After having this for four months and uh, i have to say that this device has been a great device to have. I have truly enjoyed using this device, so let’s get into it. So four months ago i picked up this device and a i picked up a windows laptop as well the windows, microsoft, surface, laptop three. I did that to do a comparison to see which system i wanted to have and use on a daily basis going forward. So i really have been using windows for a long time. I feel more comfortable with windows than the mac os, but i’ve read so many great things about the macbook air m1. I decided to pick this up, so i picked up a new laptop, the windows and the micro and the macbook air to have for my channel to edit my videos. I had tried out a lot of tablets. I was trying to figure out which way i wanted to go as far as using a device to run my channel for entertainment, watching movies, netflix, amazon, prime hulu, for editing photos for checking, email and just an all around device. I also was looking for a device that i could use on my desk hooked up to my monitor, to use as my desktop computer at my desk. So, like i said, i picked up the microsoft surface laptop three and this one uh. This is the eight gigabytes of ram gigabytes of storage. This has the m1 chip the microsoft surface laptop 3 had a core i5 8 gigabytes of ram 128 gigabytes of storage.

It had a 13.5 inch display what they call pixel sense, which was great. It had some great speakers on it, which were beneath the keyboard had a better camera uh webcam than this one. This one’s 720p – and i have to admit this. Camera on here – is not great. At all the microsoft surface, laptop 3 had alcantara on the keyboard. Deck had a nice track pad had a nice key nice keyboard, the keys and everything which this one is nice, as well 13.3 inch uh display retina, has great colors great size has excellent keyboard and trackpad, even though i have this skin on here. As you guys see, i have a skin on here that i put on the device just to keep it looking in pristine condition. I wasn’t sure if i was going to keep this skin on here, but the track pad is still nice and responsive and i’m keeping it from getting stretched up and everything. This does have great speakers just like the microsoft surface, laptop 3, but when it came to fulfillments the m1 outperform the core i5 processor. Now that was for video, editing and just moving around every day. I found this one to have less hiccups than that one, especially when i tried to do something like 4k video now i don’t shoot a lot of 4k video on my channel, but in the future i may decide. I want to start doing that, so i was looking for a laptop to cover all those things and be future proof as well.

Now the microsoft laptop 3 had a touch string, which i really and truly enjoyed, because it also that also meant that it had pin support, whereas the apple macbook air doesn’t have that so uh when it came to performance. Doing video editing and stuff like that, the core i5 processor uh just couldn’t hold up it would heat up, it would get hot things would crash. If you tried to do you know video editing and then browse the web or do something else, a couple other tasks at the same time, couldn’t keep up this one does so. I ended up getting rid of the microsoft surface laptop 3 and i picked up another windows laptop, which was the dell 7000 two in one laptop two in one, meaning that you could fold it from tent mode. You could have it in tablet mode. You can have it in uh presentation mode, they called it had a touch screen. It also had uh, pin support it, had more ports around the side of it. Had 512 gigabytes of storage, eight gigabytes around the same uh as pretty close to the same specs as the microsoft surface laptop three, but when it came to video, editing and performance like that, it also would heat up. The fans would come on so it wasn’t gon na be the perfect choice for me now i know i could have went up to the core i7, but when i started buying these laptops, my budget was no more than a thousand dollars per laptop for whichever one I was going to choose so to go up to the core.

I7 would have meant and more ram 16 gigabytes of ram would have meant going over the thousand dollar budget that i had so again. The apple macbook air took the win as far as performance and uh, so that’s why it is still here now i did buy one more one, more laptop windows laptop and it was called the lenovo yoga 6 and i made a video, but i never posted it. I use it for a day and i took it right back to best buy the next day. Don’T buy that laptop it’s trash, not even in the conversation with the other two that that i talked about so from then on. This has been my my everyday use. Laptop right here, like i said, i use it on my desk over there hooked up to my external monitor, with a keyboard and a mouse and that’s how i watch my movies that’s, how i edit my videos, that’s how i go about checking my email, everything else That you’re going to use a laptop for, and it has been great uh the design now i’ve had. This is not my first mac uh device, macbook air here’s, my old 2014 macbook air. As you guys see, they took away some of the stuff. They got a usb a there, uh expansion slot right there and uh, but the design is pretty much the same. You got that wedge shape design, which still looks pretty good man.

I think it’s time for apple to you know up update this a little bit so i’m. I was pretty familiar with apple with the mac operating system, but i just prefer wonders more and uh here it is here. As you guys see, you got your 3.5 millimeter headphone jack right there uh, you got your two thunderbolt ports there, which are great and uh just 2.8 pounds lightweight portable and uh still looks modern to me. I put the skin on it. To give it a little uh protection, not so much for flyer install, but more so for protection, and, like i said earlier, the display is great on there. The retina display is awesome 2560 by 1600 resolution. This has the seven core gpu uh, eight core cpu, which performs well no issues with performance. Everything is smooth buttery only seen that little uh colorful circle once or twice and i’ve had only had the apps crash once or twice on it. Uh keep it updated. The battery life is excellent on this i’m, not sure in terms of hours or whatever, but i know i rarely charge it and it’s been great. Moving about the whole system. The 256 gigabytes for storage is okay for me. Now that i have the samsung t7 ssd. I kind of use that to help preserve some of the uh storage on here, it’s just mac os, i don’t know my ins and outs and i haven’t taken the time to really dig in and learn how to use this.

This operating system – but i know it’s, smooth it’s, fast it’s great keyboard, like i said, is excellent to type on trackpad is nice, but i am thinking of uh selling this and picking up the new ipad pro 12.9 with the m1 chip in it, because it’s going To give me some of the features that this one doesn’t have that’s gon na that has a 12.9 inch display with 120 hertz, refresh rate it’s going to have it’s going to be 2048 by 2732 pixels, liquid retina and it’s, going to have that hdr mini led Lc display and it’s going to be great 12.9. This is 13.3 and the thing about that. I can use it as a tablet or i can get the magic keyboard and use it at if for me, as a laptop, because i know it, doesn’t it’s not going to be capable of running all the programs and stuff that a real laptop runs. But for what i use, my device for it’ll be perfect uh, that device gon na get up to a thousand nits of brightness. A lot of nice features with that device that the ram is gon na be pretty much the same on it. It’S gon na have a better camera when i want to facetime with my family and some nice cameras on the back of it as well i’m, not going to break down and give you all the specs on that, because you can go out and research.

Ask yourself! Uh one thing that really sold me think making me think about that is. Like i said earlier, i use this on my desk as my main computer. Well, now, with the mac with the ipad pro, we have full monitor, support on there and uh external monitor, support where that is nice, because the older ones, you would get that crop view on there. You’D have to try and download an app or jump through hoops to get it to go full strength on your your external monitor, so uh that definitely so kind of selling me on that device and the idea that i can use it as a tablet when i Need to use a tablet, or when i need a keyboard i can, i can hook up either by the magic keyboard or just a keyboard, that’s compatible with it. So that’s, where i am, and the pins support apple pencil support as well, when i need to drop down some stuff so that’s, where i am on that this device is truly a great device. I have truly enjoyed it. I know the price on that device is going to be a whole lot more than this one, because i, if i get if i decide to go ahead and pull the trigger i’m getting the 256 gigabyte, one which i think is around 12 or 1300 in comparison To the 9.99 price uh starting point for this, you can get it a whole lot cheaper.