It features super easy height adjustment via a lever, a spacious 28 by 20 inch tabletop surface with a tablet slot and swivel caster wheels to roll it around. This is a desk that isn’t like what you’re used to this isn’t for elaborate setups or fancy pc builds. This is a desk that literally lets you grab your laptop or tablet and work from anywhere. Now, if you’re like me and you’ve, been working from home for over a year now, you’re likely seeking new ways to work, you know to change things up whether that’s moving to another room going to a coffee shop or a friend’s house. There are many different things that you can do to break up the routine one of the things that i found to be incredibly useful over the past week is this here mobile desk, which is why i’m making this video? This is something i believe that will open up many new possibilities for remote workers like myself to just get the work that you do done. The benefit of having a mobile desk like this is that you can, quite frankly, work from anywhere move it to another room walk around with it. Take it outside get creative with how you sit around there’s, a lot that you can do with a mobile desk like this and at 175 bucks it’s, something that’s not going to break the bank either before we go on, though let’s rewind a little bit.

So you guys can see an unboxing of this thing as well as an assembly of the desk, so you guys can get an idea of what it’s like to unbox it and put it together. Music. Over this past year, i’ve assembled at least five desks, and this one took me all of about 20 minutes to assemble, of course, it’s not as elaborate as the other ones, but it is really really quick to assemble as long as you know how to screw in Screws and tighten bolts, you are good to go, everything is pre drilled and the instructions are super simple to follow. What’S special about this desk, though, is that it’s pneumatic. So this means that it raises up and down via an air cylinder. Instead of needing electricity and a motor, i really enjoy having a pneumatic desk, and i found this one to be very, very smooth when adjusting the height it’s, just near silent and truly effortless. Just pull the lever and either raise or lower the desk to your desired height and you’re good to go the lowest that this thing can go is 33.5 inches and the highest that it can go is 45.5 inches apex desk, knocked it out of the park with The height adjusting performance here for a desk like this, i was very surprised with the quality it is top notch. Another thing that i really like is the surface of this desk. The table top is 28 by 20 inches, which isn’t all that large compared to other deaths out there, but for a mobile desk like this, it is more than adequate.

You can comfortably use a keyboard and a mouse next to each other, with extra room to spare. What’S also neat is that there’s a tablet slot built into the surface, so you can comfortably use a phone ipad or tablet for lectures or as your main device with your keyboard and your mouse to get work done. I also found this slot to be really great for the nintendo switch in tabletop mode. You just put it in you, get gaming and you’re good to go, as i mentioned before, the build quality of this desk is very, very good. This is a solid desk that feels sturdy at all heights for the price. I was genuinely surprised at how well a small desk like this, performs, whether you’re writing typing or using it as a podium of sorts in a classroom or for speaking. This is a desk that is more than capable and more than durable enough to handle whatever it is you plan to throw at it. The caster wheels on the bottom are also very high quality. The front wheels have brakes that allow the desk to remain in place without moving around, despite it being on wheels. I never felt like the desk was going to move when i was working on it. When i wanted to move it around. The wheels are easy enough to unlock and just roll it away as awesome, as this desk is, though, i’m going to admit it isn’t perfect, even though it does offer a tremendous value for what you get and is very well built.

I found that it does get a little wobbly when you’re typing on it. This isn’t a major issue since it’s got a durable frame and is sturdy overall, but it doesn’t have that same stability as say a larger or standard desk for what it is, though, it more than gets the job done, but the wobble is something that is worth Noting other than nitpicking like that, it is tough for me to find a fall with this mobile desk at this price. This little thing is something that doesn’t limit you to one workspace. Instead, it lets you take your workspace anywhere, even if you just want a small sit stand desk that won’t take up a whole lot of space. This thing is excellent. In my opinion, apex desk made an awesome mobile desk here that i think is going to satisfy anyone who decides to use it anywho that’s better for this video guys.