The sale have been recently rising high. The company reported nearly 79 year over year. Revenue growth in its last quarter, generating 7.8 billion dollars from ipad sales alone. Some of that growth was propelled by the pandemic, but we think that the trend could continue as people ongoing using for ipads portability as part of the world begins to reopen here’s. What you need to know about apple’s new 12.9 inch ipad pro 2021, the 2021 ipad. Pro has apple’s desktop m1 processor, the same used to great success in macbook air, pro mac mini and 24 inch imac. The chip makes it fastest tablet available, measured by both the benchmarks and real world use. Beating androids such as the samsung’s galaxy tab, s7 plus and windows 10 machines, such as microsoft, surface pro 7.. It is also at least 1.5 times faster in benchmarks than the 2020 model. The tablet lasts up to 10 hours of browsing or movie watching or well over 9 hours of working using text editors web browsers years before thunderbolt 3. new for m1 ipad pro is upgrade of usb c port to full usb4 and thunderbolt 3 support which quadruples the Bandwidth of the connection and opens up further expansion capabilities, some games and creative images and video editing apps can use at high level performance, but we are not convinced many people will buy an ipad this expensive for professional creative work instead of similar priced mac camera. Speaking of cameras, you also get two cameras on the back, including ultraviolet angle, lens that fan of capturing more wind scene.

There is also a lighter camera which helps for augmented reality experience the front facing camera on the ipad. Pro has been upgraded to 12 megapixel, ultrawide angle, camera and given some very useful automatic framing skills for video calling called center straight, the camera pans and zooms to keep you and the others in the view. As you move on the go, it makes it a lot easier to get a good view and works with video calling app, not just apple, face time display the 12.9 inch ipad pro has a big feature. The regular new 11 inch model doesn’t have a liquid retina xdr display, which is fancy branding for using mini leds. This technology enables much brighter screen for certain things like watching hdr movies. It also supports apple pencil 99 worth now about the price. The new ipad pro supports 5g. If you pay for a cellular model about a 200 upgrade the 12.9 inch ipad pro without a keyboard or cellular connectivity starts at 1999, a comparable macbook air starts at 999 dollars. The pros the good battery life extreme fast m1 chip, stunning mini, led screens, optional, 5g usbc thunderbolt 3 great speakers face id good rear camera with light, airfryer, large app library and talking about cons, it’s very expensive, no kickstand without a case no headphone socket still has A limitation as pc mac replacement, but most of the people are going to be happy with the ipad pro.