So the first thing that i see that the tablet came sealed, but the box looks extremely cheap. In my opinion, i paid for this one uh here in the uk uh 180, something pounds which uh its quite a lot for what i can see from the box. All right so now i remove the foil, so lets see whats inside all right, so its supposed to be open upside down, as i can see, because uh things look pretty messy in here also the protective foil is on foam is on this side. The pin is somewhere put like here in the middle very strange, and i suppose this is im not really sure yet, but were gon na find out uh you get a pair of headphones, pretty cheap quality, as i can feel them. You get the the charging cable. Also, very cheap theres, another cable, this one, its a usb usb type c. Indeed, you get a pen also this one. I also have this pack its relatively cheap yeah. So this is the tablet with no. In fact, this is the keyboard. The keyboard looks. I wanted to say relatively good, but in fact its a bit wobbly and here at the back, it has this uh metal, some aluminium and its a bit wobbly and doesnt feel right. It is quite slim, though, and he has some functions on off here and im – not really sure – and i dont understand why uh at the back, he doesnt have something Music here, some pins anti slip, but okay, here we have some stickers is the first time when I see this type of things uh, a french layout.

There is an italian layout and its spanish layout, but here we are in the uk. So why do we need these ones? I dont know – and this is the tablet. Yes, i have to remove the foil. This is what i see uh. It comes with the case, but we will get this one uh well lets finish with the unboxing. You also get this one im, not really sure what this represents: its a usb uh type c. Okay, i got it and at one end its a usb 3.0, probably its an adapter, but this one its a very confusing for me, not really sure what it represents and, as i said, there is a pin for the sim card, which was just placed over here. Really strange, so this is the first overview of the tablet it comes with the case. I think this part over here is supposed to be magnetic, but unfortunately it doesnt even stay properly. Okay, so if we open it, we see the tablet its a 10.8 inch. Its quite large and also six giga of ram and 128 gig of internal memory, which is quite cool. So this is the first view of the tablet. It comes with the foil on top that you obviously can remove from this side, not really sure what this one does, because the first time when i see it uh here is the front camera and lets check the back. It has this branding over here.

The model is m6 dma, ma2 and design and assemble in china. This is the camera and the flash for the camera really strange. The the position, not the position of the camera, but its uh a bit like 3d ill, show you a bit closer. So this is how wide it is. In my opinion, its quite bulky here is the microphone on the other side. We have two speakers, one located over here and over here only two speakers on this tablet. Here we have the sim slot. You also get the pin to remove it here. We have the charging port quite bulky, also its usb type c. Here we have the volume button plus and minus. Also, i think here is the microphone another one here is the power button and the lock button. I suppose also at the same time and heres the jackpot and the last part here there is nothing like nice and clean design. Well in terms of functionality. I consider the buttons located over here. They are well positioned because the camera is here on the other side and most of the people use the tablet uh on landscape mode, so to switch this on were gon na use. The button located here at the side were gon na press uh. This one long till uh its switched and it starts with the logo very strange brand name and lets see how long this one will take uh to boot. Uh is the latest android already installed on.

It comes with uh six gig of ram, as i said before. Here is a nice intro, but i think uh for a six giga ram. They could do a bit better and we are keep waiting yeah surprisingly, compared to the other tablets that i reviewed on my channel, this one takes significantly less to load. So, okay lets go inside card. I wan na skip welcome to your tablet. Okay copy! Your data setup is a new i wan na set up as a new tablet. Okay, it goes really fast. Also, i dont wan na connect the wi fi. Okay, if i continue date and time – okay again, uh name – i suppose i have to put here so i will put joe also the layout – looks quite interesting. Okay, protect your tablet not now skip anyway. Google services, okay ill disconnect this one, and also this one, and then i agree, and now it should start wow. The start was uh. The booting was very fast and also the settings that i did uh, which are surprising, i suppose uh it comes with yeah. This is the menu play standard for any android, theres, no menu left and right. I saw something interesting so basically, if you swipe right, you get. Google chrome and i dont know whats happening if you swipe left well, basically, nothing from the top. You get some settings which is quite interesting as we can see. This is not located over here, not on the full size of the screen and to get more, you have to swipe a bit more im, really strange.

In my opinion, i dont think i like this style, okay, and if we press on the bottom, we can see all the apps installed. There is only one page you get uh activate. Amazon is the first time when i see such a thing on a tablet. You get uh uh, play movies, uh youtube and sound and pretty standard for any android tablet. So now they have connected to the internet ill. Show you how fast the apps are opening. So if you press on youtube, you can see its quite uh fast surprisingly, and if we press on one of my videos, the layout is quite uh strange im, not really sure why application is from uh the youtube app so uh yeah. We need to wait for the advert to go, were gon na skip the ad, and here is the description of the video and, if you press on this one we can see. Another advert and another advert – and here is the the rest of here – are the rest of the videos comments, text section really strange to operate, and this here you can operate the volume you can do it also with your finger. The sound is not uh, as i expect. That is not that loud. Only two speakers over here ill move the microphone a bit closer for you guys to hear from what i can see. This is the maximum volume. This is medium volume and i will just change.

The video probably is gon na, be a bit different. Okay, so now ill open, google chrome to see how fast this one opens. It is quite okay, but obviously we need to make some settings over here. I just wanted to check the speed and you can do the same if you open. If you slide uh on the right, you get the same thing. So if we press uh here and search lets, say uh, we get some suggestions and the speed is quite uh. Fast im pretty satisfied with it not satisfied with the rest of the things so far, so im not sure the positions that you can get with the case. You need to fold it like this and because here at the bottom, it has a anti slip material. It stays quite properly doesnt flip, but there is something that i just dont understand and is this part here at the top, which basically covers some parts of your tablet, which i dont think is right and here at the bottom you can get the keyboard and you Get this uh part from plastic, which i dont know what represents. So this is how the keyboard looks like from a close up. Here we have some buttons for on off and the status the status of the battery, i suppose its a uk layout. You also get the spanish and the french layout stickers im, not really sure what those ones do here, its anti slip material.

I dont know why they put it on this side, probably for your hands not to sleep while you hold them like this and heres the touchpad, and you also get buttons. You can connect the keyboard via bluetooth, and once you get the status that there is no more battery, you can use a usb type c over. There is the charging port. The pen for the screen is not very responsive. In my opinion, uh. It takes a bit of hassle, i would say just to get it right. I would definitely suggest to use your finger, not really impressed uh with the speed of it and how it performs. It looks quite cool, though, but uh not really sure about it, and the last thing that i would like to show you about this tablet is the performance of the camera. As you can see, the refresh rate on this one is quite bad uh and also the difference between uh highs and lows, blacks and highlights uh, not really responsive, in my opinion, quite bad quality camera. So thats all about this tablet. Unfortunately, um i dont have a good opinion about it. It looks extremely cheap. The functionality is really bad and unfortunately, after one hour of use, the camera already, cracked uh, the selfie mode, doesnt even work – and i dont suggest to buy this tablet. There are way better options on the market out there for a better price. So i hope you found this video helpful guys.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below and i will answer.