I believe i know what’s in this package uh if i’m not correct, then i guess we’ll be making a different video, but i i believe i know what’s in here so let’s uh let’s get this opened up here, all right. What is inside? Oh okay, yep. I think i’m right no spoiler alert here, so i just want to get this opened up. Let’S see we can open this up together, all right this, and here it is just as i thought looks like this – is the uh apple card, and just one moment here – and this is how it comes. This is the apple titanium card and, as you can see, it has an apple on the front and then just the chip and then on the back. Okay, really cool look on the back; it just has goldman sachs and also the mastercard symbol, okay, great great, and so so when i’m. From what i’m understanding, this is a titanium card i’m, just gon na test that out one moment here, let’s see if we can hear it. Yes, it is titanium, so, okay, so here it is guys the titanium apple card – and this is gon na – be a really good review, showing you how to apply as well. So we can do uh lots of good shopping lots of wise shopping and keep everything in order. So here it is the apple cart and i’m gon na. I got lots of requests to uh go over this information, so i will go over the information with you because we all like to shop here but let’s, just shop wisely and um.

Keep that in mind. Okay, so then, on to the next part of this video, keep watching. Thank you so much. Okay, everyone! So we’re going to be taking a look at the apple cash you can put as much money on the apple cash as you like, uh. You can um inside of the messages app you can uh send and receive money, and you can make purchases with this apple cash and pay your apple card with this cash, okay, and so now, we’re going to be taking a look at how secure the apple card Is um no information right on front there and with most uh ordinary cards, you do have your information right there on front so that’s. Nowadays, you don’t want that something that um i’m so glad that apple considered removing that, and so this is a very good card to have. So i did all my research – and this is a lot of the information that i found and a lot of um requests for this information: there’s, no annual fees, no late fees, no foreign transaction fees, no processing fees, no hidden fees and no fees ever so. Uh sounds like a perfect card to me so yeah. This is a really good card, guys so glad to have found this information. So once you have your wallet set up, you can um put your apple cash card on there. You have your um apple credit card and you know so those two go hand in hand.

You can pay your card with the cash card and then you’ll be all set and then uh. You can also add on any of your bank cards bank of america, freedom, uh chase. You can even put your um store cards like your walgreens or cvs, or you know any type of card that you get points you know and use your card there. Okay, so i now here’s the information that i did. Research on, like i said so glad to find out this information, showing you how to apply using your iphone. Now, if you have your um apple cash card, you’ve already gone through some verification to get that so that’s going to make apply for the apple card credit card even more easy. So you just tap on the pie, for apple cart, fill in your information and then you just go ahead and tap, accept and then you’re done and then just wait on your response and that’s. All you have to do to apply and um in this video. It shows you um if you’re using the xr through iphone 12 pro or um. You know it’s going to show you also if you have different other models of the iphone, so because it does it a little bit different so now to activate your card, you just put your phone right at the bottom of that card that comes in the mail With your card in it and then um it’s gon na give you this screen here, where you just click on activate and then it’s gon na activate for you and that’s.

All you have to do to activate. I was like so blown away. I was so impressed. So that’s it as easy as that, and it shows you um xr through uh, iphone 12 pro and then also iphone 6 through iphone x, so it’s um, depending on which card you have it’s gon na uh, probably have a little bit different way of doing it. But um so here, we’re gon na look at the six and above okay, so here’s. How i activate this card just open the package and then you open the wallet, app tap, activate and hold near that packaging and then you’re done that’s it so just as easy. So i’m, so glad that they put these um different directions on for different cards, because that you know sometimes it can be different and then now we’re going to look at how to make an in store purchase with your apple card, you just look for the apple Pay symbol or the other symbol there, double click on the side and um make sure you do the face recognition so that the phone can know that it’s you, then you just tap and you’re done, because you got your iphone cash and your iphone uh. On your credit card, you got to your card on your phone. Just excuse me on that. Okay, so all right, so let’s see now how to make a purchase online. All right, you just tap apple pay and double click.

The sign button glance to authenticate face recognition and you’re done. Okay, so i had to um, you know: do research and find out all of this i’m so glad that i’m able to present this to you guys, okay, let’s, see how you find your card number because it’s, like there’s no card number on the front of the Car, where is the car number so here you go just look inside that wallet, tap on that uh plus dot and face recognition and there’s your card number, and so you can have that card number whenever you need it. So that’s really really neat to see how all this is done and you can use your number whenever you need to use your actual number, so that’s a really really good thing: okay and so up. Next, we have how to see your daily cash, so let’s take a look at that. Okay, and so you just open up that uh wallet app tap on your um apple cash card. There you go and you can see it there at the top and then you’re done so that’s, where you go to look for your um cash, how much cash you have on your cash card? Okay, next up we’re going to be um. Checking your spending yeah that’s! Very important all right back into the wallet tap activity – okay – and you can view by the week by the month or by category. So you have some options there and you’re done pretty cool it’s, so good to know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.

Instead of um, you know searching around for everything every time you get ready to do something, and this is how to make a payment. So you go back into the wallet tap on pay the little pay button and then you just choose the amount that you want to pay. You use a little handy, uh, rotary, that’s, so cool there yeah. So you can just um select how much you want to pay and do face recognition, double click and there you go all right and then you’re uh you’re done so that’s, very, very cool, so easy that’s. How you make a payment? Okay, next up getting a 24 7 support, that’s very important. Yes, you want to know where to go when you need that help it’s not often, but when you do need it, you definitely want to know where to go. So you just um tap on that um button. There tap again ask whatever question you like and then you’re going to get. The um looks like you’re going to be speaking to a virtual person, or maybe even a computer, but that’s okay, you’re going to get the answers. You need and then of course, there’s always a phone number as well yeah, so here’s, some more support articles and more help. If you need it so that’s. A very good thing so just make sure that you are researching everything and taking a look as much as you can everyone. Thank you so much for watching until the end just wanted to share with you this article that i had found during my research before i had applied for the apple one card, and it looks like um in the late 90s steve jobs was actually in talks with Capital, one uh to you, know partner with them, but they didn’t uh that didn’t work out and uh, and you know because uh most credit card companies only want to go with um prime credit card holders like uh, 700 and above but um.

You know capital one. They did not want to go, you know to with subprime um borrowers so now it looks like, as of today, we do have that goldman sachs. They did agree to um. You know all the terms and everything, because steve jobs did have a vision for all his loyal and faithful iphone users to be able to have access to the apple card. You know i have seen in some of the apple car reviews, that of some people with 550 580 even have been getting approved and it’s all on individual circumstances. So you know nothing’s guaranteed. So what i could suggest is uh take a look at annualcreditreport.com uh. Go there, you can pull all three of your credit reports for free everyone at that site gets the uh one credit report for free per year. It’Ll say that right on that site, uh make sure you are gon na print that off, because once you leave out and you go back in that’s when you’re gon na have to pay so just make sure while you’re in there and as you’re looking at each Credit report go ahead and print that off, okay, so uh anything you see on there, that’s, not yours or that’s, that’s disputable, go ahead and get that disputed either electronically or through the mail, and then of course, you’re gon na have to wait until it gets updated To apply and then that’s gon na most likely, hopefully raise your credit score so that you can get like a higher credit limit and that’s going to work out just great now, and also make sure that you are doing everything that you can to make sure that Your scores as high as possible and just look over everything each one of those credit reports are very important, so just wanted to mention that and also here’s the good thing about applying for the apple card.

You can totally decline a approval. Just don’t hit the submit button and you will never get an inquiry on your credit report, so you can totally cancel out of an approval if you don’t, like the credit limit that they’re offering you, you can totally cancel out of that and and you’re not going To get a ding on your credit report and if, for any reason, any type of declines uh for approvals where it happened, if us, if there was no approval there, you can totally cancel out of the application as well, and you don’t have to get a ding On the credit report, so as as long as you, whenever you hit the submit button, then that’s when uh that’s, going to show up on your credit report, so they are actually safeguarding you in your credit report and that’s, a beautiful thing and uh most credit cards. Don’T, do that it’s, like you just gon na, have to jump in and see what whatever it is. It is what it is and uh, but not with the apple car, so uh sounds like uh. Steve jobs has all of everything, so i went ahead and applied for the card i’m so glad that i received it it’s a very unique card and it has a lot of good features and i, from what i’m understanding you you have to apply through your apple Iphone because everything all your information is pretty much verified because you have the phone and and then especially, if you have the apple cash, so just please go ahead and apply for that apple cash get verified for that and then that’s going to make that apple car Go even faster, smoother or, of course you can just totally just apply for the card through the um from your iphone.