This is charlie, usa and you’re watching again another episode of axiom, charlie in today’s episode. We will be doing an unboxing testing and review of another sound soundbar speaker, a bluetooth speaker coming again from my favorite, sometimes from the centex flagship store in lazada. So in today’s episode we will be reviewing the apollo supreme power power because they added some milliamps in battery and supposedly they improved or they made it better. The base side of the speaker: okay, now fyi the apollo supreme power, which is kind of confusing because they also put a c10 there as a model, so so what’s up santex. Is it power or c10? Okay, let’s just call it apollo supreme power, never mind the c10 thingy, so here’s the product. Okay, it comes in red box uh. If you go to the product page in the centex flagship store in lasada, they have this disclaimer in the description i’m gon na read it to you. It’S stated there. We are santex home of the apollo supreme home of the apollo supreme since 2017. This product does not have santek’s own packaging and brad name printed on it, because this is a new arrival and brand it’s a brand new speaker, you make me laugh santex marketing, okay, by the way, just let i just want to let you know that i have Background in uh purchasing products in china, so again they repeated this one uh with this one, so the apollo supreme pro okay.

So i have all the apollo supreme uh series, including the new one, which is the power. So what do they do with the packaging? Basically, they skip with the cost of the packaging, hopefully to make it more affordable, but their pricing is not that affordable. I mean it’s less than 1 000 for some it’s affordable, but i think they should lessen the price uh 100 pesos more or 150 pesos more because they did not have a contract with the supplier of this one. Obviously, it’s a white brand wherein, if you’re a millionaire, if you’re an entrepreneur, you just go to china and just talk to the manufacturers of any white brand maker of speakers, and they you choose the specs. You choose the materials and they’ll make it for you. But with that uh suntax here didn’t made an effort with regards to their branding. I think that uh, that the centex marketing team or the owner of santex doesn’t care much about their branding they’re banking, already that people are buying the apollo supreme series because of its quality suntex sometimes has some hits and miss so that’s it Music Music. So without further ado, let’s try to check this out so what’s, the specs, so it’s called the apollo supreme power c10. According to them, i bought it at around 599 when it was introduced. It was less than that, so i didn’t buy it because i didn’t, like the the shell which it’s all made out of abs plastic, and it only comes in black, the bluetooth speaker.

The bluetooth signal is updated. It’S version 5.. The dimension is around 420 by 78. By 66, millimeter or centimeters, it has two speakers. Two five watt speakers take note of that and then battery that’s why they call it the apollo supreme power. It has 1500 milliamp battery play. Time is around one to four hours. Maybe it would reach up to five hours, depending on the volume that you decide to use the modes. It has again bluetooth speaker, aux tf or sd card leader and then usb and then, of course, the charging port. Okay charging time is around one to two hours. Okay, so let’s open this uh box. Okay, so we have a protective hole. The knob is in the middle, then we have only one table, which is what happened to my Music Music Music. So this is the apollo supreme power apollo supreme power, okay battery life and supposedly the base is very good it’s supposed to well it’s supposed to be better than the apollo supreme x. So again, here’s the knob and let’s take a closer look again. This has abs plastic all around no waterproofing, no silicone. Okay, it’s, like it, looks like a giant pill. Okay, a giant pillow. Okay. So on the middle, is your grill it’s uh? Basically one mold! I don’t know how you’re going to open this. If you plan to uh oh yeah, you can it’s not actually one mold but here’s the speaker, grill it’s, all abs, plastic, plastic, plastic, plastic, and then you have the knob here the power on and of course, usually the bluetooth comes turns this turns on Music.

Bluetooth mounts okay, it’s a little bit unique this time. It doesn’t just do the voice prompt immediately. It has some intro music before the voice. Prompt, okay, let’s! Do that again: Music bluetooth. By the way, if you don’t see it there’s an led ring in the middle and it’s uh, you know it has a blue strobe light. It goes around and around okay. So, on top on top, you have your mode, you have your uh skipping files and then you have post and play okay pause and play skipping files, and then you got the mode okay at the back at the back, you could see the usb port, the charging Port, the tf slot or sd card reader and the aux aux in aux out: okay, Music. What? If we press the mode let’s try to press the mode Music, fn? Okay, it has fm, but you know me i’m, not a fan of fm, so you got fm bluetooth fm mount bluetooth, milk, okay, so we have bluetooth. Okay, what else? Okay, uh let’s, try to play some music and later we’ll. Do some uh critic about this uh? Speaker and its performance, especially the bass, because my fans, my viewers, my subscribers most of them, are male and they like the bass. So thank you guys. I also like the base. Okay, so i’m gon na put this down i’m gon na put it on the box on top, so you will be reminded about their bucks that they skim out in order to reduce costs i’m.

Also, a marketing person i’m also a business person. I know also about skipping cost in production, but sometimes i’m. Also a marketing expert, so branding is very important to me. So apparently scientex forego that part in terms of marketing Music let’s check. If it could read the bluetooth, bluetooth let’s see what c10. Where are you? You cannot even read the c10 with the polysupreme power power. Where are you power? Whoa it’s? Not here why there it is okay, you could see here it says: c10, okay, not apollo supreme pro and not a supreme. Even in the software they skimped out and that’s. Not good for me anyway, let’s spare it so if you heard that it’s already paired and let’s try to play some Music music Applause, Music, next Applause, Music, Applause, Music, okay, Music, Music, Music, two Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause. By the way we are trying to test the maximum volume, it says that the bass boot it says that the bass boost is well excellent, well, we’re, trying to check out if it’s, really good, so here’s, another trap, music from the trap, wolves channel to test the Base: okay, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, huh Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, okay, so we just heard the bass; okay, so what’s my take on this uh uh, initially uh. When i was uh testing this uh earlier uh the the speakers, when you put it in full max uh, it was garbled and you cannot discern the the the sound anymore because it, the the the loud sound, is becoming like a big big static.

So it’s. So loud and you, you won’t, going to appreciate the sound that was uh going out, but apparently i’ve broken it for whatever reasons so that’s a relief. I guess so i i guess that two five watt speakers helped also in the performance plus uh i’ve uh charged. This already since two days ago and i’ve been playing on and off the the power and the sound for two days already and i’m also testing it with other speakers, because in the near future we will be doing some versus videos. So this one is very promising. Initially, i rated it as a four star, but now it’s it’s, now comparable to to the apollo supreme x, so let’s give it a five star for the mean time, however, after maybe six months or one year, i’ll do another review. So we’ll take a look back. If the quality remains okay in terms of the base, it’s very, very good we’ve done the trap. Music and also my favorite funky hip hop music and it performed well in this as a book initially it’s a bookshelf when i put it into the maximum, but it’s always better to put the volume at 70 percent. But speakers no in the long run. So try not to put it in maximum every time: okay, so completely Music. For the meantime. So all the apollo supreme series uh so far up to date, uh we’ve, uh, we’ve, uh, tested it and uh.

We have completed the collection of the apollo supreme series, so it’s a buy. Anybody would like to buy this it’s around 599 plus delivery of 41.50. If you’re in metro manila, the base is very good. I’M. Surprisingly it’s very, very good, and what are you waiting for? You know if you want this buy this. If you want the apollo supreme x, you could buy that as well. Uh. The only downside with the x it’s only 800 milliamps, so you only have actually five hours of the playing time there. This one could actually do more than five hours of playing time, if you just put it in 70 or 80 percent in volume, okay, so that ends our show for today. Thank you very much for watching, see you next week for another product review: bye, Music, Music.