Today we have this 10.1 inches android tablet pc by iot kg, so lets begin our android tablet, pc comes in a nice box. Android tablet pc by iot kg made in china, designed by iot kg so lets start the unboxing packed very carefully. So these are the things which are included in packaging. A usb stick, charging adapter charging cable lets, see whats inside it, oh surprising, a hands free, a user manual lets take a look at user manual. All details about tablet pc are discussed in user manual. Briefly, you can also see the first is data network connection. Then the wireless internet connection, then bluetooth functions with all steps and so on and so forth. You can see clearly too now lets take a look at our main device, the tab it is securely packed in the pouch lets, take it out of the pouch so that we can take a closer look to our device. So here is our device. It is designed and assembled all in china lets switch on our device Music hi there, language english lets start connect to mobile network lets, skip it for now and lets skip the wi fi connection to continue date and time so lets state like that next and then The google services accept, set screen, lock, ill, set it up and then ill meet you so guys. After setting the screen lock, it is turned on so simple screen: simple functions: calculator 6, 5 4 Music x, equals ‘ 24 guys.

Okay, calls now lets. Take a look at its specs lets. Go to settings system about phone device. Name is this: 3gb ram model is iot kg a38. Android version is nine and addition to that it have 5 megapixel front camera and 8 megapixel back camera lets. Take a look at it. Also, this is the front camera and then its the back camera and addition to that. It have 1280 multiplied by 800 screen resolution 1080p, full hd, pixel resolution, processor type is caleron, 3865u, 1.5, gigahertz, processor, speed, processor, count is 4 and then computer memory type is ddr3. Sdram 32 gb hard drive size and then hard drive interfaces usb the lithium battery weight is 0.84 grams and item weight over tab weights, 860 grams from amazon. It have 30 day return guarantee and then the additional guarantee, also guys. In the meantime, i have connected my wi fi and the gmail account to the tab to show you some more functions so lets open the youtube now lets start some of video lets say the power bank, one Music Applause, sound quality, great Music before it was 144 P now it is 480p, so satisfactory. Guys, yeah tell me in the comments, if you like it or not, now guys lets open the keep notes, app and lets try to write something so understandable lets delete it and its empty. Now lets go back so guys. That is it unique design guys. I am really impressed with this product so guys.

If anyone want to buy it, then it is 100 recommended, and i really liked it for small price. It is a great product with big screen, 10 inches lcd screen and many many functions guys same like your cell phone. So that is the end of our review. Video. If you liked it, then dont forget to subscribe our channel review therapy and hit the bell icon. So that you can get notification of our new interesting videos, i will catch you in the next one.