Now for a while, I didn't actually have an iPad at all. I don't really like Apple products, I like their hardware, but I don't, like their iTunes it's, really annoying anyway. I'Ve got in front of me here now. I picked one up from the store today and Apple air and I'll. Just show you the difference between the two devices physically here you can see that under actually copied the Apple box, the style of that even a look of it. It looked very similar bus, just the Apple that's beyonder, and you can see that sighs. Why they're? Almost the same, but very similar on doors copping, that you can clearly see that they're, pretty much, not afraid they're fact that they're, that of their device their tablet is a clone, tend to be pushing that. But you can see here the two of this side by side. I fortunately haven't got much battery on my under here I'm only I'm, basically five percent, so I can't really get into any gaming or anything I'll do that in other videos. So please do subscribe anyway. Well quickly, just go over, so we have here on the left, that's the iPad here first generation – and this here is the Beyonder and the screens are both using the same exact hardware. And if you look here both of them do have that rather annoying gap between the screen and the glass touch screen on the top. The camera will focus.

You can see there. There is a gap. There is a gap here if you, if you can pick that up on the camera, it's about a millimeter or so and that's actually pretty much the same on both of these. This here is beyond an L it's, not a laminated screen. Of course, if you do want that laminated screen, you need to move up to the air which does have that. So you have that kind of Halloween, flexible glass, sandwiches, slimmer in Beaufort the tablets when it comes to the actual physical thickness of them. You can see here that Leon dough, which is on the top, is slightly thicker. Well, quite a bit thick good say about another millimetre. I fear that is coming out on the camera. Okay and port layout is exactly the same wonder, have copied the air completely when it comes to the speakers same kind of layout, but you see that the port is actually a little bit higher on the under. So if you were trying to use the cases, it could be a little bit of tight squeeze. You might have to cut that away a little bit and if you have a look on the right side, very similar. Sorry, if I can get the camera to focus there, we go so almost identical. We do have the separation on the up and down volume rocker on the Apple, and you had the power button here, but I'll that would probably fit a lot of cases but a little bit of work and when it comes to the cameras you can see here That it is in the same position more or less meaning that some of the Apple products or Apple cases will probably work.

Just fine but you're gon na have to cut maybe a hole here for the power and unlock button on the ear. The Apple and, of course, you've got the microphones here, and the Apple is good in terms of how the quality the apples courses superior. But we are talking about a device that's twice what so much cost twice as much as the Beyonder here, but only under doesn't creak or make any noises the Elia is iPad. Air is very solid, feels nice. In in your hand, there are no complaints. That is really really nice and the ear tours even better slightly slimmer, and, as I mentioned it does have that illuminated display without that gap, something which might surface 3 pro. In the background there has to that isn't a whole nother league of its own to the surface, so they both have that kind of home button on just copied at the slightly difference captive. It does light up and, of course, for they're both running different operating systems. Here, but I will get into on another video we'll. Try the similar games over trial, real racing 3 on both of the devices see what kind of difference there isn't power. Definitely, the Apple should win there, but it's twice as much as only the 16 gigabyte version – and I think my under here is completely dead. Batteries will write down so it's, not even turning unlocking so I'm gon na have to do that in another video.