Today i am going to unbox and review a macbook. This is the first macbook in our studio. Let’S go to the intro Music Music. Welcome back with unfortunate. This is a macbook pro with m1 processor, the apple silicon chip m1 processor, with white wall ssd plus 16 gb ram with uh the resolution of a display of 2560 by 1440 60 hertz display this is made in china and assembled in california. This is a 13 inch macbook pro with a touch bar. I think this will be the last generation for touch bars. They are going to stop touch bars. This is the 2020 version macbook pro now let’s go to the unboxing by taking the macbook pro box and guys. This is the box. First of all, we will take the box and go through the box. First, they have shown the macbook pros, uh a picture, and this is apple logo and a desired macbook pro, and we will go to the back of the box. They have tall 8gb memory and fight wall. Ssd 13 inch retina lcd backlight display with true tron technology. 2560 by 1600 pixels there are three input: ports, those are two thunderbolt 3s. That means usb phones and one headphone, jack and studio. Speakers touch bar and touch id. You can unlock very fast by using the touch id and it has a full size, backlight magic keyboard and it has wi fi six and bluetooth five modules and you can facetime hd in 720 pixels camera, and this has pre installed, mccoys and uh the size and The weight are, the size is 11.

97 by 8.36 inches and uh. The weight is three points that means 1.4 kilograms, and this is made up of aluminium body in this box. They include the macbook pro in the user guides and two stickers and charging dock in the usb c2 usbc, cable and now let’s open the box here’s the macbook pro 13 inch. I already picked this one. This is small. I like a paper earlier. It was like a uh poly thing because of uh they won’t recycle. They have changed into a paper like material now, let’s, throw it away and we will keep the cover also in the side. This is the macbook pro 13 inch and uh. We have the charger. I think it’s, two meters long usb c2, usb c 2 meters, long charging cable, will keep this knob server side and we will take the this. Is the user guide and the stickers they have included? First of all, they have the two space gray stickers. Let’S. Keep these stickers and use the right side. What else in the box we have the charging dock dawn confused. This is just this is the brick, and this is the that is doing the power adapter it’s, usbc, 60 watts. I think you can use this one to charge your phones if it’s iphone, 8 or newer phones. You can use for fast charging. I think so. You can fast charge using this dock, and now we will go to the macbook pro by keeping these aside.

Now we will go through the macbook pro uh. There is the apple logo here and the 3.5 mm headphone, or microphone, jack and uh in the front. There is nothing there is a small hunch to open the macbook pro and there are two thunderbolt ports. That means usb 4 ports. Then there are four uh rubber stickers and there are one two three four five six screws to open, but you can’t upgrade this one because everything is attached to the motherboard and there is a small hinge here because to release the heat of this. But according to the tech reviewers, they told according to those testing, and – and this is the international model now we will open this. This has the function of instant opening. Now already it’s on. You can see the macbook pro is on. If you click on the apple logo, in the left side and click on about this mac, you can see the features it has: the mac os mixer and macbook pro 13 inch. M1 2020 chip is apple, m1, ram, 8gb ram and the serial number and the display is a built in display 13 inch 2560 by 16, 000 and uh. You can click using the touch bar here also storage, high tool ssd, but it will give only 494 because of the hard drive facilities and support. Now you can use this support to learn about the macbook pro how to use and services about the apple care here.

I’Ll go through some tutorials of macbooks if you in windows it’s in this side, the maximize closing and minimize in those things, but here in the left side you can click like this again. If you go to here, you can go to settings by clicking system preference and you can sign into apple id here and general settings and if you use a iphone you you will be so familiar to this settings touch id your mouse track. Trackpad keyboard printer, sound bluetooth, software updates and backups time machine and you can switch off and switch on the wi fi. If you want here – and here is the control center wi fi, bluetooth, airdrop, you can share the photos and videos very quick, not like windows. You can share very fast using this airdrop function and don’t disturb display brightness, and there is the cv, but siri is not available because i am not connected to the internet. You can select the language also here and the date like windows explorer. This is the just called the finder you can use in this one apple store in so many of sadia, so many free apps that are given by apple. If you notice uh, there is a small issue in the display, because of now we will go through uh tashuba. This is the touch bar uh. There is a small arrow like here. You can control the display here display brightness. This is the max display, it’s, very bright top eyes, and if you go all the way down, this is the minimum.

You can’t see the display actually it’s, all black. This is the limited editing and you can control the backlight. Now, while you switch off the my lightings, then you can see how the backlight goes through. We’Ll switch off the light. Now you can see, i’ll decrease the brightness of the display. You can control the backlight of the keyboard. You can see it’s changing. This is the full brightness you don’t want to put the lights to see in the darkness. Now we switch on the lights now and you can see the brightness is automatically changing because of the truton display uh. You can mute the sounds by here and increase the sound by here here. You can see in the display it’s changing and we have the siri siri is not available because of the i not connected to this is the escape key in 2019 border uh. The escape key is not there, because it’s integrated to the touch bar and the fingerprint. Also, if you click on here, it will block and we will type the password again and enter now. We will go to google chrome and go to 10 fast fingers to cla. See how the key keyboard we will connect to the wi fi by switching the wi fi start typing test. I will go Music typing test. How fast i can go through my maximum is it’s only 35. Now we will type it’s 29 wpm. That means 29 words per minute, a small, reminding if you go to youtube search for unfast, mohammed click on subscribe and the bell icon to all and go inside the subscribe, and you can watch so many videos.

I have uploaded here, uh the world best, headphone sony, iphone sc and if you wan na iphone 11, if you are a apple fan, my latest, like tripod ups hard, drives laptops and i have created for so many playlists here and you connect with me in social Media you can see here and if you click in my picture, you can go to my websites that is All the links are in the description you can check it out. You can find my gears in my website and uh if you want to quite a application, not uh. If you press the red icon it won’t, just close you want to go to, there is a there will be a small dot under the application. You can long press and press on quite then it will be quite totally, otherwise it will gain your battery low. According to my testing one week with a 100 charge now the battery percentage is 49 it’s very fast. Then my windows laptop. Now we will shut down. We shut down shut down and thank you guys please subscribe like and share. I’Ll put the recommended videos in the card here and links and uh recommended videos are in the below description. You can see my gs also in the description it’s in my website. Andrasahamad.Com.