I must tell you: it is little tricky to open this stuff, but I can do it. Okay, all right lets see what it is so first Ill take out the case of this thing, and I can even understand what it is now it looks like iPad. Yes, it is iPad. Okay, Ill show you this one. This is what it is. This is the new iPad. I bought the iPad Air fifth generation and thats with the processor M1, so thats a upgraded one, but now you know we have the new iPad Pro in the market. Okay, so let me show you the product. We have already done a bit of unboxing, so we took out these stickers from here because I have to get the tempered for this iPad already set so um okay here it is lets open this up, and you see this Apple logo, its blue, color iPad. We have various options, but we choose to go for the blue color. That looks really nice. So you see this one and Ive already got the tempered set on this iPad, so its all completely protected. So this is the device and lets see what is inside. Okay. So this charger and this C2C cable and a lot of stuff from Apple like any other company, this iPad Airs and hotels, oh wow, so they have given these two nice logos of Apple well, see where we can use it and a whole lot of construction manual.

So thats the product – and I must tell you one thing: I bought the most expensive pen of my life. This is iPad pencil. This is the second generation pencil which is compatible with this iPad and it costed me approximately 11 000 rupees very nice pencil. I have also bought this uh case for the iPad.