There are many Apple apologists that believe me to be hyper critical about the faceless Corporation they hold dear and then on the other Spectrum. There are many Apple haters that erroneously Herald me as the one that uniquely speaks the truth about Apple theyre, even dumber than the Fanboys, but both sides have agreed to be it in anticipation or perturbation that I was going to have a Heyday ranting about Apples, new Ipad lineup well to them, I say, is Shakespeares Timon of Athens said to that misanthropic philosopher appomantis albiti, but I would infect my hands so video retort. I Choose You foreign Music, so lets chat. What do I actually think about? The new base model in air quotes? Ipad well, Ive been using it for almost everything for the last two weeks. This video was written on it and its a good iPad, its not the best iPad, but its a good iPad. The A14 SOC still feels plenty fast for just about anything that iPad OS is capable of stage manager excluded. Although I dont know that you would want to use that anyway, the display, whilst unlaminated and subsequently further away from your finger or stylus tip, resulting in a slightly less immersive experience, looks very nice. The colors are accurate and, while it doesnt support P3 youre, probably not going to notice in an iPad workflow anyways, the displays pixel density is identical to the iPad Air and it gets equally as bright at 500 nits.

The device is a little bit thicker and heavier thanks to that older display technology, which is kind of a bummer, but on the flip side the thicker bezels give it a much greater thumb and hand feel. I will remark that the lack of an anti reflective coating on the display its noticeable when youre in the Sun or near the Sun, or a light thats reflective and the contrast ratio of that display its also nothing to write home about which is particularly noticeable when Youre watching video content now it does have better speakers. They are landscape speakers that radiate out both ends of the iPad. Now the prior generation did have stereo speakers, but they both radiated out of the bottom of the iPad, now top and bottom or side decide if its in landscape. Now the speakers they are theyre, pretty lousy with poor separation, muddied vocals, lacking low end and fat mids. I wouldnt ever choose them over my air, pods or frankly, the iPad Pro which just destroys them, and those speakers sound pretty good. But the speakers on this new iPad are fairly comparable to the current iPad Air. The same competent cameras found both front and back on, said, more expensive iPad Air are also found here and, finally, the front facing camera is in landscape orientation Ergo. The orientation in which you use an iPad most of the time, especially when taking FaceTime or video calls. Now, if your name is Bill Gates and you shart money, you also might enjoy the new magic keyboard folio or at least I think, thats what they call it.

They all basically have the same name. The new eye water in the expensive, 250 dollar keyboard. Its quite good, the key and trackpad feel is fantastic Apples best attempt. Yet in fact the keyboard feels so good uh. Its basically feels like a Macbook and the new function row, something that you would also find on a MacBook is superb. I have been using it Non Stop and visiting control center. Far less. As a consequence of that I am a big fan. The whole kickstand folio design is well the already thick and heavy iPad, at least compared to the rest of the lineup, gets even beefier. That case is 50 heavier than the iPad itself and brings the combined weight to that of the much larger 13 inch MacBook Air. But on to the true controversy, the Pogo pin and Pad design to connect to these smart keyboards thats found on the iPad Pro and iPad Air is exactly the same on the new iPad, except for no it isnt because they moved it from the back of the Ipad to the side of the iPad now this does permit the detachable keyboard nature of the new accessory, but it mostly feels like artificial segmentation to keep accessories for the pros and The Heirs separate from this poverty. Ipad and thats really really lame when your accessories are hundreds of dollars. Why just enable them to work across the entire lineup? So, as I said, this iPad is a good iPad, but it was designed by operations management more than actual designers, and nothing is more telling than yes, this support for the first generation apple pencil and that generation only now, weve all seen the memes and yeah theyre Funny because theyre absurd, but the only way to pair the pencil to the iPad is by plugging it into the iPad, which you could no longer do like the old ridiculous way.

The new ridiculous away is, with a USBC to C cable and a little tiny. Nine dollar adapter dongle, which we dont, have by the way, because these pencils are back ordered three weeks and the adapters, and if you try to use it the old way with the old adapter, you can charge the pencil but not pair it. What but heres the brutal truth? Are you ready for it? This is all right, its not great, but its fine sure. It seems weird to have these squared off edges that debuted, specifically designed to accommodate that second generation pencil, while not accommodating the second generation pencil and having to dongle anywhere in the stack, is janky. But is it really that dissimilar from this for years Apple was prioritizing design over usability and we complained now they prioritize usability over design and we still complain now. Many have used the old Trope. This would have never happened under Steve Jobss Reign, and do you know what this time that is, 100 True, the first generation pencil would have been killed, the minute that the superior second generation came out, but at a cost its still more expensive, Ives team would have Designed this new iPad and the OM guys Tim Cook would have said you know, Steve were running the numbers and we cant really maintain margins with this build of material. So lets use the first gen, pencil and Steve would have said. No. Instead of this wed have gotten this no pencil you want the pencil go, buy the pro iPad, todays Apple Cooks, Apple, likely conducted market research and determined that yeah.

You know what the majority of end users that want pencil support, theyre buying the air and theyre buying the pro, not the entry level iPad, but that there are price, sensitive markets like education, that one on a stylus and rather than just forfeit sales. They compromised those compromises have made this entry level iPad feature complete, capable of doing nearly every single thing that the high end iPad can do just slightly less elegantly. Introducing weird entry level products and maintaining old models at cheaper prices has been a staple of cook strategy for the last 10 years and it has worked well. This is not the exception. This is the norm. The problem, however, is when you let these cost focused Hardware concessions enter the pro lineup, which is why Im not actually pissed off about this iPad at all, Im pissed off about the new iPad Pro the magic keyboard. It was not updated. None of the accessories were so if you want that Pro level function row, that is amazing. That makes the iPad better well youre only going to find that on the entry level iPad. Furthermore, that awesome landscape camera yeah its not on the new Pro its still in its old position here now. One could reasonably suggest that, well the hardware required to Dock and charge that second gen pencil thats in the way of where that landscape camera would go, and that would require reworking or redesigning the now four year old form factor yeah when its your top of the Line model and its price point can be configured to over two thousand dollars it doesnt matter.

If it requires reconfiguring, you reconfigure, because a lower end product should never get a premium level feature a generation or Generations in advance. Apple needs to be really careful here, because these concessions in their Pro lineup, while small chip away at the foundation of Apples, entire value, proposition, think of price and experience as two lines but lines that are ideally close together. Now you can increase the price of a product or you can make product concessions in software and Hardware, but the more of each. You do, especially simultaneously the greater the Delta between the two lines, and suddenly you discover that customer satisfaction has dropped like a rock. The last few months have not looked kindly on Apple tension with developers continues to rise with the monolithic control that Apple has over the App Store theres a growing likelihood of a federal antitrust suit in the United States filed by the doj. When the United States government files an Anti Trust suit against you, you have screwed up and thats, not all the introduction of more ads into the App Store most for icky gambling and psychic reading apps, which, in and of themselves violate the App Store guidelines. But are there because Apple makes money on them are being found on apps for recovery and addiction assistance to be overly generous to Apple? It is completely tone deaf on the Apple TV. They updated a server side setting that draws Focus away from the up next row.

Its one of the Apple TVs, best quality of life features it takes all of your streaming services and shows what youve been watching in a single line so that you can continue watching thats, no longer the focus. It has been ousted in favor of full screen ads for Apples own shows and the shows of whomever wants to give them advertising money. There will soon be Regional news posts placed inside of your weather, app as part of iOS 16.2 to encourage more Apple news, plus subscriptions Now by themselves. These things arent that big of a deal frankly, they please shareholders, which is Tim, Cooks, primary responsibility, but in Mass these changes come at a cost. This year, every single smartphone maker has had a huge drop in shipments, except for Apple. The PC market has been hammered over the last 12 months, but not the Mac. The wearables market is all but dead unless you sell something called the Apple watch. Much of the reasons cited by industry experts for the reason that Apple continues to grow. In spite of global economic pressure, is that Apple has not made the end user. The product Tim Cook has inarguably been one of the most successful CEOs in history. He has made Apple the most valuable company in the world worth more than Google, Amazon, meta and Netflix. Combined now, in my opinion, most of this has been due to the permanence of the Steve Jobs ideology that making great products is what maximizes shareholder value in the long run, ignoring and not electing to do short term concessions or compromises for a little bit of money.

Here and there now, many critics of Apple have proclaimed and continue to Proclaim that the lack of innovation is what is going to be Apples downfall that Tim Cook is going to drive the company into the ground. Theyve been saying that for 10 years and apple is worth 10 times what it was when he took over apple is fine, good products will keep coming, but, as time goes on, Apple has to be careful that it doesnt lose that little bit of what made it Special to begin with, because you can continue charging a premium until the only area where youre different is the price that you charge and by then youre, no better than the rest theres still time.