A lot of people end up using this on their phones suspects. This 16 inch 3072 by 1920, 2.3 gizzard 8, core 16 threads i9 16 share cash, turbo up to 4.8 gizzard 16 gigabytes of ddr4 ram, terabyte nvme ssd amd radeon, pro 5500m, with four gigs of gddr6 intel stock, graphics, 630, four usbc ports, headphone jacks, stereo speakers, Uh six, if i remember right speakers actually inside touch bar touch id, then everything else is pretty much standard. So then, after i set it up, i’ll continue the video and then for all your old devices make sure you pick up one of these usbc to a usb adapter so set it all up installed. Uh final cut pro and the more i find myself using this. It definitely seems like it’s, easier to get the hang of the adobe such a quick scrub. I mean everything’s, pretty damn responsive.