To say the least. Let’S take a look. So last month i decided to go ahead and upgrade my workspace, specifically my computer. Actually, i went for my good old 2015 imac here to one of the new m1s mac minis. Now i had been using my imac since i want to say 2018 by mid 2018 and it’s always been kind of, like my everything, computer anywhere from doing family related stuff to editing, videos and it’s slowed down over time. So when the m1 mac minis were released, it was just clutch. You know it really was right on time. I needed a new computer, so i went up the specs maxing out the ram at 16 gigs and pushing the internal storage at up to one terabyte of that ssd. Just so that i could keep all of my stuff in you know, kind of a uniform setting, as opposed to having you know like an external drive and also i needed a monitor because you know obviously a mac mini is a different kind of a different setup. Compared to an imac that already comes, you know with the machine, you know the monitor and the actual computer already in it. It was a pretty simple package. So what you actually get is literally the mac mini and the cord that’s pretty much it. Then i grabbed this alienware monitor from a very good buddy of mine, and the plan has been to get this monitor for a computer that i’m planning to build, but for now i’m using the mac mini with it, the computer itself, you know the mac mini itself – Is very straightforward: it’s, a very clean look, it just looks like the previous generation mac mini and you have all your ports on the back here, including two thunderbolt ports, two usb type, a an hdmi port, an ethernet port and also a headphone jack, and that kind Of went all out and also grab the new magic keyboard too, and also a magic pad too.

You may have watched my review video on those already. My experience with the m1 magma so far has been good and bad, but let me start off with the good already right, so we’re going to talk performance as far as performance goes. It’S just shattered my expectation. This thing is a beast in performance. You know it’s it’s, so good and i’m. Talking specifically with like editing, i usually export my video in just regular 1080p and on my old mac. I had gotten to a point where it would take me about 25 to 30 minutes to render like a 12 minutes video in 1080p, which was just so ridiculous. It was just so bad now granted. I was still working on the previous version of that editing software that i used to edit my videos, but you know people who use that previous version don’t have you know they didn’t have the same issues that i was having. In fact, there were times when the thing would just freeze and the computer well, the software would just keep crashing and i would have to restart the computer all together in order to be able to render like a you know, five minutes, you know 1080p video. I never even tried 4k when it started doing that it would just pretty much freeze there and not do anything anyways. I went from that, meaning you know it would take about 30 minutes to render a video to let’s say a 12 minutes video that would take me 30 minutes on my old mac.

Now takes me about four minutes. You heard it right. Four well, that’s. Eight four minutes to render a 1080p video that’ll, be, like you know, 12 or 15 minutes it’s it’s crazy. My experience, of course, is going to be different compared to other people experience out there, but that’s enough about the good right. That was pretty much what i was looking for. I needed something that is that much. You know that has that much power that was so powerful. You know that you can just knock out these videos in a matter of minutes or seconds, and the m1 mac mini is doing just that. It is a beast i’m. So i really really love that part about this computer. Now the bad, the frustrating bat it’s, not even that it’s something so terrible, it’s, just something very little, but it gets so annoying and that’s. The bluetooth you may have heard about this. It just bluetooth. Connection on this thing is the worst. You know it just. I cannot keep a connection on this thing. I’Ve been having such a hard time trying to keep a steady connection, a steady bluetooth connection on this computer. You know whether it’s the keyboard and i’m talking specifically keyboard. I usually when i edit my videos. I would just use my wired headphones. I’M talking, my keyboard, you know the the magic keyboard to the magic pad 2 and the magic mouse 2.. None of that stuff. You know these are native apple accessories, but they just keep losing bluetooth connection.

For some reason, i cannot keep a steady connection with these things. It’S interrupted it’s laggy, you know, sometimes you moving the mouse and it would just like stutter and sometimes it would. You know just like stay on one spot and you keep going and then all of a sudden it just it it’s, so frustrating it’s, so frustrating now the one that really drives me nuts is when my apple keyboard, the magic keyboard too, you know, gets disconnected or Starts lagging you could be typing and the cursor is just sitting on one spot and nothing happens after a few seconds. Everything you were typing well, maybe not even everything. It starts like from the middle of what you were typing. So if you were typing a sentence, it starts in the middle of that sentence and it just gets everything else. It’S it’s really really frustrating. Now i did some research and you know, watch some videos and people were saying that they were able to fix that by upgrading to the latest from it, which is what i did. You know i upgraded my software and that kind of fixed it. It kind of happens maybe once a day now, but the one that’s really constant is just the magic mouse too that one i’m used to it. By now i mean at this point i’m just used to it every 45 minutes to about an hour. It just disconnects – and i just have to wait for, however, 10 15 20 seconds.

However long it takes to connect so and since i have both the mouse and also the trackpad there when the mouse disconnect. I just switch over to the trackpad, and i start using that and you shouldn’t have to do that right, like spending all this money for this computer. You shouldn’t have to do that, but apparently it’s just an issue that’s there and everyone is experiencing it and there’s. Not much you could do about it, you could maybe return your computer if you want, i guess, but i just don’t want to return it right, so i’m kind of just living through that. So, as far as my experience goes, you know i have mixed feelings about this thing performance out of this world. I you know this is hands down the best computer i’ve ever used in my life, it’s it’s, so amazing it is so fast, it’s ridiculous. On the other hand, that bluetooth situation is so frustrating again it’s, not a major thing where it’s just the bluetooth just that connection it’s, it really truly gets to me either way. I hope you found this informative and, if you are in the market for this computer, keep in mind that this is not an isolated incident. This is almost everyone who owns this computer is experiencing bluetooth issues. So if you buy one, you are likely to experience it.