This thing is tiny in size measuring at 10 and a half centimeters across at a height of 2 centimeters. The connections on the back are a usbc port to pair and charge it up a hdmi port, and this supports devices like mobile phones, laptops, ipads. Fire sticks, chromecast, you name it it pretty much. Does it a usb port which allows you to charge other devices like mobile phones using the inbuilt 4600 milliamp battery, and we must mention that this is only used to charge devices off you can’t plug a usb sticking with movies on because it won’t play it and There’S also a three and a half mil socket. If you want to connect up some speakers or listen to the audio using some earphones, the three buttons on the side will allow you to turn on and off the device and to adjust the focus. There’S. Also a reset hole if you run into any issues and want to go back to the factory defaults, the top has a touch panel to adjust the keystone and volume levels and there’s also a battery indicator. Light too. The underneath has four rubber feet to prevent it from sliding around and a quarter inch hole to attach either the included tripod or one of your own. If you find the included, one is too small for your needs. There’S. Also, a small flap which flips out – and this will slightly tilt the projector upwards it’s, a dlp projector, which means it should deliver vivid, color and sharper images compared to lcd projectors pairing it up, and we have to wait literally a matter of around three seconds for It to come on and to be working, which is extremely rapid, there’s three brightness settings, which can be selected by pressing the center button and each one produces a different loudness to the projector.

We have lightness, which is the brightest image, but it comes with the lowest noise, with it measuring at around 59 decibels. The next one is the standard mode which slightly dims the picture, and we get around 52 decibels and the final one is the eco mode, which dims the image even more. But this is where the m4s is at its quietest, with it, generating just over 45 decibels. Of sound, it is recommended that the projector is not used for anything that’s text based as it comes out quite blurry and difficult to read. If you have much larger text, then this is readable, but it still looks quite fuzzy when, in a completely dark room is where you’re going to get the best performance and the colors look really good. It also has an inbuilt speaker, which surprisingly, actually sounds good and dishes out a decent amount of sound and is ideal for playing games. If we bring light into the room, then it becomes a struggle to see what’s being displayed, so you will want to be in as dark room as possible. You can project up to 100 inches, but the further you bring it away, expect more loss in quality. It’S recommended it is set up between 1 and 1.6 meters away for the best image. If you find that your image is out of shape, then changing the keys down should help bring things back in line. There’S now mention from eight man about how long the bulb should last, but as it is a dlp projector, you should get between two thousand and forty thousand dollars, which translates to between 83 and 208 days of constant use.

The image is not as crisp as the more expensive projectors on the market, but the size and portability are the key selling points as it doesn’t need to be plugged in to be used. When testing the battery life in each of the three brightness modes, we managed to get one hour 34 minutes in performance mode in standard mode. We got one error and 35 minutes and in eco mode we get an impressive two hours and 10 minutes charging a completely flat battery to fully charge took just 59 minutes to complete, which is very quick. If you are concerned that the battery may run out, while you’re using it, you can plug in an external battery pack to keep it running, we would recommend using a totally different tripod to the one that is included. There’S no tilt function on there, so it’s going to be a lot more difficult to get it into position. It doesn’t do a bad job at all, but don’t expect the crispness of what you get from a tv. It would be very useful for the kids to use to play games or watch movies on as it’s, so small.