I will also tell you why i switched from pc and why it made sense for me to buy this one and use it with my ipad instead of a pen display or a drawing tablet, and why it may work for. You too, took me a few weeks to release this video, because i wanted to take some time to test it out and to be completely honest, i will also teach you three different ways. You can use your ipad, any ipad. You have with your mac. That will be really useful if you are an illustrator artist or designer also ill. Show you how i work with the desktop version of programs like photoshop or affinity designer directly on your ipad, without having to buy an expensive drawing tablet, how to mirror your ipad screen on your mac and the other way around for free and also. We are really good professional apps you can use, but before we start, i want to thank the sponsor of this video domestica domestic eyes. In my opinion, the best learning platform you can find where you can learn directly from the best artists, illustrators designers and creatives. If you follow me for a while, you probably know that i always recommend domestica as ive been taking many of their classes and that i have also chosen to partner up with domestica to create my first online class. The reason i believe domestic is better than any other platform is of the quality of the content.

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I will leave the link below be sure to check it out its free and anyone can join. So this year i decided it was time for me to finally update my professional tools and to have a little bit more flexibility if needed. I showed you another video. I saw no point in upgrading the ipad and spending 2k in the m1 version, as the power of the new ipad makes no difference for me as an illustrator. Initially i looked on a few 20. Something pen displays just because i wanted to be able to use the photoshop desktop version if i needed to do retouches to big artworks like the city of madrid. Billboard i made. The only problem is that a good plan, this place costs close to 3k here in europe, and i already have an ipad, so it felt a bit redundant. I talked a lot to pedro my tech guide and we both came to the conclusion that it made sense to buy the new imac and find different ways to pair it up with the ipad to achieve the same goal. And i explain you how the imac i got is the maxed out version and without taxes it was less than 2k and i went as you can see for a yellow version in it ended up being gold which really surprised me, but i love it even more. I wont talk too much about the design, its great it basically doesnt occupy any space on my desk.

The color complements perfectly my working space and the display is absolutely fantastic. Yes, the white frames are odd, but after a few days you get used to them. One of the things we saw when buying these imac was the performance. Everyone was saying that its great and it actually is, lets take. For example, this huge file from my madrid city poster its one of the biggest files i have normally on my old computer. This will take a minute to save and even more to open and its super leggy Music with this one, its just a second that i can work easily and quickly with it. This imac makes absolutely no noise like nothing at all at all same when exporting a youtube video normally with my old computer. It would take me a good hour now, its 15 to 20 minutes. All of that is good, but its not the best part. The combination between the cheap, the excellent screen, the price and some cool software features are making my life as an artist easier, as they really improve my workflow. To give you an example, every time i finish an illustration, i normally do pixel peeping, but on a big screen to see all the small details prior to sending it off to my clients. Before having this setup, i was connecting my ipad via thunderbolt to my 4k benq monitor. I did a video about that, monitor that i really really like, and i will leave it below.

So if you are on pc, you can still do this very easily to do this. Just go to launchpad search for quicktime, go to file new movie recording from the drop down menu. Select your ipad important thing, both mac and the ipad, should share the same apple id and be a trusted device. After that, you can see your ipad on a bigger screen for extra details. Lets go back to that big billboard file. The other thing i needed to do was to be able to add some touches to a big format file. If i had to, there are two ways of doing this: one is free and the other one not so much. The free version is using the apple sidecar function with it. You can easily mirror your screen and move your photoshop illustrator or affinity designer desktop up and work directly there. The feature is amazing, mostly because it has full pen support sure you can do the same with a pen display, but i didnt want to spend 5k between a new computer i needed and a drawing tablet. I want to do a video review on ipad alternatives. Let me know if thats something you guys would like to see im thinking about creating a video about pro alternatives within different price range, so you guys have more options when choosing your tools, the last option would be to use something like astropart or do a display. The main difference is that those are paid.

Ups astropod offers a subscription and a 30 days trial, so you can test it out. I havent used it myself so far, just install it for this video, but the main difference seems to be the refresh rate and the quality of images streamed to your ipad, plus some cool customizable gesture controls. If you want a video about that, also just let me know so far, i think buying this computer was a great decision for all the reasons mentioned, also its so powerful compared to other things out there in the same price range. So if you are a designer or a digital artist, its definitely worth checking out. I want to thank again domestica for sponsoring this video and make sure to check out their classes regularly as they offer a lot of discounts and promotions and bundles. Also, please consider subscribing to my newsletter the creative draft.