I can’t pronounce the name, unfortunately, but you’ll see it in the link anywhere. This is a review for this 10.1 inch. Android tablet it’s replaced one that i’ve had to take into my shop to replace one that’s, not working and i’ve decided to upgrade it this time. The last one that i bought was around about 50 pounds of the last three that i bought around about 50 pound. Each this one’s over a hundred pound just over a hundred pound but it’s so much faster and the kit that you get with it makes using it so much easier. So let’s go through the specs and i’ll show you everything that it comes with uh. Most important thing is the screen size, which is 10.1 inches closely followed by the fact that it’s got four gig of ram, so plenty of memory to uh to carry out all the apps and everything and the storage on it is 64 gigabyte. The resolution of the screen is 1280×800 and obviously it’s bluetooth and wi fi. The rear camera is 5 megapixel and the front camera is 2 megapixel. Just back to that 64 gig of memory, storage, uh. The good thing about this is, you can actually use usb sticks on it as well, so there’s, an adapter for usb to usbc and it’s running on android 10.. First of all, we’ll have a look at what comes in the box, so you obviously get the tablet itself with the camera on the back and uh and a light along with the tablet.

You get a case that you can pop it into, which is very much like the apple cases, in all honesty, so let’s, just pop that in there make sure it’s the right way up all right. Okay, so that’s that’s in there i say it’s like the apple cases, because you can turn it at the back and use it like a stand like that. You also get a bluetooth keyboard which is charged with a micro usb connector, just there very easy to connect bluetooth, simply open. This up, go to the bluetooth connect devices and just press connect and it’s. Almost instantaneous you’ve got a mouse that it comes with now. This isn’t bluetooth, that’s wireless, so you’re actually supplied with a usb adapter um a usb wireless adapter, and because this is usbc, you also need a usb c to usb adapter, which it comes supplied with, which is great. I love the fact that the tablet’s usbc so that just pops into there and then, if you have a look on top there is the usbc connector just pop that into place let’s bring this back over and let’s turn everything on. Oh, you also get a pen it’s got the carbon top on it, so you can use it on the touch screen and obviously it’s a pen as well there, but i tend not to use those right. Let’S turn it on. Okay, so we’ve got it switched on there. We’Ve got the the mouse adapter in so you can actually see the pointer on the screen and to show that the mouse works let’s, just click onto edge, which is my preferred browser, click on click on search and if we just put in a daily mail daily Daily mail, there you go comes up nice and easy, so the keyboard it just makes certain interaction with the tablet so much easier and the mouse alongside it, but obviously primarily tablets are used for uh, just surfing and maybe watching films, etc, etc.

So what i’m going to show you now is just how you can use a normal usb memory, stick to uh to watch films and music things like that. If we have a look on the back here, you put your nail under there. You can pull off that cover and you’ve got a space for a micro, sd card for additional storage, and it just pops back on. But you may want to use portable storage, something like a a memory. Stick just to watch videos that you’ve downloaded so you’ll need an adapter, as i said, because this is a usbc tablet, so on the top let’s just take out the the mouse adapter. First, put that to one side, so there’s your adapter to normal usb from usbc. If we get it just pop it into the top into there and then if we get the usb stick and just pop that in so a few things happen now now you’re not seeing the the the true benefit of the screen. Because of the reflection of the lights in the room, but it’s a very sharp crisp screen with also you get good angle on it as well, so you can view it from the side above or below, but with regards to the stick. If you come in from the top, it shows the stick. There i’ve already set this one up, but you can have it as mobile storage or additional tablet storage we’re going to explore.

It shows you what’s on the stick and it’s harry potter. You can see from the reflection on the screen there from my hand and everything, because the lighting in the room that you’re not going to get the best view of what this tablet actually looks like, but let’s go in anyway. So we’re going to a harry potter. There, the one thing that i re or one of the things i really like about this – is the volume on the speakers very, very good, i’ll, just pause that, because you can have it so loud and that it’s going to affect uh but yeah, you can see If i just lift it up, i don’t think it’s going to make any difference really but it’s a very good screen to either browse the internet on or watch streaming or films, and really easy that you can use uh just a normal uh memory. Stick on it. Okay, so that’s it in summary, uh. What do i think of it? Well, it’s one point: gigahertz processor, uh it’s got four cores on it. It does everything fast enough: you’re, not paying anywhere near the sort of money that you pay for a samsung tab or um or an ipad. So you do get what you pay for the only thing i would say about this – that i would i would have liked. Would have been um a glass screen um, because i tend to find that the plastic ones scratch.

I haven’t got any scratches on this, yet i’ve been using it for a couple of weeks, so we’ll see how that goes, but the accessories that you get with it. Depending what you’re doing you’ve got your mouse you’ve got your keyboard, the fact that it takes usb devices fantastic and the case that it comes with overall 420 pounds, yeah really really good. I think it’s, a generic tablet uh having looked around there, seems to be quite a few packages like this um. So really as long as the specs, the same just go off the price and you’re probably going to get the same tablet, mainly if you’re browsing.