the most part, there are a lot more competition. I would say nowadays more than before, but you know I still think this apple, I still think Apple pencils are really awesome. My only thing is and Ill explain throughout this video is that there may be a better option for you, depending on what youre trying to do. So if you want to pick up an apple pencil links to be down in the description, you can get them from there and help support the channel. At the same time, now, for the last few years that Ive been talking about these Apple pencils, they really havent gotten any crazier updates for the most part, theyve kind of stayed consistent. In fact, apple is still selling the same two apple pencils for the past. You know few years now, since the apple pencil, one weve only gotten one generation newer, which is the apple pencil 2, but the biggest news, probably for the most part, is that you still need to buy. Whichever one is pertinent to your. You know iPad, so you cant go ahead and just buy an apple pencil one for the iPad Pros anymore. It doesnt work like that, but also for the iPad. 10Th Generation Apple completely changed what we kind of thought what they were going to do, that iPad ended up supporting the apple pencil one.

So because of that more and more people, I think, are actually more obsessed or at least wondering about the Apple metal one. Just considering that Apple made such a weird decision with the iPad 10. now starting off with the outside there really isnt too much to hit on. I think a majority of people already kind of know, whats going on with this apple pencil at the very top like in the like top portion of the apple pencil. You do have the cap, so you have a removable cap at the very top, and this is essentially one of the more annoying pieces of the apple pencil. So you can get some sort of like apple pencil case thing that will allow you to kind of not lose that cap, but its a magnetic cap and it does feel really premium. You know it does not feel cheap, but when you actually remove that cap it will, you know kind of reveal that lightning port, oh that lightning or that lightning charger. So all you have to do here is go ahead and plug that lightning charger to your iPad, and that is it your iPad will now be. Can you know connected to your specific apple pencil now? The problem with this is that for one it will stick out of your apple pencil or then stick out of your iPad forever. So whenever you need to charge up your apple pencil, you will need to go this route.

Essentially, unless you were to go for the iPad 10, which would allow a dongled approach, which it doesnt have to be sticking out of your your iPad necessarily, but it still needs to be connected to your iPad. So again, this is probably one of my biggest complaints about this apple pencil. Im glad you can charge it Im glad you dont have to put a battery in it or anything like that, but it is a very, very inconvenient process when you have to have this thing sticking out of your iPad all the time – and I havent quite seen Too many complaints about this, but I know it happens all the time and I maybe just people dont report on it, but basically people breaking their apple pencil and probably even breaking that Port inside of their iPad and they may have to go into Apple to get It repaired or whatever like it, is not a good thing to keep doing this over and over again, and you can charge up your ipad. While you charge up your apple pencil either you have to choose one or the other. So, just one of those things to keep in mind the rest of the apple pencil, though feels very premium. You know I still think its a very premium feeling you know stylus for the most part, at the very tip of your apple pencil. You do have that removable clasp thing, so you can go ahead and actually just remove that you know tip and you can put in a new tip if you want to – and I think thats a really nice thing having the ability of just literally going through and Just pulling that out and pulling it in is super nice and Im.

Glad Apple gave us that ability it would be very appalish if they just were to go ahead and not give us that ability at all so Im really glad they at least gave that you know to us for the most part, and that kind of covers up The outside theres really not a whole lot else to talk about now. Once your apple pencil is connected, it can still work on pretty much everything you wanted to work on its still supported with the latest iPad OS version, so I dont think for the next. You know several years Apples going to go away from this, so if you want to write stuff on your iPad, if you want to take notes, if you want to draw those things, are basically what this apple pencil is for, and you know if youre trying to Compare this to like a standard like one dollar stylus thing that, like you know, just has like that tip at the end: thats, not electronic, it is not the same thing. This apple pencil definitely serves a purpose and I dont think its a waste of money. I just think the apple pencil one may not be the best value for you, so what I would break this down is is basically, if you already have an iPad that supports the apple pencil, you really dont have much of a choice you will have to buy This apple pencil, unless you go down the road of buying another iPad.

So if youre in the situation where you are planning on upgrading your iPad and you dont know if getting an apple pencil, one or apple pencil 2 is a big difference. But what I would tell you is that if you have the ability of getting an apple pencil too, that is going to be a much better option. I would say, for the most part and that apple pencil is going to give you a much better. You know just experience overall, you dont have to go and continue to like plug this apple pencil for the apple pencil too. You dont have to plug it into the iPad. It just says wireless connected to the top its a seamless process that charges wirelessly its a super nice thing, and that is honestly how your experience should feel like your experience, should be removing a clasp up top and then having to put it in, like oh, its Just annoying this route, you can literally just use your iPad. However, you want to use it, and then you know, with the apple pencil too, just plug it into the top and thats it so thats that if you already have an apple pencil supported device, then obviously use the apple pencil thats supported. But if youre planning on upgrading, I would recommend getting an apple pencil or an iPad that does support the apple pencil too. So I still think this is worth it its not going anywhere anytime soon, but unless you get a really good deal on an iPad that doesnt support apple, pencil 2 or for some reason you dont want to get the apple pencil too, then I would.

I guess this is okay for the most part as well, so that pretty much covers it up. If you have any other thoughts or questions, please let me know in the comment section below hit the like button: thatll be so much, but definitely hit that subscribe button. More importantly than everything else, I love every single one of you guys, hopefully Ill catch you guys in the next video peace out till then Music.