Hey, listen, it’s coming that time again for summer time and camping, maybe going out by the pool – and i was looking for something that could project uh movies and stuff. So when the kids were out, we could put it outside, and so what i came up with was eight man model number lc, 450 uh projector we’re, going to take a look at that today. Uh take a first look and um. Give you my thoughts about it. So we’re going to review that today stay tuned, if you haven’t done it so already, please like share and subscribe to the channel, and if you think this, and if you have one of these put it in the comments, let me know what you think so: let’s Get to that right now, so let’s unbox, it take a look at it and see uh what we got. What it came with now i’m pretty excited about this, because the eight man products i’ve have a couple already. I have a the dash cam and a few other of their products and i am very, very very satisfied with their being well made being uh working well. So my first thing look small compact. So if you’re going on camping trip, that’s just the way to do it and i’m easy carry, handle large lens cooling focus on off and in the back here got supply. You have hdmi usb and another port supposedly has built in speakers. So let’s look at the.

What came comes with it? Hdmi, cable, okay: we got some cleaner for the lens. We have your power supply ac. You have some audio visual, cable, hdmi, cable and a remote control which makes this fantastic. So you can stop frame things of this nature. So for this purpose i just connected it to a computer. Hdmi uh, forgive the background noise. We have somebody doing a lawnmower out there and uh don’t have control, but i put it up against my wall and right now with what is going on right now. The i’m connected it to my computer. It is doing a great job of displaying it in a room where there’s some ambient sunlight coming in. So it is excellent for that. So so far this is a pretty nice little unit, i’ve hooked it up. Um and uh been able to connect it to my laptop. I can connect it to my uh, my cell phone to a usb connector um. Now it is ac powered, it does come with the remote control. The sound for the um coming out of the unit itself is um not as loud as i would have liked it, but it is good, but it does have an output for exterior speakers. So if you connect this to some exterior speakers, um and and considering the clarity of the image um and the distance that you can put up, i think you’re going to be doing great. Let me go on with some more things, so let’s sum up this product and that’s.

Basically, it is very compact. It has the one quarter inch mounting which allows you to connect it to a tripod or any other common one quarter inch mount connector. You could hang it, which is great when you’re on the yard, if you happen to have a plant hanger or something, and you want to hang it up, that’s going to be really really good. The focus is excellent. I tried it in the house in a bright room and the image on the wall on a tan wall was excellent. So i give you that now the ac is acn. I don’t know whether eight man sells an adapter which you can plug to a dc power source, but it would be a nice add on uh the usb socket, which i was able to connect to my tablet uh and my phone uh. That is a great advantage. Um, it does not come with the cables, but i use a standard usb to the to the tablet connector and it worked fine. The hdmi port, which i was able to connect to my laptop windows, 10, discovered it great and over here you have an av in aux out which you can supposedly connect speakers to it um or a set of headphones. So all in all, this is an excellent product. I can’t put anything back bad about it. Well, the only thing i say that i could say would be better would be that with the remote control they could have.

Given me the uh, the batteries you know, but that’s, neither here nor there, so this is casey from kc ground pot tech out. I hope this has been helpful for you. This is the eight man review. I have been using eight man products for some time now and every eight man product that i bought i’ve never been disappointed. So put it in the comments please like share and subscribe and tell me what you think uh do you have one of these? Have you used eight man, products uh and what admin product would you like me to review and hey apemend? This is a shout out if you happen to want me to do some reviews for you. Let me know put it in the comments.