So this is my new iPad Pro fourth generation M2 Chip with apple pencil. Second generation. I already opened this one. I just wanted to show you guys the new features I bought it in silver color – and this is the this – is the 10 MP Ultra wide camera and uh 10 MP Ultra wide camera – and this is 10 12 MP white camera. So I was actually using the stage manager, so please forgive me so it has liquid retina display 11 inch screen 32.77 centimeter screen centimeter powered by 10 000 mini Le LEDs over 2500 local dimmers. It holds up to four its holds up to 40 gbps and its storage is, I think, 158 GB and Apple has launched a new a feature called apple pencil hover. So this feature Auto detects the apple pencil before it even touched. The screen so Im opening garage band right now so Im not touching it, but it zooms so Im going on it now and in the previous iPad. This button is used. This volume button is used to it, they increase, and this volume button is used to decrease, but in this iPad, its upside down this volume button to decrease and this to increase so its airplane mode. I dont know I think its mobile hotspot and Wi Fi and Bluetooth, auto rotate screen mirroring and focus. I havent used this screen key option right right now. Let me use oh its like this.

Fine focus in the day do not disturb. If we are sleeping, we can uh on the focus of split sleep by touching it driving personal like this. So this is a stage manager and this button is used to open, uh, open notes and just used to open camera. I dont know what this so. This is silent mode, so this is the brightness. It has so much brightness, Im gon na decrease it, and this is the volume button and let me show you the stage manager Im opening Firefox. So it shows you Garage Band, camera notes, so yeah like this. It shows so let me turn off the stage manager now its pretty good for taking notes, notes and playing games, but the only problem in this is if we attach this apple pencil here, it always takes charge from the iPad. So in this iPad the battery drains um uh quickly, but not very quick and its overall pretty good. So this was my video guys. If you like this video, please give a like and share subscribe meet.