As far as iPhone 15 Apples own displays, iOS 17 devices touch screen Max and much more. This is your news update for the week of January 16. 2023.. Now the MacBook Air was introduced 15 years ago yesterday, so its hard to believe the MacBook Air is that old – and this is the most recent version and will probably have this design for quite some time but amazingly 15 years ago, is when Apple introduced. The incredibly seemingly impossibly thin MacBook Air – I remember going to the store looking at one and thinking. I cant believe this is that strong being that its that thin Id never seen any laptop that thin before now, Tim Cook is actually taking a pay cut this year. Based on shareholder feedback and most likely economic concerns last year he made about 100 million dollars and this year hell be compensated about 49 million dollars, so thats a ton of money either way and Im sure he has nothing to worry about. But it looks like hes going to be taking a pay cut and speaking of shareholders. The shareholder meeting for Apple will take place on March 10th, usually right after the shareholder meeting theres, actually an update, maybe the day after or the next day or later that week. Sometimes announcing a new event, so we could see events right after that, thats. Typically what Apples done in the past. They wait for the shareholder meeting and then push an event after that Eddie Q, whos in charge of Apple services and has been at Apple for over 30 years, had a newsroom story recently, stating that 2022 was a groundbreaking year for entertainment.

He actually says in this article theres much more to come moments to anticipate, enjoy and reflect upon moments that will have us jumping up with excitement at the edge of our seats or that make us want to get up and dance moments that can create lasting memories And bring us closer to one another, so you can see more about everything he said here, where they have 900 million paid subscriptions across Apple Services, 320 billion paid to developers, selling digital goods and services since 2008. So a lot more information here Ill link this in the description, but youll see it talks about Apple arcade and much much more, its quite a comprehensive article with pages and pages of information about Apple Maps, the store and more now California is getting ready for digital Ids, this is something many states have been waiting for in countries. So if we go into Apple wallet, if you go to add a card, youll see drivers license or state ID and currently theres only three options: Arizona, Colorado and Maryland. California is getting ready to launch their IDs and it should be coming to iPhone, but they also did say to expect California to do it differently and what they think to be the best. So we should see many more states in the future or different countries, but this is completely up to your local government to work with apple to get this implemented. So it could be sometime depending on where you live, what state youre in or what country youre.

In now, an app called retropod was recently on the App Store and has been removed. So if you go looking for it, it was actually something that went viral on Tick, Tock and retropod is no longer there. It was basically a version of the iPod video that weve had for a long time that someone put over the top of the interface of the iPhone. So you could listen to music. It was something I think Apple should allow, but either way it looks like theyve removed it if youve been using it or if you have it Id love to hear from you in the comments below recently, the New York Post has said that Apple has been collecting Feedback from emergency dispatch centers about false notifications from those using iPhone 14 and apple watches, with crash detection, where its actually setting it off accidentally, whether youre skiing down a slope or riding a roller coaster. So under emergency, SOS theres been some changes here. But it looks like apple is still trying to get it right as far as detecting overall emergencies and crashes altogether, so it will call by itself and theyre, reaching out to those dispatch centers to see what maybe they could do differently now, one of Apples display manufacturers Boe is apparently working on building a 250 million dollar Factory in North Vietnam, as Apple continues to move much of its supply chain out of China to diversify it around the world. Much of the overall supply chain is sort of set to switch to India and other places where 50 of its current manufacturing will be moved out of China within a few years.

It seems so, as Apple starts to diversify around the world. Different chip, factories in the USA, South Korea and all over the world tomorrow were expecting Apple to have a product announcement on Twitter on front page Tech, John Prosser, said, keep an eye on Apples Newsroom tomorrow. Apples Newsroom is where Apple announces products. If theyre not planning a full event were expecting Apple to update MacBook Pros with the M2 chipset they introduced with this MacBook Air and the 13 inch MacBook Pro were expecting an M2 Pro and M2 Max and maybe an M2 Ultra with the 14 and 16 inch Macbook getting an update, maybe the max studio, with an M2 Ultra and a Mac Mini and iMac update with m2s as well, so it could just be a small processor in increase or some spec bumps and thats. Typically, why we wouldnt see a full event. We can expect that full event a little bit later with new products, so it makes a lot of sense that they would just introduce that on Apples, Newsroom, so look for that tomorrow. Now the recent deals this week Ill continue to post them in the description below, but since were not really in a holiday season. Theres continuous deals on things such as airpods, Pro 2 airpods Max and all sorts of other things as I find different deals, Ill post them in the description of this video. So you can check them out theyre affiliate links, so I will get a little bit of commission for that.

If you dont want that, you can search for those different products just on Amazon or other places as well, but again Ill link. Those deals I just want to bring those up if youre looking for the most recent Apple products theres an ongoing issue. Ive mentioned a couple times with the iPhone 14 pro and 14 pro Max, where, if you turn off the display, turn it back on or pick it up, sometimes horizontal lines will appear on the the display itself. Apple has apparently acknowledged this in a memo stating Apple will fix it with an upcoming software update. So we can expect an update. Very very soon. However, today is a holiday in the United States, and apple is honoring. Martin Luther King and its Martin Luther King Day. In the United States, so many schools are off and its a vacation day for many people, and you can see a tribute to him on So you can see here read more about his life. It says read: stride toward freedom for free, and you can see just a little honorable mention of him here that it says this is no time for apathy or complacency. This is a time for vigorousand positive action. Dr Martin Luther King Jr, so youll see that if you go to today, so that leads me to believe well have some sort of update as soon as tomorrow. Now tomorrow could be a Beta release and then a public release later last year, Apple released iOS 15.

3.1 on a Thursday on the 12th of January. So far we havent seen any updates, so we could see an update this week, hopefully to the public click, to address those issues with the horizontal lines and the mountain of bugs it seems that are in iOS 16.2. I talked about that the other day in a follow up video that I post on Saturdays, typically and more and more of you are complaining about just weird random issues throughout iOS. So hopefully we see something address that and then well move on to iOS 16.3. We could expect iOS 16.3 beta 3 or release candidate this week. Last year we only had two betas and then a release candidate this year we could see the same or apple, could push this out a little while get ios 16.3 to really fix a lot of bugs security updates and more and then push it out later. In the month, or maybe February or even March, at this point, some rumors are actually saying to expect it in March. So if they work on it like that, to get it ready, we could see many more betas until 16.3 releases either way. I would expect that soon now, iOS 17 is expected to bring less changes this year. This makes me think Apple could be working on a major redesign or they could just be working on stability overall. So far with iOS 16.3 we havent seen a ton of changes or updates.

It could be more of a bug, fix, update and it seems like they could be more focused on reality, Os or xros thats for that new AR VR headset. Well talk more about that. A little bit later and as far as supported devices for iOS 17 so far were not hearing anything different as far as expecting it to change and just support the same devices. However, if Apple does a major redesign of some sort and is really pushing augmented reality, we could see a big change and maybe theyll only support, iPhone 10s and newer or something else, but Apple has not put anything down yet theres. Very few information or very little information about it, and so I wouldnt expect too many changes there there, hopefully this year now iPhone 15 is expected to get a price increase according to sources on weibo last month we heard Apple could cut the cost, because the iPhone 14 and 14 plus are just not selling that well, but that could be because theyre so similar to what you had before and the 13 Pro Max would be a better option if it was the same price So based on that, and also based on the Apple Truly planning to use Titanium on the Pro Models, it means the manufacturing costs, materials and tooling would increase as well. They would pass that on to the consumer, so it makes a lot of sense that if it is in fact made out of titanium whether that be an iPhone 15 Ultra or the Pro Models, the price could go up.

Maybe itll reduce the price on the regular model and then bump the price on the Pro Models, but either way it makes sense if its titanium, that the price would go up. Theres been more and more information about the upcoming iPhone 15 buttons being solid state or just haptic buttons that dont physically press, but are more like what we have with the trackpad on the Mac or the home button on the iPhone 8 plus, where you just press It or even the se, you press it. It feels as though youre pressing it, but its not actually moving according to Ming Chi quo. This time he reiterated that Apple will have haptic or solid state buttons instead of physical buttons and instead use two tapped engines for that feedback. So you can have a taptic engine at the top of the phone and one at the bottom, where we typically have one on iPhone. So we could see that difference that would help with water intrusion, better IP rating and just hopefully less to break overall. I dont think weve had button issues for quite some time, maybe since iPhone 4 or 4S or even 5, but this would again help make it more durable over time now, theres even rumors about iPhone 16 already thats, something that I really didnt expect. We havent even seen the iPhone 15, but according to the alac, iPhone 16 could have an under the screen face ID sensor. So weve heard this before Apple would still have to keep the dynamic Island somehow or maybe they could get rid of it, and it would just be a one or two year thing, but either way we would have the forward facing camera.

So I dont think Apple. Would do that until they fully figure out how to cover everything, maybe have it switched just when youre using the camera or something else, but according to the elect Apples working on face ID under the display now in the most recent power on newsletter by Mark German, He said that Apple has been working on their own displays since 2017., just like they did with apple silicon, with their a series, processors and M Series in the Mac. The new micro LED displays would start with the Apple watch in 2024 or according to Ross young 2025 and be expanded to the iPhone and Mac at a later date. It would give increased efficiency, better color accuracy and more control over the display itself. So, instead of just telling Samsung, we want a bunch of these displays at this spec they would give them the actual makeup and overall construction of the display itself. So micro LED is something that we saw a lot at the recent CES or Consumer Electronics Show that I went to this past well a week or two ago, at this point and thats something we saw. A lot of micro LED displays thats the next heck after OLED that has the same benefits, but should be more color accurate over time. So we could see those come to iPhone in the next few years, but theres no plan date, 100. Yet but apple is working on it and it makes sense that they would want to control everything from the processor to the display and more apple is still planning on augmented reality for its integration into stores using the app.

So you would use the Apple Store app. Go in and then point it using the augmented reality option at maybe an object, and it would give you more information. The price, all the specs about it and more are using just the camera. Weve seen this with some different implementations across different devices, but if theyre coming out with an AR or VR headset, it makes sense that they would want to integrate that into iPhone as well. This could come before that update with the headset or it could come a little bit later, but either way. Mark German has said that its ready to go and were hearing more and more about that and speaking of the latest, AR VR headset news in the latest software updates for Windows 11, where we have apple music, Apple, TV and Apple devices in beta Aaron, p613 on Twitter has found references in the code of the applications mentioning reality, OS and xros again, so its in the code Apples already referencing. It weve heard it for quite some time and now were just waiting for the product to see what the operating system is like and more now were waiting for new iPads, and it looks like the larger than 12.9 inch iPad may be pushed away or pushed back And instead well just have 12.9 instead of 14 inch or larger. I would love to see larger iPads as long as they have more mac integration, but either way it looks like apple may, be instead working on a touchscreen Mac, so that touchscreen Mac is something theyre.

Working on and apparently Apples changed its mind, and these would be OLED based touchscreen Max according to Mark German, who says apple, is actively engaged in the project and reconsidering an offering of a touch screen. I pulled many of you on YouTube to see if you would want to touch screen Mac. So lets take a look at what you said since I ran that a couple days ago, and you can see here on Twitter, the poll says: would you want a touch screen? Mac 35 said, yes, 65 said no and thats out of 6250 votes. So a lot of people dont seem to find the need for it. I think I would use it just maybe for scrolling from time to time, after switching from an iPhone or an iPad going to a Mac. Sometimes I find myself reaching for the screen. I dont know that its necessary, but it would be nice if it was just there overall also Apples. First OLED display based MacBook could launch as soon as 2024. According to Ming Chi quo, it would allow for a thinner display and a lighter display, improved battery life. As well since it can turn off those pixels and Im, not sure. I would really welcome this until I know more about the pwm or controlling of the brightness Apple typically uses DC dimming on their Pro or Pro Max displays where the brightness is controlled. By flickering the screen faster and slower, you cant see it with your eyes, but it can cause eye strain and headaches, and more and Ive experienced that with phones.

However, in Macs, not typically, you dont really see that. So I would really want to know more about that, usually if they are using pwm its at a high enough rate. It shouldnt bother anyone, but either way we could see an OLED based MacBook and then probably a switch to micro LED in the future. If apple is indeed making its own display Place, Mark German this week also noted that the upcoming Apple silicon based Mac Pros are in testing and running a future version of Mac OS on version 13.3. Since we can expect this version later this spring, it makes sense that Apple could launch the new Mac Pro alongside the update currently Mac. Os 13.2 is in testing and we could see 13.3 updated in March or a little bit later. So it makes sense that in a few months we could see those Mac pros come out. Finally, although we dont expect a major update to the design, we do expect some bumps and specs with some different options as far as placing different cards inside the overall container or overall case now, as far as air pods, while airpods Max have been around for some Time but apple is apparently set to launch a new pair, but next year, so this year it looks like we wouldnt get new airpods Max, but next year we would get airpods Max, maybe airpods Max 2, with a slight redesign weve seen a little bit about that And then, after that, we could also have a lower priced airpods down to 99, all according to Ming Chi quo.

So we could now have a cheaper version of airpods. Instead of airpods Max airpods Pro and airpods 3, we could have a budget version as well. Apples not typically known for doing budget things, but hopefully they have a lower offering or they can lower the price of airpods 3.. But let me know your thoughts about all of this in the comments below and what youre looking most forward to, of course, Ill link. This wallpaper, in the description like I normally do if you havent, subscribed already, though please subscribe, and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like, as always thanks for watching this is Aaron Ill, see you next time, Music.