9 in cherito, guys and abilicotto during the beyond the box, mid season, sale and a lucky tiny pizza unit? Oh no it’s, almost good as new hitan is a box bag and Music. So thanks to our friends over from beyond the box for uh helping me secure this unit for this review, actually guys. Actually, i don’t really review apple products that much here on my channel since i afford an apple pero sempre, an apple is always up a notch compared to manga devices, still very fresh it’s, almost as good as new, so not a unit very so before that check. Oh, no definitely and my user manual, which is ayan ipad pro then main sticker. Okay, conventional, stick any apple! No, and this is not a no no uh you’re useful nah nah, it does apple. No, normally we see uh, lightning cables. Music is already usb type c ready, so hitana, so you guys it’s usb types. You ready speakers e, then 120 hertz of screen refresh rate 600 nissan screen. Brightness canyon resolution is 20 48 by 2732 pixel and, of course, scratch resistant channel with oleopovic coating, white color, gamma, ninja, plus 256 gig of storage plus six gig of ram solar expandable mem card slot. No, then it can take up to 4k 60 fps and canadian front camera. Is a 7 mp uh nah aperture 2.2 now um well, aren’t you 3.5 mm, oh joja, pero apatana speakers more than enough uh bluetooth, music! No, i was wondering how probably that’s the only thing missing detail which makes it complete.

Let’S see. There are some people like me: gus, uh, headphone, slamming, of course, better sound, tripping uh. There are two versions of meron me sim card, and one sim card is a no sim card model. Then batteries, uh, 9720 and battery size then fast, charging 18 watts the long color, silver or space gray. Canyon, chipset is a apple a12 z, bionic, no octa core up to two point: five gigahertz and, of course, massabeco seno, guys it’s, pretty huge uh yeah this rundown a little bit long, uh ipad pro 12.2. So what are the things, though, so? First of all, usually movies small videos, definitely it’s nice to watch on this one. No so let’s just try to uh navigate uh Music, just search very nice videos here non copyrighted, so let’s see so it changed at the resolution. Also by default casino, 360 launcher it’s. Just changed to 1080p, so differentiator when you’re, rendering 1080p there’s an ipad pro daddy, is in display. So definitely when you’re watching some uh videos here mustabi know it’s very enjoyable because you know out of the box. So another good features here is, of course, putting my drawings and notepad. So one of the good features that gusto adidas ipad pro 2.90 is notepad. When you’re buying uh this one, you need to have an iphone, an ipad pen, okay, pero, of course, every dinner that i afford. So i was able to buy this from shandy it’s called the easy pencil pro okay.

So i don’t a good alternative for the uh ipad pen, so this one can write so nothing so let’s, Music, Music, uh, aditosa ipad pro is your definitely a drawing pad and that wouldn’t go indito, no so dominating when you go into this ipad pro. No, if you want to watch videos you want to edit some videos, you want to write your note. You want to draw then of course, a latte like markitsuko. They play piano, simply piano screen notes. This simply piano is uh. One of the app named abilities, uh apple, app store where in turn on how to play no stats, so it’s something uh it’s, something that i gon na work buying. When you pay this, i don’t know premium uh ipad and i don’t know so. Another thing is, of course, i pretty: can monsoon meeting online classes and now let’s just take a quick picture detour using this uh ipad and i think resolution so based on what i see detox resolution normally when you’re talking tablets resolution is really not something peroditious ipad. Pro and canyon resolution is good. Well, nicolas has been as good as the iphone 12 or 12 pro, but that in the camera, features pero young sharpness and photo is definitely worth mentioning ipad. No then, of course, um ghanaian selfie camera is also good, but of course, Music, Music as thin as possible, almost bezel less. You must have uh it’s, really very nice, nothing nano then, of course uncannily cut is very flat, okay, so which makes it a nice bag.

Nevertheless, it’s good, but in my protection, my case, of course, just to protect it from scratches and guys quick preview, neton ipad pro 12.9 incher, which i bought from uh meteor sale and on the from beyond the box. And if you like, this video don’t forget to like subscribe, of course, click that bell icon, so you don’t miss any future videos here.