This second generation imac g4, that i purchased on ebay and it was been by far the most disgusting dirty restoration and cleaning. I have ever done on a computer, so let’s get into it. Music before i tear down this second gen imac, to give it a real, thorough, clean, i just want to turn it on and make sure that it does boot up. Well, there’s, the chime that’s, a good noise screen looks like it’s a little crooked. We may have to tighten those screws. Well, we got a waiting, a globe showing up got the question mark. I wonder if it has a bad hard drive. Oh there we go that’s good we’re in man. That screen looks pretty good, actually wow here’s. A cool thing is, we can adjust. This awesome, monitor, stand let’s, go and find out exactly what we got: okay, so it’s 512 megabytes of ram with a 700 megahertz power pc g4. So we do have an empty slot where we could stick some more ram. The cd tray is kind of falling apart: okay, that’s, impressive i’m gon na stick the halo cd in there and see if it reads discs that didn’t sound good. No, i think we have a bad cd player dvd player i’m, going to go ahead and start taking. It apart to clean it, i grabbed i ordered a dvd drive from ebay that is ide and i also ordered an apple airport, extreme wi, fi card to put in the back of this.

The best way to work on these is to lay a something soft down and then just lay the lcd flat on its face. That gives you access to the back, so you can begin unscrewing. It grab my trusted ifixit tool, kit, there’s, a link to it in the description below that’s, surprising, it’s, only a phillips, screwdriver, okay right off the bat we see the spot for our airport and then a spot for an additional stick of ram. Can i help talk about a very nice bottom cover? Nobody will ever see it, but apple. They went above and beyond with a nice metal plate underneath the computer. Okay, now that we have those screws off. In theory, we can gently pop the back off. Okay, wow, that is nasty, jeez, look at that. That is disgusting. That is horrible. Look at that! Just disgusting Music, we’re gon na get like a 50 increase in performance just by cleaning. This thing out, i venture to say that this has not been cleaned or even opened, since it was sold. New i’ll be right. Back i’m gon na go spray. This off outside looks a lot better it’s a lot cleaner, i’m debating on whether or not i want to give it a fresh coat of thermal paste. I probably should let’s get in here clean that off a bit. I also noticed that the cmos battery wasn’t functioning properly so i’ll go ahead and get a replacement for that compressed air.

My hero now let’s move on to getting the dvd drive out. I just realized in one of the tutorial videos i watched. That is the thermal paste and it is nasty, definitely going to put some new thermal paste on the thermal paste connects right here to the machine to help spread the cooling of the device, and it is just it is beyond dry nasty, okay. Well, that was a challenge and a half okay. Now that i got the hard drive and see a dvd drive out, we can see the fan in there, which is completely nasty i’m gon na pull the fan out first and then i’m gon na address the damaged dvd drive. We should oh yeah it’s nasty, very grimy, okay. Now we can go ahead and disconnect it. You can see in there it’s, just it sucked so much nasty gunk in there over the years and years of use. We’Re gon na give this machine back its ability to breathe i’m gon na go clean. That fan off better still, not a hundred much cleaner thing looks brand new, look at all that nastiness it’s just gross since i ordered the wrong dvd cd drive replacement i’m. Just going to show me cleaning up the area around the hard drive and the dvd drive and then just go right back to installation i actually took apart. The dvd drive realized. It was unrepairable and then i put a replacement in and it didn’t work.

So i’ll sum all that up and spare you guys the time nice and assembled wow. That is beautiful. I never cease to amaze myself. I don’t have a stick of ram for that that’s, a good noise now let’s, take it down and get it all cleaned up. Let’S start off with some isopropyl alcohol get some nasties off of there. Let’S give her a good rub down on the front, monitor area now that we have it all cleaned up, let’s power it on there’s, going to be a part two for this video. Once it’s done, i’ll link it above. We still have to fix the flap that drops the dvd tray. We need a new dvd player, i need to get the maximum amount of ram and i need to get the correct, wi fi card. I was also thinking about swapping the hard drive with an ssd comment below. If you think that we should put an ssd inside this second gen imac. If there’s enough comments that say, i should do it. I’Ll go get the necessary stuff. Now let’s get it powered on. I was just watching the timer. It took a minute and 44 seconds for this computer to boot. Man. We have come a long way. Well now we can do our game tests we’re, going to start off with halo, Music, Music Music. Now, well, it passed as a halo test uh much better than i thought it would not quite as good as my imac g5, which that’s to be given uh.

When you get into like a real, intense battle, it kind of freezes up. I bet you all can guess by the high praise i’ve been giving this imac, that it is one of my most favorite apple products and it may be tied for my best, my favorite looking apple computer. This and the g4 cube this computer came out in a time when most computers were an ugly beige, color, a big square box with a big square box.