Okay, so let me sit this out the way for a second, and there is the computer. It has a little tab right here to lift it up with okay. So, oh, this is heavy again. This one is the 16 inch display, so let’s uh sit that over to the side for a minute before we get into this video. Please subscribe and hit the notification bell: hello, candy toys here and welcome back to our channel. Today we will be doing an unboxing of the macbook pro now. This is the 16 inch macbook pro okay, so let’s get started, and the first thing we’re going to do is always is examine the box and, as you can see, it’s um a nice little uh, rainbow kind of a background on it. It’S all white and it’s extremely heavy, and then the back has all of its specs on it. If you can see the 16 inch macbook, okay, let’s go ahead and open it that um. Let me get my scissors, i think actually there’s a little pull tab here. That i can just pull and open it up very heavy okay. So there is the tab and if you’re wondering this, one came from costco, okay um, but you can’t get it online. You can order from the math store um any place that sells them. But i like costco because of their warranties, that they have there okay and there it is, and this cover is just really beautiful and the box.

The box is really beautiful, like i said, it’s really really heavy, so let’s see how easy it is just to open it up, see it’s like a kind of a double thick box. Okay, so let’s sit this out the way for a second, and there is the computer. It has a little tab right here to lift it up with okay. So, oh, this is heavy again. This one is the 16 inch display, so let’s uh sit that over to the side for a minute, so that we can just see what it came with. Okay, it does come with a charger cord, that’s good and the charger cord looks just like um the same ones. You would have for an uh iphone or a um ipad. So okay and then let’s get this off to the side. But let me show you the connections here, so this is what you get two sides like that: okay, so i’m gon na set that over to the side, let’s go ahead and pull this out, and this is of course, your traditional apple stickers. A little instruction book tell you how to set it up, but i think it’s, pretty self explanatory, okay, i’m gon na set this to the side for now i’m sure there’s, a bunch of other stuff in there let’s see it’s, probably your basic setup, stuff yeah. I don’t see anything else coming out there: okay, so i’m gon na sit this off to the side, so we can get to the good stuff.

Okay, and we have to lift this up to get this out. There we go so this is our charger block. It’S huge, really huge, probably what’s, making it heavy, and i like that this that the core part swivels up and down just like how the ipads are, i swivel up and down like that, so you can tuck it out of the way, but it’s really really heavy. So it’s good, it does come with both the charging block and the charging cable. So you don’t have to worry about that to the side anything else in here. No, i think that’s it so let’s go ahead and get started with this. What i’m going to do is just flip that over and i’m going to sit this right here and get this all opened up, turn it around so heavy. I like how easy everything is to open it’s, not like a bunch of crazy packaging. You know everything just comes right off, so it makes it really easy for you to open it, and this is the space gray, see i’m trying to get this open in an easy way. Okay, there we go, and hopefully it’s already charged up – they usually have them charged so that you can see how they work. Okay, so i’m going to go ahead and remove this and it’s already loading up i’m, not sure if you can see that, so you know how this all works. You choose your setup and all of that now what i want to do is read you guys.

Some specs to use english as the main language press, the return key look at that it’s talking let’s, go ahead and just click english. It says return. Mac os contains a built in screen. Reader called voiceover if you know how to use voiceover press the command key, while you press touch id three times at the right end of the touch bar to learn how to use voiceover to set up your mac press the escape key. This computer cost around 25 hundred dollars from costco, and that was uh with taxes and everything if you wanted to buy an additional warranty like the apple care, warranty that’s another about 200 and some odd dollars to purchase that um, but other than that. That was the cost of this. It comes with i’m gon na close this up for now. Okay, so it comes with, you can see uh there’s, two ports there and let’s flip it around, and then there are two more there. So it actually comes with four built in ports plus a headphone jack, okay, that’s four built in ports and let’s, see what else it says. Try to read this for you: okay, so that’s, just showing you everything here and it has a touch toolbar or touch bar and touch it. Okay, so it’s a touch bar and the touch id and let’s see i’m trying to get the specs for you, okay. So what i’m going to do is sit this down a down inch macbook pro it has.

The retina led backlit display 2.6 gigahertz core intel. Processor. I7. 12, megabytes. Okay, in case this is the one that you’re looking for okay, so i’m just going to hold this here for a minute, so you can read it okay, so that is it and then there’s something over here, but that’s, just the serial numbers and stuff so i’ll, Just move that out of the way and let’s see if we can get this up for you, okay, so it’s setting everything up, let’s see how this displays and if you guys own, a macbook pro or macbook air or something similar go ahead and leave us a Comment and let us know how you like it: okay, okay, so this is what the screen looks like see, how beautiful it is. The colors are nice and vibrant and beautiful. You can see that without that ring light there yeah so see that see how vibrant it here is all of the apps that it comes with just the traditional apps. This is them, it does have messaging. So you can message you can make phone calls. You can store all your photos even from your um, your iphone on here. You can use apple pay watch apple tv. You can purchase from the app store it’s, just a really really light nice machine, so that will do it for us today. Thank you for watching this video and please don’t, forget to comment like and subscribe and to share this video with all of those you think you may be interested in and i’m gon na go ahead and play with this baby, and if i have any updates i’ll Make another video and let you know, okay, but for now that will do it for us today we will see you next time have a great day, bye, bye, Music.

Well, that is it. Thank you for watching this video, please don’t forget to like and subscribe to our channel, and we will see you next time have a good day.