No denying that the magic keyboard adds some impressive functionality to both the ipad pro and air. I love it and in fact, you can check out my video review of the magic keyboard to see just how much i love it, but like with all apple products. These days, it’s easy to miss out on the full potential of the magic keyboard. So in this video i’m going to share with you, 10 tips for maximizing your usage and enjoyment of the magic keyboard tip 1 change. Your keyboard, brightness, the magic keyboard, comes with illuminated buttons on the keyboard, just like apple’s line of laptops and just like apple’s line of laptops. You can change the brightness depending on your requirements to do this. Just head into settings general keyboard and choose hardware keyboard you’ve. Then got options to change the brightness level, tip 2 charge via usbc on the case or the ipad, the ipad pro and the ipad air both come with a single usbc port at the bottom of the device. When you’ve got your ipad docked onto your magic keyboard, that usb c port will be on the right as you face the ipad, but the magic keyboard case also has a usbc port and that’s thoughtfully been put at the top of the magic keyboard hinge, meaning it Sits on the left as you’re facing your docked ipad. That means that, for the purpose of charging, you’ve got the option of either plugging directly into the ipad on the right or the magic keyboard on the left.

Tip 3 make use of both usbc ports. At the same time, a similar tip to tip number two: you now have access to two usbc ports, albeit with one very important caveat. The usbc port on the magic keyboard is for charging only due to its inability to pass data to and from the ipad via the connector built into the case. But what this does mean is that, with the magic keyboard, you can charge your device using the usbc port built into the magic keyboard and still have full access to a usbc port for data purposes on the right. So if you need to charge your ipad and access a storage device at the same time, for example, you can now do that using the magic keyboard tip 4. Easy access to emojis if you’re a fan of emojis the magic keyboard is your ultimate apple accessory. Giving you access to these bright little icons quicker and more easily than ever before, just tap on the glow button at any time, while typing on the keyboard and your ipad will display the emojis menu choose what you need and away you go tip 5. Multi touch gestures on the trackpad. The trackpad on the magic keyboard is fantastic, it’s small when compared to a macbook sure but it’s incredibly effective, and allows you to do almost everything that you can do on a mac, and that includes using multi touch gestures. For example, swiping left and right with four fingers will allow you to jump between abs nudging.

Up with three fingers shows you all of the apps that you’ve currently got open and allows you to then swipe up with two fingers to close individual apps down. Swiping left and right with two fingers allows you to move around pages or scroll up and down on a website or email it’s. Basically, just like you used to on your mac, which is great if you’re, already familiar with the apple ecosystem, as there really is. No learning curve tip six use tap to click. This was one of the first features that i insisted on switching on when i first got my magic keyboard by default. If you want to click on something on the trackpad, you have to push down until you hear the familiar clicking sound that comes with most pads. I personally hate this and much prefer tap to click, which just requires the lightest of taps to register a click. Instead, it takes a little bit of getting used to, but once you’ve got it figured out it’s a game changer to access this feature head into settings, then general then trackpad and ensure that tap to click is switched on. Oh and you can also switch two finger. Click on or off here the same functionality that allows you to access a right click function using the trackpad. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but it’s great, and i use it all. The time tip 7 use the regular command keys that you’re used to on mac.

This might be super obvious to many people watching this video, but if you’re still pressing down on the screen of your ipad to get access to things like copy paste, etc. You don’t have to do that anymore. If you’ve got your magic keyboard connected the command button. On your magic keyboard functions in exactly the same way that it does on your mac, so command and c, for example, will let you copy command and v? Will let you paste easy tip 8. Get your escape key back now. I personally don’t often use the escape key so i’m, not that bothered about losing it on the magic keyboard, but some people really rely on it and for those people, modifier keys is a function you’re going to want to check out it allows you to change the Function of some of the keys on the keyboard, swapping in features like escape just head to settings, then general then keyboard, then hardware keyboard and choose modifier keys. You can see, for example, that the globe button, which we’ve already mentioned, is used by default for emojis, but could instead be used to give you back that all important escape key tip 9 hold down the command key to be able to see all shortcuts. The problem with using keyboard shortcuts is it can be difficult to assign all of them to memory. Thankfully, the magic keyboard helps in the way of allowing you to hold down the command key.

For a couple of seconds, a little box will appear on screen, showing you all of the magic keyboard, specific functionality available to you with the command key tip 10 customize, the cursor. If you’re, finding the on screen cursor difficult to view and keep track of, the good news is that you can make a number of visual changes, making the cursor much easier to see to do this head into settings, accessibility and then pointer control. Here you can do things like switch the hiding of the cursor on or off increase the contrast of the cursor, making it less transparent, put a coloring around the cursor and even change the scrolling speed bonus tip use the magic keyboard as an easel. You might find this one a bit corny, but if you like to write or draw on your ipad using the apple pencil, you can flip the ipad around, while still on the magic keyboard, creating a slight tilt to your ipad, which will automatically rotate the screen. You can now grab your apple pencil and right hand, written notes or draw so there you go 10 tips, plus a bonus tip to help you get the most out of your magic keyboard. What do you think was there anything here that you didn’t know and are there any tips or tricks that you use with your magic keyboard that i’ve not included in this list? If there are do drop me a comment and let me know i’d love to hear how you use your magic keyboard, i hope you found this video useful.

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