This is gautam. Today i am going to review and unbox an amazing gadget. Wireless gamepad from ant esports model number is gp, 300 pro v2. So this one is guys we are going to unbox right now. So this is an amazing wireless gamepad. What are the specifications on the product feature start unbox right now it comes with manuals, so one wireless gamepad see awesome, look guys and it comes with one micro, usb, cable, micro, usb otg connector and one usb receiver. So this one is usb receiver and this product features and specifications. So gamepad how it looks an amazing, gamepad awesome, looks awesome. It feels very comfortable gamepad, nice, looking red and black combination, so smooth, very smooth guys. So specification come for led indicators. It comes with four led indicators, see guys four led indicators so and the dual vibration monitors so here here. So we have two dual motors vibration models. When we are playing games, this gamepad will vibrate. So it will give you the real game feeling and charging time up to two to three hours. We can charge up to two hours. Here is charging cable. We need to connect this micro, usb cable here automatic device recognization. So this one is automatic device recognization guys plug it in usb post automatically. It detects automatically no need to install any driver, any software just plug it and play it. A scientific 360 degrees. Dual analog sticks, sticks, so 360 degrees sticks, gamepad, compatible with ps3, pc and android.

We can play using these three 600 mah battery up to 12 hours, backup 600 mah battery. Once we charge it two to three hours. We can play 12 hours game continuously, abs, black shell, with rubberized body design, so abs, flat plastic has a nice smooth, comprised body nice design, wireless 2.4, gigahertz connectivity range 8 meters, guys so wireless 2.4 gigahertz wireless connectivity, so we can play up to eight meters range. These are the specifications product features we need to plug it and play usb download four action buttons. These are the four action buttons ultra precise, eight weight d cross buttons. These are the d cross buttons charging cable length. One up to one major supports: what is the function, all numeric buttons, including home, select and start all these buttons here also these buttons also, these also this one, the pad help button start button and action buttons support. What is the function for a android mobile phone? So this one is, these are the features, and these product features guys, so it can supports android, pc, also pc. Now i will show you how to play free file on mobile, using this wireless gaming pad this one is micro, usb otg connector, your mobile is a micro usb connectivity. If you have that one, you can connect with this but uh. Nowadays, every mobile comes with type c port, so i brought this one from outside type c. Connectivity connector connect this wireless receiver to this type c.

Connector like this, so this wireless connector. We need to connect to your type c mobile connectivity like this, so it comes with two indicators: one is red and another one is green red one is constantly showing light and green one is blinking. Now this one is not connected. We need to switch on this gamepad right now. Here you guys home button click once it was connected to this gamepad, so we can play directly. I will show you i’ll share my mobile screen. Also now i will show you uh playing free fire. If you want to play free fire and some other games uh, we need third party apps, also uh. It won’t support for all the games, pubg call of duty. We need to use some third party after using third party apps, also some buttons also won’t work play this game right now, so it was connected Music, yes guys, so my gamepad was connected to my mobile, see, see guys i am using this okay guys for jumping I’Ll show you i’ll play that’s it: okay, Music, now, Music, nice! Yes, looking awesome, see guys yeah. This one is for running upside forward, left side, right side back side back side. So this one is for directions. This one is for camera engine, so i’ll show you here is xy buttons under a b buttons. If a sitting, we need to press one and press again to come back so next b, button and next x button so for x button is not working right.

Now we can use this one. This one is rt rt button, so for this and y button, why also not working right now we need to use if someone is shooting, we need to walk away. If you like this video, please subscribe to our channel. Thank you for watching this video. This was an awesome keyboard. If you want to play, you can buy it, but there are number of compatibility issues for shooting games only.