This is the ipad 10.2 2021, the least expensive of this years, ipad lineup, but for the same money you can get the xiaomi pad 5, which brings some competitive features for the prize so which one actually gives you the best value im will for gsm marina and Lets compare the two tablets and find out Music lets start off with the design. The ipad 10.2 2021 brings a familiar look which borders on being outdated now that all other ipads have a different design. In fact, the xiaomi pad 5 looks more in tune with the current ipad design than apples budget tablet does. One difference is that the xiaomis back feels plastic to the touch, even if its aluminum underneath on the front, the xiaomi is a bit more elegant than the ipad. Its lcd is slightly larger at 11 inches rather than 10.2, and it has thinner bezels. Both the ipads larger bezels allow its space for a front mounted home key fingerprint reader for biometric unlocking the xiaomi pad is left with a simple face unlock only even though both tablets displays are ips lcds and have nearly the same pixel density theyre, actually quite different. The xiaomi pad 5s has a 16 by 10 aspect ratio and is more cutting edge. It brings support for 10 bit color and dolby vision and has a super fast, 120hz refresh rate for extra smoothness when swiping and scrolling in comparison. The ipad 10.2 2021 screen is more old school.

It has a 4×3 aspect, ratio, no wide color gamut and just a standard 60hz refresh rate. The pixel response time is rather sluggish too. So when swiping around, you might notice smearing, especially with text the biggest difference between the ipads display and the xiaomis, is that the ipad 10.2 2021s is non laminated. This means that you dont have all three layers of the display: the lcd panel, the touch sensitive digitizer and the glass panel tightly sandwiched together. Instead, there is a gap underneath the glass and that air gap causes light refraction. It results in a less clear image and you get more of those annoying reflections, especially if using the tablet outdoors. There is an upside though, if that glass gets cracked, you can replace it without having to swap out that expensive lcd panel underneath – and this screen also has a couple of other things going for it. Its very color accurate, and it supports true tone, which means it can change its white balance based on the ambient light. Okay lets move on to audio, which is also quite different between these two devices. The first major difference is that the ipad 10.2 has a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, while the xiaomi doesnt youd need a usbc adapter for traditional headphones. But the ipad has just two speakers in a stereo setup, rather than four like the xiaomi pad and theyre located. Quite close to each other on the bottom, theyre quieter than the xiaomis scoring just average on our loudness charts.

But at least the sound quality is quite good with impressive lows: Music. Both the ipad 10.2 and the xiaomi pad 5 have stylus support and support for a magnetic keyboard and in both cases you need to buy these peripherals separately. The ipad 10.2 has about an 8500 milliamp hour battery capacity very similar to the xiaomi pad 5s. 8. 700 million powers, the ipads battery life, is not too shabby, but screen on time is a couple of hours. Less than will be measured on the xiaomi pad charging speed between the two devices is comparable. With the bundled adapter, we were able to charge from 0 to 24 in half an hour with the ipad, as opposed to 27 on the xiaomi. Next lets go over the cameras with this new 12 megapixel front facing cam the ipad places more emphasis on video calls and selfies, but the ipads rear camera is just 8 megapixels and hasnt been changed in a couple of generations. In contrast, the xiaomi has a higher res 13 megapixel rear cam. During the day. Photos from the ipads main camera are decent. The colors arent too bad and sharpening is balanced. The xiaomis daylight photos, on the other hand, are outstanding in quality. We also like the xiaomi selfies theyre, detailed and sharp with true to life. Colors and okay. Contrast selfies from the ipad are decent but far from impressive, but we have to note these photos are mere crops from the native ultrawide field of view, which is unique for a selfie cam.

This helps power. Apples new feature called center stage within video calling apps like facetime, zoom, webex or google meet the framing will automatically follow the subject around and even widen. If another person comes in to join the call, if you dont make video calls, you wont get to enjoy center stage, but selfie video quality is still respectable and there is good electronic stabilization. As for the main camera video, its good too, but is limited to 1080p. The xiaomi pad 5 can record video from its rear, cam and a higher 4k resolution and is better in quality overall now lets get into the chipset. The ipad 10.2 2021 runs on an apple a13 bionic the same as in 2019s iphone 11s. This provides high level performance and, even though its not quite on the level of this years, iphone lineup theres more than enough power here for your daily tasks and gaming and the thermals are handled well too. The xiaomi pad 5 also provides flagship grade performance, though, because of the different architecture, comparing the two tablets directly in benchmarks would be like, comparing an apple to an orange anyway, thanks to the qualcomm snapdragon 860 under the hood, both the interface and heavy games run fast And lag free on the xiaomi pad 5.. It also has a good cooling system for steady, sustained performance and finally, we have to go over the user interface, which is obviously different and could be a major factor in deciding which tablet to go for the ipad.

10.2 runs apples, ipad, os 15., its overall, a very similar interface to what weve seen on previous ipads, but with some extras like widget support on the home screen, better split screen, behavior and an upgraded notes app and since its apple, you can count on plenty of Software support the xiaomi pad 5 runs a tablet oriented miui 12.5 based on android 11., its very similar to what youd see on the latest xiaomi phones, but with some extra features that are specific for the optional stylus users. Familiar with android will feel right at home. Here, however, xiaomi hasnt promised extended software support to the xiaomi pad like it has for phones like the xiaomi 11t, so thats, the ipad 10.2 2021 and the xiaomi pad 5.. Both are budget tablets and retail for about the same price, but the difference in quality is quite noticeable. Overall, it seems like xiaomi is trying to prove itself here and it fit tons of value into this device to make it a runaway success. While apples budget ipad has some outdated features and relies more on the apple name and ecosystem to drive sales, so in the end i would recommend the xiaomi pad 5 over the ipad 10.2 2021, unless the apple software is something that you need to have. Thanks for.