This is the latest in the regular iPad line and the successor to this guy right here. The iPad 9., so lets go ahead and jump in okay. Full disclosure here actually shot the regular video, but I ran into some technical difficulties with the audio so Im doing more of a voice over the regular video that I already shot anyway. Ive gotten the opportunity to play with this machine here a little longer than typical right, and what that means is that were just going to use that as an opportunity to go a little bit more in depth right in this video here, especially because this particular tablet Is kind of an interesting one, you know it almost sits between the regular iPad and the iPad, a right, so the regular iPad line and the iPad Air Line one of the biggest additions that make it. That way is just the fact that it costs 450 dollars right, so its definitely not a regular iPad, but its also not an iPad Air but well dive into that in a moment. Lets go ahead and start off with the design here right and for those of you, you know who are familiar with this particular lineup. You will immediately notice a drastic change in design again Im talking about the line of the iPad lineup, the regular iPad lineup. So you will notice that drastic design change here that make it join the rest of the family in terms of just like the shape the size, the bezels and all that good stuff.

In fact, the Golds a little bit further with a couple of things that are added to this particular model here that are not available on the other ones, and we are now looking at an even larger display when compared to the previous one, the iPad 9 right. So here we are looking at a 10.9 inches display. Now Apple essentially got rid of the thick bezels that we were so accustomed to seeing and all of that made for an 80.5 screen to body ratio, as opposed to the previous about 70 screen to body ratio. On the iPad 9. – and this is actually a nice segue into covering the display right – we actually are looking at that same liquid. You know retina IPS LCD, the same one found on the previous one on the Apple iPad, 9 generation, the ninth generation, with that same 500, nits of brightness, so still pretty bright habit for sure the resolution also is higher. Here, however, we are looking at the 1640 by 2360 in terms of pixel, so even with that the iPad 9 or you know the previous version finds itself a tiny bit more PPI dense at 265, instead of the 264 that you get here. But obviously you will not be able to notice that difference, so it comes down to saying that to the naked eye. There is no difference in terms of sharpness, so the newest one has a larger display, but remains just as sharp as what we had on the iPad 9.

. Now I do have to add that, at a glance, even though you have that 500 nits, it still appears to be a tiny bit a tiny bit brighter than the iPad 9. But that could just be me now. One of the things that I have been hoping for on this particular type on the newer iPad was a laminated display, but it looks like on this one. On the 10th gen, you still get a non laminated display, but I do want to specify that it doesnt seem to affect the user experience as the non laminated display that you had on the iPad 9 or the 8 or the seven and so for right. So, even though its still non laminate, its not laminated, it just feels different. It actually looks as if it is laminated. Now that being said, entertainment has been pretty enjoyable on here right for as long as Ive been using it like a good month and a half its been pretty nice right again still non laminated, but pretty decent. In fact, even using the apple pencil first Jen here, shouldnt be too crazy. Now some additional design changes worth mentioning here include. You know that fingerprint sensor and to those of you familiar with Touch ID it used to be located at the bottom of the bezel there. Now, with the new iPad with this particular iPad, you have it located literally at the same spot as what you have with the iPad Air right, the the iPad F4 or the iPad F5 right at the top right there.

It does work pretty well, and it just seems to be just as fast and secure as the one found in the previous one, and also just like on the newer generation of iPad Air. This one actually combos as the power button and, like I said, to unlock the tablet. Another very important design change worth mentioning here would be the fact that the all new iPad comes now with a USB type c port right. Definitely a major move away from that. Crappy, lightning Port that weve been seeing weve been accustomed to scene for so many years and now were looking at a you know: relatively faster transfer, along with a you know, with a port thats fairly standardized now theres. Also, a new camera on the back here were looking at a 12 megapixel main camera, as opposed to the previous eight megapixels that we had on the iPad now so again, that is an upgrade there. Now the quality is pretty decent when it comes out to you know, pictures videos, its also pretty good to scan which scanning documents and things like that on the front here, you have that same 12, megapixel Ultra wide camera right and it does Support Center Stage right. So thats always good to see. Lastly, and not least, of course, we will notice that the speakers are wearing a brand new look were looking at a quad speaker setup right. So when you hold a tablet up like this, youll still be able to get the sound coming out.

That is really really a drastic difference when compared to the previous dual speaker setup. That used to be at the bottom of the tablet where you could easily cover, and then the sound coming out would be muffled Now quickly brushing over things that are not new. Of course, would be. You know one of the oldest features that you have here is that you know Apple kept it compatible with the first generation of their Styles right so with the apple pencil first gen and by the way one purchasing yours. If you are planning on using a stylus, you will need to buy an adapter to charge your pencil. Otherwise you wont even be able to connect your pencil to get your pencil to communicate with the tablet so that it can start working on it right. So you have to buy that adapter, because if you remember the pencil is an active pencil, it needs to be charged up and it needs to be connected wirelessly to the tablet right in order to communicate and be able to work on that tablet. Im not sure why apple is keeping the first gen stylus with this they should have just you know made this support the second generation apple pencil. Now you also do have that same base. 64 gigs of internal storage. Next theres going to be 256 gigs, as always, of course, this is not expandable, so you can only choose either or right. Now. Lets go ahead and jump right into performance here covering additional specs and performance.

The all new iPad is, I should imagine, boasting a new chip, its loaded with the A14 bionic chip right, thats, also comboed, with four gigs around. So it looks like we are up one gig of RAM. You know from the previous three that we used to get from the previous generation, so four gigs of RAM A14 bionic chip performance has been excellent Top Notch. I think when it comes down to just Apple devices, its almost redundant to talk about performance, because we all know that theyre chipsets – you know this apple. Silicon is always so freaking powerful right. So when it comes out to just raw power, it got you know you you get it you get it its super powerful, especially for something in this price range. Now that doesnt mean that its the best bet for you that, if youre looking for something budget that also performs very well, you should automatically go for an iPad. You know for this particular iPad. Maybe you should consider the iPad Air, the A4 or the A5, but anyway I digress so pretty powerful tablet, especially given the price, but of course, when it comes down to productivity, as always, you are going to be limited with just you know, iPad OS, but youll Still be able to you know, do a lot of things like youll still be able to have some stuff right. In the background, like I said, you get four gigs of RAM here, so I guess in summer here in terms of performance, I have absolutely no complaints for what you pay for youre 550 bucks and the performance of this guy has have not encountered any freezes.

Any stuttering, you know, none of that. You know no applications has quit. You know has quit on me, so its been pretty legit now, as I mentioned already, this tablet is compatible with the apple pencil. You know first gen right, so you should still be expecting a user experience thats a tiny bit similar to that of the iPad 9, except of course, you know, the design is different here. Finally, of course, lets go ahead and quickly talk battery its been pretty good. So far, generally Apple devices are good on you know. Apple tablets are pretty good. You know in terms of battery the battery here it has been pretty good. Ive been seeing a full day without any issues, and, of course, as always, it will depend on your type of usage right its not particularly beyond what anyone expected, but definitely not below what you know. Anyone expected so so far. I would say good battery now, with all of this being said, you know heres my take right. So if you are in the market for this particular model, like this specific model, meaning you want the latest iPad from the iPad line then go for it. However, if you are flexible in terms of buying a budget tablet, I would say stay away from this guy here, because Im sure many other reviewers are gon na. Tell you the same thing right its hard to tell where this one stands its as, if Apple wasnt really sure what to make of it right so its supposed to be from the regular lineup, but yet theres a big jump in terms of just price.

So it almost makes sense for you to Simply add a little bit more money and just go for the iPad Air, which is a more powerful tablet right. You could go for the iPad A5 right, its a more powerful tablet. You get a bit more stuff with that. You know when compared to this one and on the other hand, if youre actually considering buying an iPad from the regular iPad lineup, maybe you should consider the iPad 9.. That is, of course, assuming that you dont mind the old Legacy. Look right. So if you dont mind that the iPad 9 is still a solid choice, right performs very well is going to be supported for a very long time, and you should essentially be able to do pretty much the same stuff that you would be able to do with This iPad, so again, this is one of those devices that I would you know ask for you to really think about what you are looking for in a tablet before you go and buy. This is definitely not one that I would just immediately say just go, buy it nope. Definitely not in fact, even if you are stuck on wanting this tablet, I will still insist that you first, you know, consider an iPad Air right plus the iPad is, you know, compatible loss does support the apple pencil second gen and you get a better chipset. So these are some of the things that you should be considering.

That was just my take and Im, certainly hoping that this was informative and that it helps your purchasing decision.