I have to get up for this one here we go whoa yep, awesome. There we go blue 24 inch imac. I love the details on the box uh. As you can see, this is the blue one and i’m sure if you’ve hit this video you’ve, probably watched 20 30 of these videos of these unboxings. So what you’re going to see here is not really going to be out from now, but it’s going to be. My experience so as you can see on the box, the back of the ipod side front inside so pretty straightforward, stuff, let’s, just peel this tab right. So this goes down like this. I, like the little fabric, handle actually on the box, that’s pretty cool and that’s. Like a baby, blue, that’s kind of nice Applause – oh man that smells glorious, please please tell me i’m, not the only one that smells new tech. I need to get up for this one like a look at that who sits and makes up all of this packaging. That’S so cool all right. Oh my rep yeah. This thing literally weighs nothing. Wow, okay and let’s see what else we have here so we’ve detailed here, keyboard, cables, etc. So here lovely, so we’ve got our power. Brick paperwork power, cable keyboard! This is the touch id keyboard as well, and we have our usbc to lightning and we have our mice. I’Ll just get this box clear by the way, all right, we have a bit more space.

Now there we go right so here we are 24 inch imac and i went for the blue um. So far, just looking at the metal base, there um it’s very, very nice, finish it’s, not as light as i thought it would be. I’Ve seen it in pictures and other videos, but it’s, not as light a blue as i thought it was so that’s pleasantly surprising. I thought it was really like a baby blue, so you’ll get to see the back of it before i do there we go how’s. It look oh whoa, that’s, a nice blue there’s fingerprints on this. Somebody else has touched my imac that’s. Definitely is that that see right i’m, not sure if you can really see it but fingerprints on it, not heartbreak, not heartbeat apple, not all happy hello for all the adelphons out there, our line Applause, origin, at least there’s, no fingerprints on the screen. Ah, so it’s a lot more of a baby baby blue on the front which i’m not sure i like, if i’m honest, interesting Music. So there we go. How nice is that uh first impressions borrow the dirty fingerprints on the back of it, but the back of this is absolutely stumbling and it’s a shame. It’S on the back, it’s a shame nobody’s going to see it um wow! I i just can’t get over just how thin it is. I mean look at that: okay, like it’s it’s, mind blown how thin that is that’s the screen fully tilted back.

There seems to be good uh, good balance with the frame and the weight really annoyed about that big fingerprint in the background, not hardly not happy. So we have the magic mouse which uh is finished in that same blue, that is in the middle stand of the imac, which is uh it’s, a very, very nice color of blue um. Very much so we have our usbc 2 lightning cable, which is braided and it’s in the cab. You can even get it either and that’s an uh like a baby blue type of breed, which i quite like apple. Can we not get these and braided cables instead of these uh rubbery silicone cables that break i like it and i got a lot right and then we have power cable, not from the right homo byte, just a standard power, cable standard finish on it, that’s for The brick and then we have the power brick itself so having a nightmare on this paper today, although good to see paper, not plastic. So this is the power cable again same baby blue, same braided, cable, and it is magnetic so it’s a magnetic connector. It connects into the back of the imac, so um yeah, pretty self explanatory. There two tone blue and then this is the car brick that has the built in lamp, because, obviously, that the new imacs don’t come with a lan port simply because they’re so thin. So it’s built into the power brick i quite like that design keeps the cables minimalistic.

I quite like that and then on to the ps3 louise’s stones Applause. I don’t even know if i said that right or not, but that was awful and we have the magic keyboard with touch id built in. So this is the touch id magic keyboard for the imac same again, it’s got that baby blue uh that baby blue color, which is quite nice um, although this feels a lot lighter than some of the other imac magic keyboards that i’ve tried. How does that sound? Such a good keyboard so good such a good keyboard, and then we have our paperwork: sticker, nice, blue sticker, oh and then a baby blue sticker we’ve got two tone stickers. I was told i’m sticking that to the front of there mike. I think the chin looks a bit weird um. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments down below um. What do you think of the chin on the imac um it’s a shame. I was really concerned sticking this onto this high mag doesn’t quite fit the chin i’m keen to know uh. What do you guys think of this chin? Let me know in the comments down below personally, i i think it looks weird just having nothing on that chin. It’S not basic but basic and about playing yeah. Let me know in the comments what you think: that’s everything on box, guys so i’m gon na get this set up and we’ll get some testing done.

We’Ll see we’ll see if it’s any use we’ll see if it’s any good so back in a mo so got the imac all set up and, as you can see, how neat and tidy is that of a setup. I mean if you want a minimalistic um desk setup. I mean you’re going to be hard pushed to get something better than that. It takes up no space, and i mean this isn’t what you want, what i would call the biggest desk um but it’s nearly enough. The perfect sort of size for for us so yeah i mean it’s great. The keyboard the keyboard itself is great touch. Id is so useful. Uh, not only uh, it’s uh a lock button as well. So if you hit the button, it’ll lock the imac and take you back to your lock screen and then one press again touch id straight back in great job. Really really like that. Getting this all set up and i’ve been installing apps and getting everything sort of up to my sort of working level. If you will, as we all know in the specs, we have a 4.5 k display. So we can just put some content on here: Music that’s. The speaker is up at full full volume as well so sort of give you an indication quality. The speakers uploaded both speakers so best speakers in an imac yeah. So let’s talk about the speakers. The speakers apple boasted in their keynote that the speakers and this, where the best speakers ever in an imac so it’s a six speaker system.

They have two uh force, console woofers on each side and a tweeter, so there’s three speakers on each side of the uh of the imac. So i fired up about a 4k footage just to show the sort of qualities of the four and a half k display on the sound of the speakers as well, so check that out um i mean the the speakers, the speakers themselves, that these are they sound. They sound pretty good for what they are for all the size. I mean it’s hard to believe when you look at the thickness of this that there’s speakers in there tall, so i mean for what’s inside there they’re pretty good let’s talk camera the camera on the imac, a tiny little camera up here, it’s a 1080p camera. So on paper it doesn’t doesn’t sound like the greatest, but it does utilize the signal image processor built into the m1 chip, and in doing that i must say, video column features on this are really really good and it actually baffles me so much that i recently Reviewed the m1 ipad pro um. If you haven’t checked that out, you can check that out up. There did the review of the ipad and i was demoing. The center stage feature on facetime. I did say at the time it was so frustrating that the camera was on the side of the ipad, because the ipad’s primarily used for me in landscape mode, and i thought the camera was in the wrong place.

And yet look where the camera is on the side mark it’s in the center of the screen so um again, i don’t see the logic and the camera being there on. The ipod is hands down. One of the best video calling experiences i’ve had with alexa. First time uh the camera on is a1, i must say uh, so i did a recording of some video just to show you what it looks like so there you go check that out. So this is the test of the camera and microphone of the 24 inch imac um. As you can see, the picture looks good crisp and clear image signal processor and the m1 chip really does a good job with making me look beautiful, i’ll. Let you guys be the judge of that, but uh, hopefully the microphone coming through good and clear as well so um. Let me know in the comments down below what you think the quality is like um. Is it what you expected? Is it better? Is it worse? Let me know down below just to sort of go over the spec as well. This is the what you would call the mid tier imac. So this is the imac with the 8 core cpu and the 8 core gpu, and we have our two normal usbc’s, and then we have our two thunderbolt ports as well, so that’s all we have uh in the back in regards to ports. We have those ports.

There and then another thing we do have is the headphone jack i’ve, seen a few comments uh from people saying about the headphone jack being on the side of the imac, and why didn’t it go under the back it’s, very, very simple: why didn’t going to the Back the unit itself is 11 millimeters thick. A headphone jack is 14 millimeters thick, so this headphone jack is thicker than the display. Let that sink in wow it’s crazy. How thin this thing is? It really is, and because this is also the mid tier one as well uh, it does have the ethernet built into the power brick and the touch id keyboard, as we all know, um i’m sure we’re all pretty well versed in the ways of the m1 processor. When i so i’ll be honest, i’m not going to bore you with specs so i’m, not going to bore you with geekbenches, and things like that, there only thing i will say is they’re across the the other m1 machines, such as the macbook air, the ipad pro. They all are sort of more or less on par with themselves. I mean yeah if you’re looking for a small slim, all in one computer, that’s going to take up very little space, the imac is definitely something to look at. There is about a trade off with it. You do need to consider the fact that there isn’t the usbc ports on it, so there is no usba, so you’ll need uh, you’ll need dongles and adapters.

If you want to connect up an sd card or if you want to plug in anything that’s usb a you want to plug in in a display, you need you’ll need usbc thunderbolt adapters, so that is something to take into account also because these are the m1 Everything is unified into the chip, so the cpu, the ram and the storage are all in one chip, so they’re not upgradable. So i would just have to think about what sort of specs that you are going to need um before you buy just to be sure. If you do need more storage, i’ll be honest to run a system. 256 gig of storage on a computer is more than plenty and if you need any external storage for fives, you’re, always better with an external drive. So if you could go for the likes of a thunderbolt as an external ssd and uh your sword, you know so yeah that’s all i have to really say about it, um just looking at it. The front does let down for me. If i’m being honest, i just i’m, not a fan of the the pastel colors uh i’m just i’m, just not a fan. To be honest, even if i think it was just all white at the front, i don’t think it maybe would have been as bad. But i suppose they had to sort of fill up that chin or something i don’t know about you guys, but is anybody else find it a bit weird there’s, no apple logo on the front for years, that’s all we’ve ever seen on an imac is that the Apple logo, and without being there sometimes i look at it and think it doesn’t look real.

It looks something that you buy off, wish so yeah just my two p’s worth. I hope you liked the video guys if you did please smash that like button. It help really helps me out in the channel, helps get the video right there into the world um. So i really really appreciate it and if you haven’t already please hit that subscribe button, it will keep you up to date with all the latest things on the channel. So please hit that.