From a couple of years ago, the new apple imac has us asking ourselves the same question: what’s a computer, obviously with the ipad. The point was that apple’s tablet form factor had gotten so good and so dialed in that many people could replace the laptop or desktop computers they were used to with an ipad with the new imac it’s, not that it reminds me of an ipad, although that side Profile might make you think otherwise, but it’s that it’s been such a long time since we’ve seen something genuinely delightful in a new way when it comes to computers and that’s. What the imac is, the colorful designs feel fresh and lively in a way that most other computers, including the rest of apple’s, mac, lineup don’t, and i know what a lot of tech diehards will say. These colors don’t matter just talk about the specs. Why is there a chin and, as is normal, when people are in an echo chamber, it gets really easy to miss the point. If you’re asking those questions, then this isn’t, the imac for you but it’s. Definitely the imac for most okay right up front. This imac is powered by the same m1 chip that you’d find in the macbook air 13 inch macbook pro mac mini and ipad pro, as it pertains to the mac hardware since it’s the same chip you’re, basically going to see the same performance as we did in Those other machines, the imac, is more about the form factor around the m1 and less about the new processor capability.

So, since m1 max have been shipping for about six months now, i won’t rehash that part if you’re interested in learning more about the m1 in its performance check out my macbook pro review, video, which i will leave in the description below and also be sure to Hit the subscribe button, so you don’t miss any future videos now let’s get to why. I call this the imac for most one area where this might be the most apparent is the new colorful design. Something we see on the pc, gamer side of computing are several options to make your case. Look unique with colors and led lighting on the mac desktop side of things. We haven’t had choices like that in over a decade and a half in recent years. If you wanted an imac, you got the one design and color that was available, but that’s, not where the imac started. It began as a fun computer, where you could select, which pop of color you like best and apple, has returned the imac to those roots. I love to see this because, while apple has been famed for its industrial design, the new imacs feel fun. They have a lighter personality, it’s, a personal computer, that you can make personal choosing from one of seven colors, it’s, interesting, that when you see someone say they bought one of their new imacs on social media almost without fail. The first response is someone asking what color they got if it wasn’t stated now apple sent over this orange model, which is my personal favorite, but seeing them all together at the apple store.

I feel like it’s hard to go wrong with any of them. Well, except maybe plain silver, because where’s the fun in that you get the bright, bold color on the back and a lighter, almost pastel like shade on the front and on the stand, along with the off white bezel around the new 24 inch 4.5 k display. Now my personal opinion is that i wish that same bright color was matched on the chin below the display and if they wanted to keep it two tone that the light color was left for the stand and the color match accessories, but again that’s. Just a personal preference. The main reason for that is that here in my setup, that great color ends up facing the wall and i suspect that’s likely how it will end up for a lot of people. So you rarely see it still. The m1 imac is a bright friendly computer that doubles as a fashion statement on your desk. As for the off white bezels, i feel like they match right up with the bright interface design of big sur, as well as the upcoming mac os monterey. That was revealed at wwdc 2021. By the way i did interview apple’s craig federighi senior, vice president of software engineering after wwdc 2021. If you missed that, i will leave a link to that video down below now when it comes to the imac. The whole design really sets it apart, and that includes how impossibly thin it is.

This is something that’s allowed because of the m1 chip, which is just way more power efficient than the intel chips in previous imacs. To be clear on how thin the imac is. It’S too thin for a headphone jack to go through the back, which is why it’s located on the side it’s even too thin for an old school usb, a port. I mean just look at the side profile. It just reiterates my point that the imac is as much a piece of furniture or art as it is a machine that helps you get work done next. Let’S talk about this new best in class display the m1 imac features a beautiful 24 inch, retina display, which is up from the 21.5 inches of the previous generation apple reduced the screen’s borders by close to 50 percent in order to squeeze the bigger screen into the Same compact chassis and has upgraded this to a 4.5 k resolution with p3 wide color support and 500 nits of brightness. It has true tone technology which automatically adjusts colors and intensity based on your surroundings. All that said, as someone who is much more used to the 27 inch imac as well as a 32 inch pro display xdr, the 24 inches can end up feeling a bit small. But, to reiterate, this 24 inch model replaces the even smaller 21.5 inch imac. This is not the upgrade to the 27 inch imac, so if you use one of those, you’ll likely want to wait to see what apple does to replace that computer with a chip even more powerful than the m1 that’s in this one.

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Thank you to setapp for sponsoring this video. Okay up next let’s talk about the new, updated, facetime camera. This is a very welcome change, especially when paired with the upgraded speakers and microphones now apple, says: it’s, the best camera mic and speaker system that have ever appeared in any mac and after using it, i believe it, the six speaker, sound system is easily on par With a good external speaker with strong percussion and bass, and even support for spatial audio with videos with dolby, atmos and also in apple music, another nice touch are the color matched accessories. So here with my orange imac, i have the keyboard, magic, mouse and magic trackpad. Since this is the mid range model, it also includes touch id on the keyboard, which is a great addition. Not only can you log in with touch id, but you can also make payments with apple pay and automatically log into websites even cooler. If you have multiple accounts on the imac, all someone else needs to do is place their finger on the touch id button and press it and they’ll be logged into their account right away. The included, lightning and power cables are also color matched and, speaking of that, the external power brick definitely contributes to the thinness of the device. Keeping the ethernet port on the brick also means you have one less cable running from the imac itself. If you’re, the kind of person that likes to plug in also you’ve, probably already seen this part, but the power cord plugs into the back of the imac using a strong magnet.

So if you’re thinking of picking up one of the new m1 imacs, the question becomes, which one should you get i’d say: leave the base model to schools, reception, desks, senior, centers and light users. If that’s, you, then you’ll likely be happy with it as long as you’re good with just two thunderbolt 3 ports and don’t need touch id or the ethernet port. If you need either of those, you can pay extra to get them on the base model. Everyone else start at least at the mid range. Next, i recommend getting the 16 gigabyte ram upgrade. The m1 currently works great with 8 gigabytes, but 16 gigabytes will give you way more headroom going forward and your imac will last longer without feeling sluggish. Since you have double the ram in it, you can’t upgrade this yourself later, so you’ll want to choose wisely. When you place your order, you can also get more storage in your imac choose wisely there too, because that can’t be upgraded later either, although you can just as easily use external storage, if you want all in all, i really like the m1 imac. I love it as a throwback to when computers were fun and here’s, hoping that we see this become a trend, sure give people the space great or silver option just to be safe. But for those of us who want to be a little more bold, give us that option. This imac deserves to be seen almost as a centerpiece, rather than tucked away in a corner.

Now, let me know what you think of the new imac. Did you pick one up? Do you like the colors, or are you waiting to see what apple has up its sleeve for the pro level of apple silicon, sound off in the comments below, and i will meet you there for further discussion thanks for watching, as always guys don’t forget to subscribe.