This is a continuation of the live stream. We did for the unpacked event. Um i’ll link it in the description below. If you still want to check it out, but we also did a contest, so a ton of people won some galaxy buds pro. So i will reveal those names at the end of the video if you participate in this live stream, but for now let’s just do an unboxing i’ll walk you through um, and thank you samsung for sponsoring this video, so i’m, just gon na showcase. This laptop to you we’ll do some tests and then your actual opinion of this laptop well it’s just up to you, so you can leave some comments down below um or if you have any questions so let’s get this unboxing underway. You know the the event was pretty cool, because i was surprised by two things: the galaxy book pro the non 360, which has a little bit of a lower price, actually has a ton of ports. However, this one is thinner and lighter. You have the option in both of them with the intel i5 and i7, the 11th gen core processors and they’re both part of the intel evo program, which makes sure that laptops, you know, really pass certain tests with good battery life and oh, my gosh. Okay. Well, actually, my first reaction is like holy smokes. This is so thin. This is so light. This is actually pretty crazy, so the 13 inch starts at 11.

99 and then the 15 inch is 12.99 and oh holy smokes. Just i can’t how thin this this is. Y’All know i’m such a big fan of two on ones and i actually daily drive them all the time. So i kind of was expecting it to be along the lines of my other two in ones, but yeah, just initially how light it is and thin. Oh, my goodness, oh my goodness, okay i’m, so excited for this amoled display now samsung samsung makes a lot of tvs and they know what they’re doing um. This is honestly, i think my first oled two in one that i’ve experienced so this this display is going to be gorgeous for all of you. People who are watching a ton of entertainment – and you want entertainment on the go, has dolby atmos speakers and plus this gorgeous oled display. Excuse me amoled, so it’s samsung’s fancy amoled display okay, so this laptop is coming in at 2.29 pounds. We have three usbc ports. One of them is thunderbolt: we have a micro, sd and a headphone jack um let’s just do a quick like typing test. Real quick let’s see if it’s loud, okay, light key travel, but it actually feels pretty good and it’s not super loud. So, of course, the whole 360 part is it’s a tablet as well. The galaxy book pro 360 also comes with an s pen and it’s. My understanding, the s pen is a bit thicker, which we like very nice, and i think yes, magnets, oh it’s, pretty strong.

So this is a 13 inch model. It comes with a 63 watt hour charging brick, which is, i mean, it’s, tiny right. It comes with a usbc, cable we’re, just going to plug this in now, let’s see. I think this is just literature, yes, and that is it okay, so touch screen. Obviously we are going to break out. One note i mean that’s the reason why i love two and ones to begin with. It has that pin support and it is cross platform. So, no matter what, if you are on a samsung, laptop or you’re on a tablet or you’re on your computer, you can have your notes in one place with their phones and now these galaxy books and their partnerships with both intel and microsoft, with office. We’Ve kind of arrived at this cool samsung ecosystem that i think you know samsung phone owners and now laptop owners will be really happy with. So i want to test out also, obviously the software something they also mention a lot from the stage is they want to blur the lines in between phones and laptops? Why aren’t laptops more like phones? Not only is this, you know ultra portable, but the portableness. If that is a word um, it is made much easier by being 5g capable um. So really, you can just take this anywhere and it can be a great workhorse with a 13 inch, the ssd maxes out at 256 gigabytes, which i’m not the biggest fan of.

But you have the ability to upgrade to 16 gigs of ram on this um, which is which is really great, like you’re you’re. Getting some of these like really pro features as they say, laptops phones, blurring the lines. So, if you’re using already a lot of cloud programs and everything is in the cloud for you well, i guess that storage on your actual laptop, probably doesn’t, actually matter that much okay, so i’m gon na log into everything, we’re gon na get this laptop uh. Sarah peachy proofed, where all of my apps are downloaded and then we’ll test out things: okay, it’s a day later, i’ve had some time with this laptop and wow. Okay, the speakers are loud. They sound great. This oled display you know when it comes to displays. I think people trust samsung and they knocked it out of the park with this doesn’t matter, if you’re watching netflix or youtube or all of the things it just looks great, the blacks are so black. You know oled, it means it’s lighting up each individual, pixel um opposed to other displays that have you know a backlight for all of the pixels, so you never really get true black. This is the 13 inch version, and the track pad is actually a really decent size. It’S it’s, big it’s, definitely on the clickier side, but it has a great feeling when you’re scrolling, when you’re clicking around etc and don’t, let this small charger.

You know it’s a very small charger fool you um. It gives you about double the charge. I went from 30 to 60 in only 30 minutes and, like i said earlier, you guys know that i’m, a two in one fan, so this just 360 screen really helps in all different situations, not just when you’re working but lounging last night at like 11 p.m. I was just scrolling through pinterest laying in bed and i’m telling you this computer just wasn’t, so many different form factors like this. Like this, you know the advantage of having a tablet and a laptop in one. Well, you know you still got um. You know the latest 11th gen core i7 processor in here, which means you can still open up. Adobe premiere, lightroom obs, all of those more kind of heavier applications, but at the same time you can turn it over tablet mode and do all of your notes. In one note, i’m, a big fan of one gnome or do some sketches in autodesk sketchbook and one of my favorite most recent apps is called coloring plus. And i kid you not it’s a coloring book for adults and i could just sit here all day and color all day. Actually, just just give me a second okay, also when you’re in one note taking notes this s, pen does have two different buttons, so i use one of them to toggle in between writing and erasing. You know kind of the theme of this 360 computer is versatility and you just you, have a lot of control so because there’s so many different types of things you can do on it.

You actually have a lot of power with controlling the performance. So if you just do use the function key f11, it basically toggles you in between no fan mode, silent mode, optimize mode performance mode, um. So, depending on what you need, you can completely silent that fan for your zoom or teams calls, or you can just really kick on the fan and make sure your computer is just giving 100 of its energy to those creative apps. Okay, so let’s talk about one of my favorite things to talk about with samsung and that’s, actually, software and all of their improvements with their ecosystem. I briefly mentioned earlier samsung, computer and it’s, just so cool what it can actually do so at the minimum. It can make sure your camera and microphone is shut off. Security is so important nowadays and that kind of gives you a peace of mind, but one of the coolest things is you you turn on what is it called security cam and basically what it does when you leave your computer, if someone tries to log into your Computer and well, they don’t have your fingerprint, they don’t have the password, it actually starts recording and it sends you an email of the person who’s trying to log in to your computer. Okay. This is so crazy, so um i tried putting in a password like four times and it was wrong and then i got this notification. Security cam is running that’s blinking.

So if i was a bad person trying to get into this computer well, oh no, my face is being recorded, there’s also something called secret screen where it lowers the opacity or it darkens the application that you’re in so past your buyers it’s like harder to see What you’re working on we’ve seen with samsung introducing things like samsung dex? I truly believe samsung’s future is kind of just merging these mediums and whether you just have a phone. You just have a laptop. You have both. You have all the things they all work together and they’re all really seamless the ecosystem. Improvements continue with quickshare. This enables you to share large file sizes from the capable galaxy phones straight to your galaxy book. Also linked to windows is a way to link any android device to this galaxy book. Now i actually have an entire video about this and linked to windows. Actually works pretty well, so i’ll link it in the description below and also you can view the samsung smartthings app right here on your laptop, so truly controlling everything that you can hear with uh your your galaxy books. Now i have samsung smart things literally uh. For my fridge and it’s specifically so i can turn off the ice maker when i go to bed because our bedroom is close to the kitchen. So i know you know you’re, like oh everything’s, smart does everything need to be smart, but i’ve actually found it kind of handy who? Who would have thought that we would need our refrigerator to be smart? Okay, so there’s a pretty quick preview of the new samsung galaxy book, pro 360 with the s pen, oh, and for you, people who joined uh the unpacked event, which was so fun.

We did a little game show and you answered questions and guess what i have. The winner, so we have four winners that are going to win a pair of galaxy buds pro. Thank you again, samsung for hooking the peachy fam up, and the winners are right here: i’m putting them on the screen right now. Samsung will be reaching out to you via twitter to get your information, so they can send you these galaxy buds. Pro! Congratulations! Okay! Let me know if you like this video hit the subscribe button down below for new videos every week. Let me know what you think of the 360 and until next time stay peachy, okay, bye! I can’t see with this setup.