This will happen on tuesday march 23rd, which was later confirmed by john prosser as well. So now we have a potential date as well as not three, not five, not seven, but actually eight products to expect okay, so at number one we have the air tags for which i predict a 90 chance of happening in march. You all probably know what these are: we’ve even made a bunch of videos. In fact, we’ve made one just last month, which i highly encourage you to watch as we went through how the air tags actually work and how they encrypt the data to make sure that you’re, the only one who knows where your lost item is not even apple, Knows and since then john prosser has once again said that the air tags are indeed coming in march. Jon has previously said that the air tags would come in november for sure, but they didn’t they also didn’t, come out alongside ios 14.3, either like he predicted, but from my understanding this was all caused by the whole covet pandemic and just the fact that different countries Have had different restrictions put up in place around november time, which did push the release schedule. We’Ve also heard from inchi kuo that the air tags would launch in 2021 and march is indeed the most likely candidate. Speaking of this love to dream, a leaker who’s been very accurate in the past, claimed back in october that there were two sizes of a particular device coming out soon now he’s, usually really cryptid with his leaks uh, he did clarify that he was not referring to Any macbook or mac safe, which means that he was likely referring to the air tags, as that was around the time when john prosser also reported on the air tax and if they have similar sources.

All of this would make a lot of sense now in terms of those two sizes. These could be something similar to what samsung is currently doing, where they have the regular model of the galaxy smart tag, and then they will be launching a galaxy smart attack, plus some more premium and more expensive model, which will include that ultra wideband technology for even Better tracking, i do hope that apple won’t actually split the features that way and if they do indeed launch two models, i would hope that one of them is a standard model and then the other one. Instead of being a premium model, it is just a different form factor that would fit better in places like your wallet, for example, kind of like the regular tile and then the tile slim. But do let me know in the comments what you guys think about all of this and feel free to subscribe to the channel while you’re at it. As you know, it’s free and you get to see more elixir episodes such as this one. Then we have the airpods 3, to which i would give a 90 chance of actually happening in march 52. Audio posted this massive report, which i’m not going to detail again as we’ve already covered that in a full video just last week. But what you need to know is that these airpods are said to have a smaller case than the pros. They are said to be cheaper than the pros and have a lot of the features that the pros already have like, supposedly having active noise cancelling as well as spatial audio, which would pretty much make the airpods pros worthless.

If this 52 audio report is correct. So i don’t think that they will be that good. But still all reports are pointing towards a redesign happening with the airpods 3. Indeed, looking almost identical to the airpods pros definitely make sure to check our full video here because that’s, where we cover that full 52 audio report and all the design differences. The sound quality noise, cancelling even removable, ear tips and yeah definitely give that video a watch. Then we have the ipad pro, for which i predict a 100 chance of happening at the march event and that’s, because out of all devices mentioned in this video, this is the one that we’ve seen the most amount of reports on from ming chi kuo. Mark german, john prosser and many more pretty much all saying that there will be a new ipad pro this year, likely launching in march and yes same as with the other products. We’Ve also done a very detailed video on all the ipads to expect this year, which you can check right here now we were expecting this new ipad pro back in october with a brand new apple a14 chip, but it seems, like apple, wanted to announce the m1 Max first, which happened in november and that’s, because the m1 and the a14x chips are said to be very similar and apple, simply wanted to give the spotlight to the brand new max rather than you know, just an ipad upgrade.

So that way, it does make a lot of sense for apple to launch this new epic pro in march, as the m1 max have already been out for a few months now, and also the previous sniper pro from 2020, also launched back in march. Mark german claims that the new ipad pro will have similar levels of performance to the m1 max, which is pretty nuts, considering that the m1 max have outperformed every single intel laptop processor out there, yes, including intel’s flagship 10 980 hk – imagine how crazy it would be To have an ipad that’s, just 5.9 millimeters thin that can outperform an alienware laptop cpu wise without using any fan to cool it down. That’Ll be insane other updates to this. Ipad pro include a mini, led display, which will be much brighter than the current 600 panel and also with better black levels, and we would also be getting 5g as well now i’m, currently using the 2018 ipad pro myself and i’m. Very happy with that. So i personally do not see myself upgrading to the 2021 model, but i do see that mini led display being a big reason to upgrade for most people that have older ipads or even for people that haven’t really tried or had an ipad at all. And you know they want to get a pro to use that as their main computer, which is totally doable by the way video on that here. Next up we have the 9th generation ipad and i would give this a 90 chance of being launched in march and that’s, mostly because number one we’ve seen a lot of recent reports on this new ninth generation ipad and the number two apple, usually reserves march for Devices that are aimed towards students so lower end devices, usually 2020, was an exception because of kovid, but up until then march was when apple launched the ipad 3, the ipad mini 5, as well as the 5th and 6th gen entry level ipads.

The only reason why i’m a bit unsure here is that we only got the eighth generation back in september, and this is said to be a fairly big upgrade with the ipad 9th gen. Getting a larger 10.5 inch display and therefore the same design as the aperture. 3 or the ipad pro 2 – and this also means that we’re very likely getting a laminated display this time, which was really the weakest point of the entry level ipad and the reason why i couldn’t recommend it to anyone who was more than just a very, very Casual user, the performance is said to be dramatically improved by apple switching to the apple a13 chip from the a12. So, overall, especially if apple, keeps the same 329 price points. This will be the default ipad that i would recommend to pretty much. Anyone john prosser also stated that a new apple tv might make an appearance here which i’m giving about a 90 chance of actually happening. Reason being that the current gen apple tv, the 4k version, came out in 2017 four years ago and still features the apple 18x processor same as the second generation ipad pro now. That is not a bad chip by any means, but rumors are saying that apple wants to focus more on the gaming side of things, with the new apple tv, with potentially launching their own gaming controller as well. And if they want to do that, a spec bump to the apple tv is heavily required.

We don’t really know what processor this will feature, but i think that would be pretty safe to assume that it would be at least the apple a12z processor, if not even the apple a14. That way, it will be way more future proof, and then we have the ipad mini to which i’m giving a 60 chance of happening. In march, the last ipad mini came out in 2019 and it was mainly an internal upgrade over the 2015 ipad mini 4.. This year, however, we’ve seen some reports that apple is planning on launching a redesigned mini with a larger display and significantly thinner, bezels leaker kong who’s been really the most accurate apple leaker. So far by a significant margin said that apple is planning a full screen. Ipad mini which just passed evt stage. Now from this, we can tell that the ipad mini 6 might be a few months away as there’s, just not enough time for apple to launch it as they’re, technically still in the design phase. So i would put my money on this being launched in september or october reason why i’m giving this a 60 chance. To be honest, i think that this chance is um even lower than that for march, and now we have a very interesting one, a magsafe battery that i’m giving about a 40 chance of seeing the light of day. At this event, john prosser claims that apple is working on a smart battery case that would attach, via mac, save to the iphone 12s only that it’s not actually a case, but a physical battery that sticks to the back of your iphone.

Just like the mac save wallet, while german reported on this too and mac rumor’s writer, steve mazzer, has found references for this too and ios 14.5. Beta 2. john also claims that apple’s considering two models of this battery case, one of which is more premium and supports. Reverse wireless charging, meaning that you could place your airpods on the back of that and the battery itself would charge both your iphone as well as your airpods, which is kind of cool. The only problem here is that well, the iphone 12 already charges your airpods kinda. So, according to an fcc filing found by mark german a few months ago, the iphone 12 does actually support. Reverse wireless charging only that this feature isn’t enabled yet the fcc filing claims that the iphone 12 will be able to wirelessly charge an external potential apple accessory in the future, which to me sounds a lot like a next generation of apple’s airpods likely the airpods 3.. The filing also claims that your iphone will need to be plugged in for this to work, so it could just be that, when this maxi battery drops apple will also enable the reverse, probably charging functionality on the iphone. So that no matter, if you have the battery or not um, you can still charge your earpods 3 from the back of your iphone. And finally, we have the imac and i’m giving this a 20 chance of making an appearance. In march, we have made a full video with everything you need to know about the imac redesign, which you can watch right here, um and long story short an apple pro display like design.

This is what will be getting significantly better performance with apple, switching to their own custom, cpu and very likely custom gpu as well, and then also colors a few of them. But since we haven’t had any reputable sources saying that it will come out in march, i really doubt that it will. So. I would put my money on this happening in october or june at the earliest, at wwc. 2021.. Personally, i’m excited for the imac, the most out of all of these devices, not because i’m getting one, because i won’t well, you know we’ll be getting one for videos and stuff like that, but i won’t be using one because i’m a macbook guy. But the thing is i’m really excited to see the improvements in terms of the design and the performance from the previous gen intel imac, like those improvements in both cases, will be massive. Let me know in the comments which device are you excited for the most out of all the ones that i’ve talked about? If you have enjoyed this video, give it a like and definitely subscribe for, more elixirs episodes like this one and more in depth.