All right.. Finally, finally, finally, Apple has officially announced AirTags. It’s, this little puck right here and it’s, just like a tile tracker for finding your stuff, but with a few Apple, specific differences because Apple., If you have an iPhone like this purple, iPhone 12 right here, look it’s a Purple iPhone the AirTags slot right into the Apple ecosystem. And, having played around with this for just a couple of hours, I got ta tell you. This is a very Appley Apple gadget, here’s, why., upbeat music. So the idea behind AirTags is simple enough.. This little thing here has Bluetooth low energy and a U1 ultra wideband chip, and it can ring when it’s lost., So your iPhone when you’re looking around your house or apartment or wherever it can point a little arrow at it when you’re near to it. And then you can make it beep to try and find it. It uses. Apple’S Find My network, which means that any iPhone will be able to locate this thing, but only you can actually see its location, because all that information is end to end encrypted, not even Apple, can see. It., Plus Apple has done some other things to help prevent unwanted tracking, which we’re gon na get into in just a little bit.. Now, as far as the hardware design goes, I think it’s pretty good. It’s, very small, which I like, but there’s no hole here to attach a lanyard or put it on a key chain or whatever.

. To do that, you have to buy another accessory., So that’s, one very Appley thing about this Apple gadget., Now Apple sells one here, there’s like 29 bucks or you can get it in leather for ‘ bucks and there’s a key chain or you can get an Herms One for a lot Herms stuff, just cost a lot of money., But look there’s already third party accessories for as little as 13, bucks and I’m sure even cheaper ones are gon na be coming really soon, but still just put a hole on it like right. There. Anyway, the AirTag itself is 29 bucks for one or you can get a four pack for 99 bucks.. But one really interesting thing is the batteries are user replaceable they’re CR2032. Apple says that they’re gon na last about a year, but when they conk out, you can just replace it yourself. That is different from some of the other trackers that are out there that have Their batteries built in and non replaceable. User replaceable batteries on an Apple product in 2021 who to thank So those are the basics. But how does it work? Well, it works just like you would expect it to work. You pair it to your iPhone over Bluetooth. Just like you do with AirPods., You hold it next to your iPhone and a little window pops up, and then you can tap it and the thing pairs and associates with your account. And then you can give it a name and you’re off to the races.

. The AirTag just appears inside your Find My app with all the other devices and when you wan na find it you tap on it, tap the button and you look around for it and there it is. It. Just works. Bing, bang, boom, very Appley., bright, upbeat, music. Okay, so first use case let’s say that you’ve lost this thing somewhere inside your apartment.. You can first of all have this thing make a little beat by hitting a button. AirTag beeps. You can go, find it that way.. A really interesting part of this is the speaker is actually the plastic dome that’s, what vibrates to make the noise. But say that doesn’t work. If your iPhone supports ultra wideband, you can use the Find feature and it’ll pop up a little arrow on the screen, and you can use that to follow it around. And when you get close to it, your phone actually starts to vibrate a little bit to let You know you’re getting closer. It’s, just right there, it’s really neat.. Now, one really Appley part of this entire ecosystem is the Find My network.. It is nearly a billion devices that support it. And any one of them can locate one of these AirTags, but only you can see its actual location because it’s all end to end encrypted., So we’re gon na try a little experiment. Vjeran is gon na. Take one of these things out and he’s gon na hide it somewhere in the city, but he’s not gon na, take his iPhone or his Apple watch with him, so it won’t get the location from that one.

And then we’re, just gon na go out and see. If somebody else’s iPhone somewhere in the city has located this thing and I’m gon na see, if I can find it. So let’s try that. Did you catch the thing? I did the awesome thing. Oh cool., bright music. Here we go. Okay. I am on my way to hide Dieter’s little AirTag. There’s, one thing that Dieter doesn’t know, and that is that I have. I have gaff tape., So I think I’m, just gon na tape, the AirTag to something that he cannot easily access and let’s see how it goes.. Well, friends, the good buddy Vjeran is somewhere in this city with an AirTag on ’em and nobody with an iPhone has seen it. All right. I think I found a good little spot right up there. Somewhere. We’ll see if we can get there.. I don’t where Vjeran is.. I think that it’ll work. sighs, So I got a notification a minute ago that the tag was located. So I’m walking over to where it was located.. I can’t see it now. Vjeran, Okay, see that person right over there., That’s, definitely Dieter and he’s walking the wrong direction and he’s definitely vlogging. Yeah. I don’t think he can find me.. My AirTag and Vjeran was spotted by the Fine My network eight minutes ago, somewhere near this address. And I’m, hoping that means I’m gon na see him real soon ’cause. I miss him. Miss him a lot.

, Getting kind of bored here and all I can think about is food and coffee and deadlines, and now we’re outside of the video that you’re watching right now in like couple of hours, it’s gon na be a long night, and I still don’t Have my phone or my watch. Oh. beep, I see him there. He is. Vjeran Hi.. Both laugh Thank you.. Have you been here the whole time? Vjeran Yeah? I definitely saw you walk over there and take a look.. Yes, I walked up that way came back.. I thought maybe because it requires 14.5 to work and only 14.5 iPhones would see it. So I was terrified of that. Vjeran And actually still haven’t found the thing. Oh. Vjeran. So you got ta go find the thing.. Am I so it’s not on you in person. Vjeran, No it’s, not on me., Okay, searching for a signal trying moving to a different location., 12 nine to my left., All right I’m gon na come clean.. Should I come clean, Yeah. All right.? I knew you were gon na look for it in the ground., So I brought You put it on the tree. High up.. I brought my gaff tape. chuckles. Oh my god, are you kidding me? Where is it It’s come over here. You jerk. Come on. You can get up there.. Okay, let’s talk privacy, which is another very Appley thing to talk. About., It always builds extra privacy features into its gadgets.

. First Apple is frequently cycling. The Bluetooth identifier on these little tokens so that they’re hard to attract my Bluetooth, beacons or Packers or whatever., But the really interesting thing it does is it keeps tabs on whether or not an AirTag has been separated from its owner., So here’s one way that it Works., If the system detects the AirTag happens to be following along with a location of an iPhone user that isn’t the owner of the iPhone that iPhone will pop up an alert that says AirTag found moving with you.. You can tap that alert to see the serial number of the AirTag, and it gives you the option to disable the AirTag, which is just twisting a little thing in the back here to remove the battery bang it’s disabled. Apple also suggests that you could contact law Enforcement and law enforcement could work with Apple if it has the appropriate warrant, but since Apple can’t see the location of any of these AirTags itself, it’s all encrypted.. The main thing that it can do is check the serial number and see who it’s registered to because every AirTag has to be registered to an Apple user.. Now, if you’re an Android user, none of this iPhone specific AirTag found moving with you alert stuff is gon na work.. But if the AirTag has been separated from its owner and then it starts moving, suddenly it will start beeping.. So you’re not completely out of luck with these privacy and safety features.

. All in all, I think this privacy and safety stuff is a really thoughtful system and that kind of applies to AirTags in general. They’re small. They work with Apple’s ecosystem and they have a lot of complexity in how they work, but all that gets boiled down into something that’s, hopefully really simple to use.. Really. The only non Appley thing here is the fact that the battery is user replaceable, but the rest let’s go through it. Kind of expensive Appley and knowing that you might need to buy accessories to make it work. Well, Appley. Privacy focused Appley., Really only works well with Apple devices. Appley. Nice design overall Appley. Gives itself more features than third party accessories like Tile aren’t gon na be able to access very Appley. And that’s AirTags. It’s, a very nice Appley Apple thing for Apple users. In Apple’s ecosystem, Apple., Hey everybody thanks so much for watching.. Let me know: do you like AirTags, You think you might want a different solution, or do you just not care about tracking stuff at all? Let me know down in the comments and, if you’re looking for another video, we just did one about class and how important it is to all communication everywhere right, now.