These are steam deck accessories from a company called antank. So I want to thank them for sending them to me. The first is this detachable power bank that goes in the back of your steam deck and gives you extra battery life and a steam deck docking station with a bunch of inputs and an ethernet port thatll make your connection to the internet faster through your steam deck. So first lets take a look at the power bank and if you take a look at the box, it just has some details about the product. Here. Is the power bank itself lets go ahead and take the item out of the plastic heres, the back heres the front and oh okay? So this actually tells you how full it is looks like its already pretty much charged but Im going to go ahead and charge. It up just so, I can get a full charge and actually test it, and also in the box. We have a couple of cables, and this looks like its a piece of plastic that will connect to your steam deck. The USBC cables that it comes with are of two different lengths and youll, see why you might need two of them in a little bit. The power bank will attach this piece that goes to your steam, deck and wow. That thing is pretty secure its not going to fall off any time, so you have to worry about that Im letting a charge.

Now I like how it blinks to tell you that its charging – and I guess when it gets to 100 and stops blinking, it means itll, be done its been about an hour since I started charging this power bank and lets take a look at it now and Youll see that it says that it is 100 charged, so Im gon na put this plastic clip on the back and youll notice that it does not cover the vent, which is good. I know that thats snapped in Im going to attach the power bank and lets connect this little cable it came with, and the light indicates that its charging, even though its not plugged into the wall when I first saw this device. I was a little worried that it would fall off because it looks kind of bulky, but this thing is not going anywhere. You can see Im shaking it all around and there is a heavy duty magnet that just sticks completely to the steam deck. So you dont have to worry about it ever falling off, and although you do have this core that goes from the power bank to the device, it stays out of your way while youre playing so you dont have to worry about it falling out or anything while Youre enjoying your game, keep in mind that you also dont have to have the external battery pack connected to your steam deck magnetically. You could take it off and unplug these two plugs and then plug in this longer.

Usbc, cable that came in the package and then plug the other side up top and now I have my external battery pack connected to my device, but it doesnt add extra weight to it, and I have some wiggle room for me to play my games: the steam Deck is at roughly 69 battery life and in just 34 minutes its going to be fully charged heres. What the power bank looks like from behind keep in mind. It does add a little weight to the device, but its nothing too crazy. Heres. What the power bank looks like from the bottom and heres, what it looks like from up top, and one thing to keep in mind, is that the steam deck is a very powerful device and the internal battery that comes with it does not last very long when Youre playing a typical game so for you to be able to basically double the battery life with this external battery pack is a huge benefit when playing the games heres, something else. I just discovered if you rotate the battery pack, so its vertical, like this. It acts as a stand for your steam deck now lets take a look at the six in one steam deck docking station on the back list. We have a photo of the device with all the inputs. Now we can open. The box looks like it comes with a little card and heres the docking station station. It comes with the cord that goes to your steam deck.

We have ethernet three USB connections, HDMI to go to your TV, and I believe this is for the power. This is the USBC. This is the power cord that came with my steam deck, so Im going to go ahead and plug that into the back of the docking station. One of the reasons Im looking forward to using the stocking station. So much is because if you just play your steam deck like this, your hands will start cramping up after a while, but with the docking station. You can just put it like that. Then you can use a controller to play. Itll make your gameplay experience a lot better, so now Im going to plug this other power cord into the steam deck and it should start charging the steam deck. You see that light went on and now Im going to plug this USB cord into my docking station and into my controller, and I dont have to go running around looking for a cord when my battery is low. On my controller, I could just use the docking station Im going to plug in this HDMI cord thats connected to my monitor. So I can see how this game looks on my monitor, and this is a game changer, because now I can easily play Grand Theft. Auto 5, on my monitor, which is a much bigger screen, lets go ahead and plug this ethernet cable thats, going going from my modem into the steam deck docking station.

So I just bought this game as 13 gigabytes Im going to download it and see if its faster. Now it is plugged into the ethernet. These are the download speeds. I dont know exactly how to measure it, but it does appear to be going faster than it would. If I was upstairs in a different room connected through Wi Fi, you could even have the power bank charge the dock and then have the dock connected to the steam deck, so thats charging. And then you can just use your controller and you can even plug in your controller into the docking station, so this can have power too. All from the battery you can even plug in your tablet or smartphone right into the docking station. Another thing I like about these two products from antank is that theyre so simple to use right in the Box. You saw me open them up and put everything together in under five minutes, total Im, looking forward to using the antec power bank and docking station.